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2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT - Tech Support

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Feb 3, 2012

We know how difficult it can be to work on cars; believe us, we’ve had more than our share of problems over the years, too. Good thing we’re willing to share this knowledge of problem solving with you and act like we know something technical about cars. Feel free to ask us about your tech problems by writing to Super Street at or Super Street, Attn: Tech Support, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245. We’ll try out best to answer your questions but can’t answer every one we receive personally or in print, so if your issue is urgent, we highly recommend you seeking the help of a nearby mechanic! Also, try to do some basic research online; while the Internet and forums aren’t all foolproof, it is a very good start as there are many excellent resources to look at. If it helps to include a few photos to describe/illustrate your problem/project, please do so.

Total Eclipse
Q: I own a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and have done a few mods including upgraded headlights, upgraded factory wheels, Megan racing lowering springs, KYB AGX shocks and struts and a Seibon carbon-fiber hood. My question is since most 3rd generation Eclipses look and perform about the same, what can I do to add some performance that will make my Eclipse unique among all the conforming owners. Keep in mind that I dyno’d my car for fun at a local car show/dyno day and my numbers were 157 horse and 177 torque.
Nick Salts
Via the Internet

Sstp 1202 02+2001 mitsubishi eclipse gt+eclipse Photo 1/2   |   2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT - Tech Support

A: We’d recommend buying a second Eclipse, cutting both cars in half and welding the two front clips back together. That would “look and perform” much differently than other 3rd gen Eclipses!

Q: I own an ‘86 Honda Accord LXi hatchback, all original, with like a zillion miles on it. What potential does the motor have, since I’m trying to get it to quit. I wanna’ keep it because I’m a fan of the AE86 body but have individual issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Via the Internet

A: We hate to break it to you but the motor sucks and an AE86 is a Corolla not an Accord. If the only reason you’re hanging onto that bucket is because you thought you had a touge monster, you’re dead wrong; ditch that thing.

Gotta’ Keep ‘em Separated
Q: I’m trying to remove my transmission from my ‘03 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V to replace the clutch in it. What would be the best possible way to do this job? We’ve got most of it apart, but it just doesn’t want to fully separate from the motor. All bolts and required connections are taken off. Any insight or help would be much appreciated.
Aaron Jarvis
Angier, NC

A: We really hope you didn’t sit around for months waiting for us to answer this, but all you need is a little muscle, and a pry bar works wonders to get the bellhousing to separate. If you’re totally stuck we’d recommend consulting a shop manual or forums (,,

This Wagon’s Laggin’
Q: I am looking at buying a 1982 Toyota Corolla Wagon. I would really love to swap a newer V6 in it for the power, the reliability and, frankly, the sound as well. I am curious to know if the Solara/Camry V6 will fit without major fabrication. I have also seen a few threads on a GM 3800 V6, but I would much rather keep it in the Toyota family.
Jacob Munk
Jacksonville, FL

Sstp 1202 03+2001 mitsubishi eclipse gt+danielle lo Photo 2/2   |   2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT - Tech Support

A: Ah yes the KE70 Corolla, what an underrated car. Unforunately, the main problem with the engine you’re looking at is that it’s a FWD engine and thus the transmission won’t work for your application and more likely than not the packaging for all of the ancillaries won’t work even if you did some how make it past the transmission problems. Sean has been wanting to build one of these for years and suggests looking into the V8 1UZ swap, which may eventually make its way into the pages of Project Car. Go on YouTube and type in “Motorfix 1UZ” and you’ll instantly want one. The engines are cheap but you’ll need to find a Supra W58 gearbox and purchase an adapter kit, which is the hard part. Checkout and start reading!

Hella Tuner Game
Q: I have a ‘97 Integra LS and I am looking to get into the tuner game. I want to build the engine, have my wheels hellaflushed and hook it up. I was wondering if you could tell me where to start. I have no idea what to do first. Right now my car is a stock 5-speed LS.
David Rojas
Via the Internet

A: facepalm

Will it Fit?
Q: Would a Honda S2000 engine fit in a ’92 Acura Integra GS-R?
Kyle Alexander
Cibolo, TX

A: Yes, basic spatial reasoning skills tell us it will fit in the trunk, interior or engine bay.

Ask a Stupid Question…
Q: I was wondering if you could help, I’m looking for a distributor for a ’94 Honda Civic 1.6L DX engine?
Hatfield, PA

A: Since when did we become a junkyard?



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