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Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

Nov 13, 2006
130_0608_01_z+koya+wheels Photo 1/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: Koya
WHAT: Nova wheel
RIDES: Various applications
WHERE: / 562.663.9188

"Wheeling" to try out a new wheel? If so, peep the new Nova wheel from Koya Racing. It features a slickity-split five-star face and comes available in 17- to 19-inch sizes with your choice of silver or black finishes.

130_0608_03_z+dc_sports+header_and_exhaust Photo 2/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: DC Sports
WHAT: Exhaust system
RIDES: '06 Civic Si
WHERE: / 310.484.2322

We love package deals. DC Sports understands this. That's why they've done developed a 4-2-1 one-piece ceramic header and exhaust system that effectively replaces all the stock components and has seen up to 20hp gains on their dynos. Now if we could only find more packages like that.

130_0608_04_z+greddy+coilover Photo 3/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: GReddy
WHAT: Type-S suspension
RIDES: Various applications
WHERE: / 949.588.8300

Slammed ride causing you to jiggle like an epileptic crackhead going through withdrawal? GReddy, er, ready for a change? Built with softer springs and a longer stroke for a smoother ride, GReddy now offers Mono-tube, large diameter piston (46mm), and 32-way adjustable dampening Type-S suspension kits for most popular makes.

130_0608_05_z+chevron+fuel_system_cleaner Photo 4/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: Chevron
WHAT: Techron Concentrate Plus
RIDES: Yours
WHERE: / 800.553.6571

Similar to Nyquil, Chevron's Techron Concentrate Plus is the anytime, non-drowsy, clean any sulfur-contamination, throttle plate, fuel injector, intake valves, or combustion chamber so your engine can sleep better at night with restored performance medicine. Minus the gross cherry flavor.

130_0608_06_z+microsoft+streets+trips Photo 5/9   |   Streets & Trips is a mapping and travel planning software.

WHO: Microsoft
WHAT: Streets & Trips With GPS Locator
RIDES: Yours

There's this company, maybe you heard of them? Microsoft. They make this little software program called, what was it, Windows? Well, that same little startup has come out with Streets & Trips 2006 With GPS Locator, which is a mapping and travel planning software featuring voice-prompted directions. The only problem is you need to somehow find a device (laptop, PDA) equipped with this, uh, Windows program.

130_0608_07_z+jsc_speed+turbo_kit Photo 6/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: JSC Speed
WHAT: Perrin turbo kit
WHERE: / 215.364.5929

Your flat-four motor feeling a little, well, flat? JSC wants to perk up your WRX with Perrin's rotated-mount turbo kits, which come complete with a Garrett turbo (GT30 or GT35), TiAL wastegate, oil and water lines, an intake which bolts up to the stock manifold and their optional front-mount intercooler kit.

130_0608_08_z+5zigen+wheels Photo 7/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: 5Zigen
WHAT: Gravis-1 wheel
RIDES: Various applications

Looking for a European design for your Japanese car? Well, look no further, 5Zigen's Gravis-1 wheel has six full-faced spokes with a classic concave design completing the Euro-like VIP look of your non-Euro car.

130_0608_09_z+tanabe+exhaust Photo 8/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: Tanabe Racing Development
WHAT: Concept G Blue exhaust
RIDES: 240SX, Evo, 3000GT, WRX, Supra

You might be "in" with Verizon, but to be truly "in" on the streets, you need Tanabe's zero-restriction Concept G Blue exhaust, which boasts a full Inconel tip which resists against oxidation and corrosion even under high temperature loads.

WHO: Rockford Fosgate
WHAT: 3SIXTY interactive signal processor

Geometry 101: A circle's complete arc measures 360 degrees. Advanced Audio 301: Rockford Fosgate's 3SIXTY allows for 153 bands of equalization and signal manipulation for OEM and aftermarket systems. (This makes no sense whatsoever. Go back to the singing. - JN)

130_0608_11_z+stillen+cold_air_intake Photo 9/9   |   Aftermarket Modifications - Product of the Month

WHO: Stillen
WHAT: G35 cold air intake
WHERE:< / 800.576.2131

Drop the beat. Boom-chika-boom / If you rock a '35 and are ready and willin' / Stillen has the cold air intake that's phat and illin'. Made with a reusable cotton filter and rockin' an aluminum Venturi ring / It makes horsepower and is so easy to install it'll make you sing. Word! (Carter, please quit with the lyrical Drive Buys descriptions. - JN)



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