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Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

The Latest Hype, The Best Gear

Feb 1, 2008
130_0802_01_z+plugged+nickodemus Photo 1/6   |   Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

Endangered Species
Artist: Nickodemus
Label: ESL Music
Format: CD
Rating: 0 0 0 1/2
With influences ranging from hip hop to house, Nickodemus has crafted a lively album of silky smooth beats, with flavors tasty enough for nearly every music lover's palette. Endangered Species doesn't fit in one particular style of party really; just know that you'll be dancing, grooving and loving the music quickly-just like us. Something for everyone on this one.- Jonathan Wong

130_0802_02_z+plugged+toyo_tires Photo 2/6   |   Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

Toyo Tires
Find them at:
What it's all about: Recently revamped, Toyo's Web site is even easier to navigate and gives plenty of information in regards to Toyo's expansive line of performance tires. Connect to the link and you can read up on many of the teams supported by the company. And if you look hard enough, you can download some juicyimages of the Toyo Girls for your personal time.

130_0802_03_z+plugged+fast_and_furious Photo 3/6   |   Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

Fast and Furious 3:
Tokyo Drift
From: Universal
Rating: PG-13
Starring: Bow Wow, Nathalie Kelley and a lot of other unknowns
Hot: Near realistic drifting sequences sans
CGI; Drift King cameo
Not: Plot
Rating: 0 0 0 1/2
Tokyo Drift gets the A for effort. Casting relatively small stars for the third installment of the Fast and Furious saga, we're glad the producers picked up pro drifters to ensure the film's drifting credibility. If you can cast the story out the window, you'll catch drifting's biggest stars working their asses off to provide an action packed flick.

130_0802_04_z+plugged+sony_cybershot Photo 4/6   |   Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

DSC-N2 Camera
From: Sony,
Price: $450
Hot: Ultra-slim design; touch screen; ten megapixels!
Not: Price
Rating: 0 0 0 0
Compact and stuffed with features-that's the DSC-N2, Sony's latest digital camera offering, in a nutshell-with ten megapixel capability that's operated by its three-inch touch screen. It uses a Carl Zeiss(r) Vario Tessar(r) 3x optical zoom lens and every time you snap a picture, the camera stores a full-resolution image on the optional media card or in the camera's 25 MB of internal memory, then resizes that same image in VGA resolution and stores it in a portion of the camera's internal memory dedicated to pocket album.

130_0802_05_z+plugged+helio Photo 5/6   |   Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

From: Helio,
Price: $275
Hot: User-friendly setup; MySpace access; audio/video support
Not: Price; size
Rating: 0 0 0 0
Screw you and your fancy degree. Courtesy of this ingenious mobile phone cum full-featured portable entertainment device, which replaces traditional handset front-ends with a catchy, icon-driven interface, literacy is now overrated. Enjoy music, video and games, browse Yahoo! and IGN headlines or just hop on MySpace and start blogging instantly.
- Scott Steinberg

130_0802_06_z+plugged+alpine_star_backpack Photo 6/6   |   Plug & Play - Gadget Of The Month - February 2008

Vader Backpack
From: Alpinestars,
Price: $60
Hot: Makes carrying books look cool, much more so than that ratty old Jansport you've been rockin' since the seventh grade
Not: The ratty old Jansport you've been rocking since the seventh grade
Rating: 0 0 0 0 0
If you missed your chance to floss new school gear post summer vacation, you still can this coming semester. Breaking the two zippered pouch barrier, is Alpinestars' new stylish Vader backpack which comes available in both black (pictured) and silver. Fully equipped with nifty compartments galore to stow your on- and off-campus paraphernalia, the Vader also offers a hidden padded laptop pouch for the inner nerd in all of us.
- Carter Jung



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