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Eeffect Apparel, Hybrid Racing, Clutchmasters - Adult Toys

Jun 24, 2013

Direct Eeffect

Since 2003, Eeffect Apparel has been hard at work trying to change the way the world views automotive clothing. Thinking outside the box to bring a creative and unique style to an ever-changing industry isn't easy, but 10 years of hard work and dedication have landed Eeffect Apparel in a very unique position: partnering with American Honda and Acura. That means an official, licensed collection that will be available as you're reading this. Log onto Eeffect Apparel's website to check out the latest Honda/Acura designs and keep tabs on new, upcoming releases.

01 eeffect apparel Photo 1/4   |   01 Eeffect Apparel | 303-875-6158

Shift and inhale

03 hybrid racing RSX short throw shifter Photo 2/4   |   03 Hybrid Racing RSX Short Throw Shifter

Our Project Si was treated to a Hybrid Racing short-throw shifter last year, and we were blown away by its performance! However, the RSX fans felt a little left out. Not to worry as Hybrid Racing has stepped up to develop a similar system for the RSX chassis. With 10 to 50 percent adjustability from left/right and front/back, the all-metal, A6 steel, and 6061-T6 aluminum constructed piece completely replaces the plastic factory unit giving you rock-solid shifts and the ability to tailor it to your specific needs. Simple to install, fully adjustable, and built like a tank, the Hybrid Racing RSX short-throw shifter is a Godsend for track or street cars.

02 hybrid racing civic si intake Photo 3/4   |   02 Hybrid Racing Civic Si Intake

Also from Hybrid Racing is this highly anticipated eighth-gen Civic Si intake. Using a 1/4-inch-thick, fiberglass-reinforced silicone, the system offers superior insulation, bringing in a colder, denser air charge that results in greater power gains. An air bypass valve allows air to the engine even if the filter becomes wet, helping to avoid hydro lock. Also included with the kit is a 6-inch velocity stack, powdercoated steel battery relocation tray, rerouted upper radiator hose for better clearance, and all of the hoses and clamps needed for a complete, pain-free installation. | 225-932-9588

Go ahead, double clutch like you should

Clutch Masters introduces its FX350 clutch line for the Honda/Acura K series. Rigorously tested and designed to offer exceptionally smooth engagement while still being able to handle aggressive driving. The FX350 clutch kit includes a High-leverage pressure plate, heavy-duty disc, OEM bearing, and an alignment tool. The FX350 friction disc features four large, heavy-duty springs designed for durability and noise reduction while minimizing chatter. Fiber Button friction material combines longevity with durability, while the high-leverage pressure plate gives you increased clamping force and reduces the amount of load against the crankshaft, minimizing thrust bearing and throw-out bearing wear, and crank walk.

04 clutch masters FX350 clutch line Photo 4/4   |   04 Clutch Masters FX350 Clutch Line | 909-877-6800



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