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Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant - Upgrade June 2009

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Jun 1, 2009
Sstp_0906_01_z+products+arc_box Photo 1/5   |   Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant - Upgrade June 2009

Who: ARC
What: Induction Box
Rides: '08+ Mitsubishi Evo X
What's better than a Evo X? An Evo X with mods of course! ARC is proud to present the newest version of its infamous induction box for the Evo X. While there's no denying the good looks of this product, as is expected of ARC products in general, but we're sure it will keep your Evo breathing nicely. Order yours today and make your friends jealous!

Sstp_0906_04_z+products+meguiars_shine Photo 2/5   |   Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant - Upgrade June 2009

Who: Meguiar's
What: Supreme Shine Protectant
Rides: All
Everyone that has ever owned a car they care about knows how important it is to keep it clean and protected. Meguiar's Supreme Shine Protectant does just that. It quickly transforms the appearance of dashboards, trim, door panels, plastic bumpers and tires. Color becomes deeper and richer and the shine is greatly increased. No more dull or greasy finish. Powerful UV blockers also help to defend against sun damage that can cause fading, cracking and discoloration. Best of all, after applying the product the shine will keep your car looking great for weeks to come.

Sstp_0906_06_z+products+subaru_exhaust Photo 3/5   |   Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant - Upgrade June 2009

Who: 5Zigen
What: Pro Racer ZZ Exhaust
Rides: GRB `08+ Subaru STi
Everyone knows one of the first mods people do to their cars is to open up the exhaust with a better sounding, more free flowing system. If you happen to own a 2008 or newer Subaru STI, 5Zigen offers up their new Pro Racer ZZ system to handle your needs. The exhaust features top-notch mandrel bends, beautiful welds and four 90mm outlets.

Sstp_0906_08_z+products+clutch_masters Photo 4/5   |   Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant - Upgrade June 2009

Who: Clutch Masters
What: Oversized Twin Disc Clutch
Rides: JZA80 '93-'98 Toyota Supra or 2JZ equipped vehicles
When it comes to Supra owners it's no surprise they love big power. Unfortunately, making big power requires a serious clutch, which usually requires serious care and effort to drive. Clutch Masters offers a solution to get the power to the ground with the least compromise to drivability. The new 850 series twin disc units are rated for cars making between 600-1200hp and come with an option of two different friction disc combinations to dial the setup in for your driving style and power output. The kit includes a trick hydraulic throw out bearing and all necessary hardware for installation. Best of all, the components are interchangeable for easy maintenance.

Sstp_0906_09_z+products+racing_coilovers Photo 5/5   |   Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant - Upgrade June 2009

Who: Tein
What: Super Racing Coilovers
Rides: R35 `09+ Nissan GT-R
What better way to improve the performance of a legendary sports car than by installing a suspension customized by the experts from TEIN? The Super Racing coilovers are top of the line, featuring aluminum body and bracket construction, coated with Alumite to prevent corrosion and rust. The kit also goes as far as to include new OEM front forks! Of course no racing suspension would be complete without external reservoirs for added oil capacity when you need it most - on the racetrack. The only downside we see to this suspension is that we don't have a GT-R of our own to install it on.



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