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New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

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Mar 1, 2008
130_0803_01_z+upgrade+zex_nitrous_kit Photo 1/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: Zex
What: Turbo Nitrous System
Rides: Yours-If It's Got A Turbo
Source: Www.Zex.Com
okay, replace that "z" with an "S" and giggle like a schoolgirl over the naughty word you just made. Then hook up a zEx Turbo Nitrous System to your turbocharged ride. This system is designed to spray a quick shot of nitrous every time you hit WoT, effectively reducing any turbo lag. Now you can get that big turbo and not wait a year for it to spool up every time you pull away from a green light.

130_0803_02_z+upgrade+konig_alone Photo 2/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Product of the Month
Who: Konig
What: Alone Wheel
Rides: Yours
Source: Www.Konigwheels.Com, 516.822.5700
Need 20s but don't want to roll on ugly chrome rims, or even worse, a set of those god-awful spinners? Konig can help you out with its newest alone wheel. These black mesh 20-inch rims are available in both 8.5 and 10.5 inches wide, making them ideal for staggered setups, and the Prizmatic(tm) stainless steel lip adds just the right amount of bling.

130_0803_03_z+upgrade+super_damper Photo 3/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: ATI
What: Super Damper
Rides: EJ-Engined Legacy And Impreza
Source: Www.Atiracing.Com
Better than a plain old underdrive pulley, aTi's Super damper frees up horsepower while providing balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations at all RPm levels. The Super damper comes with laser-etched timing marks and is a direct oEm replacement. Even better, all Super damper pulleys exceed Sfi 18.1 certification and are approved for competition use.

130_0803_04_z+upgrade+arc_cool_fin Photo 4/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: ARC
What: Cool Fin
Rides: Yours
Source: Www.Mackinindustries.Com, 562.946.6820
Cool critical engine and transmission components with aRc's new cool fin. Thanks to its unique flexibility and tough adhesive backing, these sheets of thermally conductive metal fins can be applied to just about any mechanical surface. Tests have shown that these cool fin sheets can reduce component temperatures by as much as 10-degrees celsius.

130_0803_05_z+upgrade+momo_knob Photo 5/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: Momo
What: GTR2 Kit
Rides: Yours
Want to outfit your cockpit with a new steering wheel, shift knob and pedals but hate the confusion that comes with making sure all those components look good together? avoid a fab 5 intervention and hook yourself up with the gTR2 interior dress up kit from momo. all parts are designed to bring a cohesive look to your car's cabin, yet are sold separately in case you are feeling brave and want to try your hand at doing some mix-and-match interior decorating. HgTV would approve!

130_0803_06_z+upgrade+bg_suspension Photo 6/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: B&G Suspension Systems
What: S2 Lowering Springs
Rides: Saturn Aura
Source: Www.B-Gsuspension.Com
Drop your aura's height by approximately 1.6 inches and tighten up its handling with a set of S2 lowering springs from b&g Suspension Systems. Every S2 lowering spring is progressively wound and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can slap these coils on your car with confidence.

130_0803_07_z+upgrade+maxzone_lamp Photo 7/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: Maxzone
What: Depo Performance Lamp
Rides: Acura Rsx
Source: Www.Maxzone.Com
Bored with the tail lamps on your acura RSx? of course you are. Update 'em with a set of Performance lamps from dEPo. These lamps are Sae/doT certified and are available in Titanium, black, carbonfiber or chrome finishes.

130_0803_08_z+upgrade+mishimoto Photo 8/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: Mishimoto
What: Carbon-Fiber Intake
Rides: Honda/Acura, Rx-8, Lancer Evolution, 350z
Source: Www.Mishimoto.Com, 302.762.4501
Mishimoto is saying that its funky-looking carbon-fiber intake will revolutionize they way your engine gets air. The hand-laid carbon-fiber portion's unique flared shape is said to draw in more cold air than traditional cold air intake systems. These intakes are a direct oEm replacement, so no cutting, welding or any other sort of PiTa fabrication is required.

130_0803_09_z+upgrade+stillen_dual_intake Photo 9/9   |   New Products March 2008 - Up Grade

Who: Stillen
What: Dual Intake Kit

Rides: '07 350z And G35;'08 G37Source: Www.Stillen.Com, 866.250.5542
Does your new 350z/g35/g37 not suck... enough air? get more fresh, cold air to your VQ with a Stillen dual intake. The Stillen dual intake kit replaces the restrictive factory air boxes with two high-flow conical filters. ceramic-coated maf adapters are also included with the kit and allow you to attach these filters right to the stock intake. Stillen claims that this intake is good for 9 horsepower at the flywheel. it makes your engine sound purty, too.



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