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New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

Jan 1, 2008
0801_turp_01_z+ati_performance_products+super_damper Photo 1/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

ATI Honda H-Series Super Dampers
ATI Performance Products, Inc. is proud to introduce its renowned Super Damper for the Honda H-Series engine for both street and racing applications. Unlike undampened underdrive pulleys, which offer little protection for high-performance engines, the ATI Super Damper provides balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations at any engine speed. The ATI Super Damper comes with laser-etched timing marks and is a direct replacement for the stock unit. The dampers also feature a single serpentine belt drive on the outer shell to utilize the OEM-issued serpentine belt setup. All ATI Super Dampers exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification and are approved for competition use. Dampers are available for 1992-2001 Honda Prelude 2.2L DOHC engines and 1994-2002 Honda Accord 2.2L and 2.3L engines.

0801_turp_02_z+design_engineering+heat_wrap Photo 2/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

DEI Protect-A-Boots
Ignition wires and spark plug boots are usually close to the biggest heat source in the engine compartment-the exhaust manifold. Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), the leading aftermarket supplier of thermal-tuning products and cryogenic intake systems, has re-engineered the already popular Protect-A-Boots designed to universally fit straight and most angled spark plug boots providing superior protection against direct continuous heat. Made from a high-temperature resistant fiberglass composite material and double-wall construction, Protect-A-Boots are designed to prevent burning, hardening and cracking that would otherwise lead to engine arching, misfiring and potential ignition system failure. Whatever the application, Protect-A-Boots can handle today's high-voltage ignition systems and guard against heat to extend the life of ignition wires. Protect-A-Boots are chemically enhanced with a proprietary coating on both the outside and inside to withstand direct temperatures up to 1,200 degrees F. In addition to a straight double-stitched design, Protect-A-Boots utilize NOMEX brand fibers to prevent fraying and material misshaping to ensure a clean professional appearance under extreme temperature conditions. Protect-A-Boots are available in two- and eight-cylinder kits, in silver, black, red and blue.

0801_turp_03_z+greddy_camshaft Photo 3/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

GReddy Easy Camshaft Sets
GReddy's new EASY Camshafts are designed to improve both torque and horsepower of applicable engines without changing characteristics such as valve timing and without the need to change other valvetrain components. By keeping things simple, users can easily experience and enjoy the improvements of a wider and more usable powerband without experiencing idling or driveability losses. Applications are available for Mitsubishi's 4G63 and 4G63 MIVEC as well as Nissan's SR20DET and RB26DETT.

0801_turp_04_z+hotchkis+sway_bars Photo 4/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

Hotchkis Mazda3 Sway Bars
Designed, manufactured and track-tested by Hotchkis Sport Suspension engineers and test drivers, the 2004-2007 Mazda3 and Mazdaspeed3 Sport Sway Bar package features a massive 32mm tubular, two-position adjustable rear bar and a 29mm sport front sway bar for owners looking for a distinct track and autocross handling advantage. The rear bar can be set for 1,625 lb/in (95 percent stiffer than stock) or 2,030 lb/in (140 percent stiffer), and the front bar is factory set at 560 lb/in (35 percent stiffer). The result is a tighter, sharper and better handling vehicle that is easier to rotate and more fun to drive. Like all Hotchkis suspension components, Mazda3 Sport Sway Bars are manufactured in the USA and feature an attractive and durable powdercoat finish. Polyurethane bushings and heavy-duty bushing brackets are also included along with zerk fittings for easy lubrication.

0801_turp_05_z+weldcraft+air_cooled_torch Photo 5/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

Weldcraft Air-Cooled Torches
For durability, comfort and category-leading performance under continuous, heavy-duty TIG-welding applications, Weldcraft offers its WP-26 family of handheld air-cooled torches. With five models to choose from, the WP-26 line offers combinations of features to suit a wide variety of TIG-welding applications. An optional gas control valve on the handle allows welders to easily tune in the ideal gas flow for superior control and comfort. An optional flexible neck adjusts to any angle, making it ideal for awkward positioning and difficult to access joints. A pencil-style torch is also available for very confined joints or for automated applications. Each torch is rated to 200 amps DC or 150 amps AC at 60 percent duty cycle, making them the highest capacity air-cooled torches in the WP line. All WP-26 torches are manufactured with heavy-duty copper materials to provide maximum conductivity and durability under demanding conditions.

0801_turp_06_z+nano_nitrous+regulation_system Photo 6/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

Nano Nitrous Regulation
Nano Nitrous releases their latest nitrous oxide regulation system designed for high-performance racing applications supporting as much as 850 hp. This bolt-on, nitrogen-assisted regulation system provides consistent performance, making use of the entire nitrous bottle's contents. Trackside testing revealed significant increases in top speeds and e.t.'s. The system eliminates performance variations caused by changes in nitrous bottle temperature and pressure. It turns on instantly, utilizes the entire contents of the nitrous bottle, and provides 25 percent additional nitrous horsepower. Configurations are available for 15- and 20-pound nitrous systems.

0801_turp_07_z+cobb_tuning+exhaust Photo 7/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

CobbTuning EVO Exhaust
The Cobb Tuning Stainless Steel 3-inch Turbo Back Exhaust was engineered to be everything a 2003-2006 Mitsubishi EVO owner wants in an exhaust system-optimal performance through its straight design, the tasteful look of the modest tip sitting completely flush with the bumper, and unparalleled durability without a loud and obnoxious exhaust note. The system is offered with or without a high-flow catalytic converter. This is a direct-fit replacement to the stock exhaust unit without the need for spacers to lower the factory bracing.

0801_turp_08_z+aem+water_alcohol_injection Photo 8/8   |   New After Markert Products - Garage Turbo

AEM Water/Alcohol Injection
AEM is proud to release its Water/Alcohol Injection Kit for high-performance, forced induction vehicles. The Water/Alcohol Kit is universal by design and adapts to virtually any vehicle via multiple jets to suit most car's power requirements. The system reduces air inlet temperatures, which allows users to increase boost pressure and advance timing without having to run higher octane fuel. It's like getting to run 100-plus octane gas for the price of premium! AEM's Water/Alcohol Kit includes all the features necessary to do water/alcohol injection right. No hidden costs or optional components are required. Unlike other popular kits on the market, AEM includes a one-gallon tank and fluid level sensor. AEM also includes their Boost Safe output in every controller. This feature allows users to retard timing or reduce boost if the system runs out of fluid or detects an error. With the AEM Water/Alcohol kit, users get all the best features in one low-priced kit. Critical safety features are integrated into the system to virtually eliminate any chance of failure, including the integral fluid level sensor, a low-fluid level dash light and an additional output to either decrease ignition timing or boost if the system detects low fluid levels or system errors.



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