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Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Aug 1, 2009
Sstp_0908_01_z+products+darton_sleeve Photo 1/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: Darton
What: M.I.D. sleeve kit
Rides: Evo x/4b11
The sleeve masters at Darton have a new trick up their sleeves (pun definitely intended). The new M.I.D. kit for the 4B11 engine now allows for boring anywhere from 86mm-90mm while still handling 50+ pounds of boost. For those of you not already familiar with Darton's modular sleeve designs, this kit will allow replacement of single sleeves in the rare case of damage. I.E. if you crack one sleeve you simply replace it, instead of having to re-machine the whole block. And if that's not enough to convince you, Darton is offering an installation of the kit with a rapid 15-day turnaround!

Sstp_0908_02_z+products+mishimoto_radiator Photo 2/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: Mishimoto
What: Aluminum Radiator
Rides: `93-98 subaru impreza GC8
So you've finally sourced your JDM STI EJ20 swap and everything's ready to go in the modernization of your GC8... only one problem, you need a new radiator! Well relax kiddos, Mishimoto is here to save the day with an all aluminum radiator with up to 30% more cooling efficiency than your stock unit. Haha, we said unit.

Sstp_0908_03_z+products+aem_ecu Photo 3/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: AEM
What: ECU Patch/ Extension Harness
Rides: Many -- Inquire
AEM is proud to introduce their new harness extensions for your modification needs. With these harnesses you can cut, splice, tap or re-arrange whatever wiring necessary to fit your aftermarket products without damaging your OE harness. Thank heavens!

Sstp_0908_07_z+products+flashpro Photo 4/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: Hondata
What: Flask Pro
Rides: '06+ Civic SI
The guys at Hondata continue to reinvent tuning capabilities for our market. Unlike the creepy guy with the trench coat behind the quickie-mart, this is one "flash pro" you do want in your car. This product connects to your car's OBDII port and allows your Si to be tuned for maximum performance and economy, no matter how your engine is set up.

Sstp_0908_08_z+products+godspeed_coilovers Photo 5/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: Godspeed
What: Coilovers
Rides: Many -- inquire
Whether you're a drifter, a road racer or a drag guy, Godspeed's got your footwork needs covered. Not only are these blue babies beautiful, they're also full height adjustable with 16 levels of damping force adjustment. Also included on certain models are upper pillow mounts with built in camber correction. Throw in the one-year warranty and you can't go wrong. Godspeed gentlemen!

Sstp_0908_09_z+products+ssr_wheels Photo 6/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: SSR
What: 20" Professor SP1
Rides: Yours
Arriving this summer you can now outfit your GT-R, Lexus or any other vehicle requiring a 20" wheel with the legendary three-piece Professor SP1. Available in silver, gold, white, black, flat black and super-black coat to ensure a great looking combo with any body color.

Sstp_0908_12_z+products+race_engineering_rods Photo 7/7   |   Upgrade - Hot New Products August 2009

Who: Race Engineering
What: Connecting Rods
Rides: Many -- Inquire
Need a beefy billet rod but don't have the funds? Race Engineering is now offering a line of billet connecting rods for all sorts of applications, including less popular engines. They are 100% machined in the good ol' US of A from 4340 steel and come with 2000-ARP hardware. So pickup a set and boost on friends!



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