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Off The Shelf - New Products

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Dec 19, 2006
0601_sccp_02_z+advanced_flow_engineering+intake Photo 1/4   |   Off The Shelf - New Products

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Chilled MiniAdvanced Flow Engineering has completed a cold-air intake system for the MINI Cooper S that does not require changing the supercharger pulley. Its new cold-air intake system (PN 54-10572) has a powder-coated heat shield and brushed-aluminum cover that encloses a high-flow conical filter. AFE claims the filter adds 5 hp at 5000 rpm and 6 lb-ft of torque at 3700 rpm in addition to improving fuel economy. The air box cover eliminates objectionable induction noise and the system is compatible with other performance upgrades.
* For more information, contact Advanced Flow Engineering at (951) 493-7100, or online at

0601_sccp_03_z+hks+controllers Photo 2/4   |   Off The Shelf - New Products

Boost RevisitedHKS's EVC Boost Controller is now available in a new limited-edition version, dubbed the Black Limited EVC. The Black Limited EVC Boost Controller carries all the same features as HKS's EVC kPa Ver. 2 Boost Controller, but features a positive-lit liquid crystal display (black foreground, white background) and a black control unit. The EVC kPa Ver. 2 Boost Controller is still available with its negative-lit LCD display and silver control unit, but now has a reduced MSRP from $725 to $599.
* To get the full scoop, contact HKS at (310) 491-3300, or online at

0601_sccp_04_z+aem+upper_management Photo 3/4   |   Off The Shelf - New Products

Upper ManagementAEM has designed a plug-and-play programmable engine management system "swap box" for manual transmission 2001-2004 Honda/Acura K-series engines (excluding all Elements, TSXs and Accords) and manual transmission 2001-'04 D17A1-A2 engines. AEM offers two versions of its plug-and-play system: a base stand-alone unit (PN 30-1070), or a stand-alone unit that includes a built-in wideband UEGO air/fuel controller (PN 30-1070U). A wideband UEGO controller is an essential tuning tool for monitoring air/fuel ratios (AFR) on heavily modified high-performance engines. AEM will offer both separately so that users who already have an AFR monitoring device do not pay for something they don't need.
* To learn more, contact AEM at (310) 484-2322, or on the Web at

0601_sccp_05_z+nology+cool_wires Photo 4/4   |   Off The Shelf - New Products

Cool WiresNow even your spark plug wires can look like carbon fiber with Nology's new CoolWires ignition wires. Nology claims that the wires improve ignition performance while adding a high-tech look to your engine. The manufacturer states that the high-temperature silicone construction makes CoolWires ideal for high temperature turbocharged applications. CoolWires have 300 Ohms of resistance per foot, so there is virtually no radio interference and a hotter spark to the plug, reports Nology. The wires are OBD-II compatible, feature a limited lifetime warranty and are available in red, yellow, blue and traditional gray carbon-fiber look. Suggested retail price starts at $123 and applications are available for most foreign and domestic four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines.
* For more information, contact Nology at (760) 591-0089, or log on to



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