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New Import Car Products - Upgrade

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Aug 17, 2007

Product of the Month

130_0709_01_z+aftermarket_car_products+msd_ignition_dashhawk Photo 1/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: MSD Ignition
What: Dashhawk
Rides: Any OBDII-equipped vehicle
Most, if not all, cars these days have what we call "idiot lights" on them. By the time these warning lights come on, "D'oh!" It's too late. Now, you are left on the side of the road like Nads' oil-bleeding RSX. With the MSD Dashhawk, basic data- like engine speed and temperature- are available. However, the Dashhawk will provide you with detailed data that your vehicle's gauges cannot, such as timing advance, intake air temperature, mass air flow and much more! It can also log quarter-mile times/e.t. with 60 ft. and 1/8-mile splits, as well as 0-60 mph information and rpm, in addition to an audio visual alarm that can be used to warn you for perimeters beyond suitable ranges. Best of all, there's a data-logging capability that can record up to five or more than 75 choices parameters at one time. They can then be uploaded to a PC, viewed on a graph and played in real-time to monitor any of the five logs you choose. For those of you who still want a bit of bling, the LED backlight color can also be customized to match your dash lights.

130_0709_03_z+aftermarket_car_products+pioneer_avic_s2_gps Photo 2/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Pioneer Electronics
What: AVIC-S2 GPS navigation system
Rides: Yours
Source: www.pioneerelectronics.comMeet the ultimate portable GPS navigation unit from Pioneer. This compact navi not only provides you with up to 1.7 million points of interest in North America, but also boasts MP3 playback and Bluetooth(r) compatibility. Explore your world in 2D or 3D view modes through the 3.5-inch touch screen panel and plug in a SD card to upload music or to download information from the TeleAtlas database.

130_0709_04_z+aftermarket_car_products+dme_cat_delete Photo 3/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Design Motorsports Engineering
What: Cat delete
Rides: Honda Fit, Mitsubishi Evo VIII/IX, Nissan 240SX, Subaru WRX
Source:; 626.968.5147
Improve exhaust flow and overall power with DME's stainless-steel cat delete, a bolt-on pipe that replaces your factory catalytic converter. This is perfect for race-only applications because constant hard driving can overheat and shorten the life of the cat. For off-road use only.

130_0709_09_z+aftermarket_car_products+k_and_n_typhoon_intake_system Photo 4/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: K&N
What: Typhoon intake system
Rides: Honda Fit
Source:; 800.858.3333
Get the perfect fit for your Fit with K&N's Typhoon intake, a direct replacement kit for the stock airbox that will maximize airflow and performance gains of up to 5.5hp in the mid-range.

130_0709_02_z+aftermarket_car_products+do_luck_carbon_fiber_trunk Photo 5/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Do Luck
What: Carbon fiber trunk
Rides: '02-07 Subaru Impreza, '03-07 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Do Luck's carbon trunks for the Impreza and Evolution feature an elongated tail to improve downforce and weigh considerably less than your OE lid. Each trunk retains the factory latch and keyhole.

130_0709_11_z+aftermarket_car_products+greddy_easy_camshafts Photo 6/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: GReddy
What: Easy camshafts
Rides: Mitsubishi 4G63/4G63 MIVEC; Nissan SR20DET, RB26DETT
Source:; 949.588.8300 (West Coast) or 732.432.4900 (East Coast)
Improve the torque and power of your engine, without having to change valve timing or valvetrain components with GReddy's Easy Camshafts. Enjoy a wider, more manageable powerband without the loss of drivability or idle.

130_0709_05_z+aftermarket_car_products+magnadyne_dual_zone_electronic_shock_sensor Photo 7/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Magnadyne
What: Dual-zone electronic shock sensor
Rides: Any vehicle with a factory installed security system
Source:; 800.638.3600
Add increased protection to your car's OE security sytem with Magnadyne's dual-zone electronic shock sensor kit. It connects to your factory alarm to trigger a verbal warning upon light impact or heavy force. You can adjust sensitivity with the built-in controller and each sensor can be adjusted independently to prevent false triggering.

130_0709_07_z+aftermarket_car_products+scosche_custom_kit Photo 8/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Scosche Industries
What: Custom Kit, Factory Fit installation kit
Rides: '06-up Mazda Miata
Scosche's "factory fit" installation kit for the Mazda Miata can go on either a single or double DIN to accept an aftermarket head unit, is factory color-matched and even has a provision to mount the factory A/C controls.

130_0709_10_z+aftermarket_car_products+oil_eater_degreaser Photo 9/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Oil Eater
What: Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser
Rides: Yours
Source:; 800.528.0334
Clean off grease, oil or any other substances from your engine, tools, concrete surfaces, floormats and even upholstery with Oil Eater. A water-based cleanser, it's biodegradable, safe on skin, and rinses off easily without leaving residue.

130_0709_06_z+aftermarket_car_products+eibach_evs_pro_valve_springs Photo 10/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Eibach
What: EVS-Pro valve springs
Rides: Inquire
Source:; 800.507.2338 ext 139
When you've mastered the fine art of crafting suspension components, why not carry on the tradition with engine parts? Eibach recently developed a line of valve springs that allow for maximum lift, as well as performance and durability. Fabrication techniques include an automated shot-peening; the warm pre-setting provides spring stability and longer life.

130_0709_08_z+aftermarket_car_products+braille_carbon_fiber_batteries Photo 11/11   |   New Import Car Products - Upgrade

Who: Braille Auto Development
What: Carbon fiber batteries
Rides: Inquire
Source:; 941.312.5047
Braille offers up the world's only carbon fiber batteries, which can be mounted in any position without worrying about spills, while delivering (what is said to be) the highest cranking power of any racing battery.



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