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Honda S2000 Parts Buyer's Guide - Go Topless

Epic parts guide for everything S2000

Jul 30, 2013

Our Honda issue wouldn't be complete without something for our S2000 homies. While the sexy drop-top hasn't been sold in years, it was one of those cars that got your attention, and you didn't even have to live and breathe Hondas to like it. The S2K was Honda's vision of a purist's sports car, offering drivers a sporty rear-wheel-drive package with a high-revving VTEC engine, six-speed manual, and limited-slip. It wasn't necessarily a quarter-mile winner, but a rewarding track car that begged for turns and twisties.

Over its ten-year life span in the States, there were two iterations of the convertible designated AP1 and AP2-you might have heard of 'em. The AP1 was, of course, the first generation of cars produced '99 until '04. It came with a 2.0-liter F20C motor packing 240 hp and 153 lb-ft. The AP2 was basically a facelift of the car that was sold until the car's demise in '09. The facelift included updated suspension, drivetrain, wheels, bumpers, lights and a larger version of the original motor designated F22C1 which bumped displacement to 2,157 cc. Horsepower remained the same but the torque was increased to 162 lb-ft.

01 honda s2000 parts buyers guide Photo 2/47   |   01 Honda S2000 Parts Buyers Guide

Both are arguably great cars on the street and track. And with the price of S2Ks dropping significantly as well with earlier used models going in the low teens, they are becoming more popular project cars than ever.

1. Who: 5ZIGEN
What: ProRacer header
Price: $1,050

02 5zigen proracer header Photo 3/47   |   02 5Zigen Proracer Header

4-2-1 TIG-welded straight exhaust manifold was designed to improve throttle response, power and, of course, noise.

2. Who: ARE
What: Dry Sump kit
Price: inquire

03 ARE dry sump kit Photo 4/47   |   03 ARE Dry Sump Kit

The ultimate oiling system for your S2000 especially if you're building a dedicated race car, this kit converts your wet sump F20C or F22C1 to a full race dry sump system.

3. Who: ASM
What: GT front tower bar
Price: $810

04 ASM GT front tower bar Photo 5/47   |   04 ASM GT Front Tower Bar

Might be the sickest strut bar for the S2000, this ASM brace is handmade in Japan and features a truss that connects the steering rack bolts on the subframe to the tower bar.

4. Who: Berk Technology
What: 3" exhaust
Price: $759.99 (AP1)/ $749.99 (AP2)

05 berk technology exhaust Photo 6/47   |   05 Berk Technology Exhaust

Lightweight 3-inch header-back single-exit exhaust designed for guys running high-power NA or boosted setups.

5. Who: BLOX Racing
What: Bumpsteer kit
Price: $75

06 blox racing bumpsteer kit Photo 7/47   |   06 Blox Racing Bumpsteer Kit

Drive a lowered S2000? You'll need one of these to help correct your suspension geometry.

6. Who: BLOX Racing
What: Differential collar kit
Price: $125v

07 blox racing differential collar kit Photo 8/47   |   07 Blox Racing Differential Collar Kit

They look small, but these sexy little billet collars reduce the flex associated with OE bushings to give ya better stability and power transfer through the drivetrain.

7. Who: BLOX Racing
What: Steering rack rigid bushing kit
Price: $100

08 blox racing steering rack rigid bushing kit Photo 9/47   |   08 Blox Racing Steering Rack Rigid Bushing Kit

Turn faster! These bushings are an easy way to improve steering response and feedback.

8. Who: Buddy Club
What: Big brake kit
Price: inquire

09 buddy club big brake kit Photo 10/47   |   09 Buddy Club Big Brake Kit

Need more stopping power? Buddy Club offers these front brakes with 330mm two-piece rotors and four-piston calipers in either orange or red.

9. Who: Clutch Masters
What: 850 Series clutch
Price: $2,350

10 clutch masters 850 series clutch Photo 11/47   |   10 Clutch Masters 850 Series Clutch

This 8.5-inch twin-disc system is designed to maintain your original driving feel (less clutch chatter, smooth engagement) while able to handle heavy abuse from a high-powered F20C or F22C1.

10. Who: Cusco
What: radiator cooling plate
Price: $131

11 cusco radiator cooling plate Photo 12/47   |   11 Cusco Radiator Cooling Plate

This aluminum piece mounts behind the front grille to help increase airflow to the radiator. It's also very shiny.

11. Who: DC Sports
What: cold-air intake
Price: $292.21 (AP1)/$290.24 (AP2)

12 DC sports cold air intake Photo 13/47   |   12 DC Sports Cold Air Intake

The bolt-on kings from DC Sports have intakes designed for both the AP1 and AP2, and they're 50-state street legal.

12. Who: DC Sports
What: headers
Price: $506.38 (ceramic coated)/$664.18 (polished stainless steel)

13 DC sports headers Photo 14/47   |   13 DC Sports Headers

Quick way to gain low- and mid-range power with this 4-2-1 one-piece header.

13. Who: DeatschWerks
What: fuel injectors
Price: $329-$839

14 deatschwerks fuel injector Photo 15/47   |   14 Deatschwerks Fuel Injector

Available in six different sizes ranging from 450cc all the way to 2200cc for your crazy power builds. All DW injectors work with ethanol and come with a three-year warranty.

14. Who: DeatschWerks
What: fuel pumps
Price: $99-$169

15 deatschwerks fuel pump Photo 16/47   |   15 Deatschwerks Fuel Pump

DW has you covered for larger fuel pumps with a few options from 255lph to 320lph, as well as a compact 65mm model that flows at 265lph for tighter fitments.

15. Who: H&R
What: coilovers
Price: $1,480

16 HR coilovers Photo 17/47   |   16 HR Coilovers

Some of the best suspension parts from Europe come from H&R and their S2K coilovers are no exception using specially-tuned main and tender springs with its monotube coils.

16. Who: HKS
What: exhaust manifold
Price: $1,475

17 HKS exhaust manifold Photo 18/47   |   17 HKS Exhaust Manifold

This HKS piece is 11 lb lighter than stock and features a twist in its mid-section to give you a healthy improvement in low- and mid-range power.

19 HKS GT supercharger system Photo 19/47   |   19 HKS GT Supercharger System

17. Who: HKS
What: GT supercharger system
Price: $4,725 (AP2 only)

18 HKS GT supercharger system Photo 20/47   |   18 HKS GT Supercharger System

What's nice about this supercharger is the power curve-it increases evenly across the rpm range feeling reminiscent of a NA motor. 310+hp is achievable but you can squeeze more power out if you do fueling upgrades.

18. Who: Hondata
What: FlashPro
Price: $695

20 hondata FlashPro Photo 21/47   |   20 Hondata Flashpro

Available for the AP2, the FlashPro lets you tune your F22C whether NA or boosted. You can do virtually everything including live tuning, rev, speed and launch limits, ignition and fuel table editing and much more we don't have room to list.

19. Who: Hondata
What: heatshield gasket
Price: $50

21 hondata heatshield gasket Photo 22/47   |   21 Hondata Heatshield Gasket

This inexpensive mod insulates the intake manifold from the cylinder head. The cool temps are claimed by Hondata to give 5% more power. Not bad!

20. Who: Hondata
What: traction control
Price: $795

22 hondata traction control Photo 23/47   |   22 Hondata Traction Control

This system monitors wheel slip via the ABS wheel speed sensors. The adjustable traction control then pulls ignition timing and then drops the cylinders if necessary to maintain the perfect amount of slip. What's this mean? Don't lift!

21. Who: J's Racing
What: front tower bar
Price: $288.80

23 Js racing front tower bar Photo 24/47   |   23 Js Racing Front Tower Bar

This sweet aluminum bar has a gold finish as well as a special bracket for an engine torque damper. And who doesn't love J's parts?

22. Who: Koyorad
What: radiator
Price: $432

24 koyorad radiator Photo 25/47   |   24 Koyorad Radiator

With more power comes more responsibility and this beefy aluminum radiator features a 53mm core for increased cooling capacity.

23. Who: KW
What: Clubsport coilovers
Price: $3,095

25 KW clubsport coilovers Photo 26/47   |   25 KW Clubsport Coilovers

Clubsports are the coils for a driver looking for a more aggressive setup on the track with the occasional street use. They feature racing top mounts, increased spring rates, tuned valving and large diameter piston rods.

24. Who: Spec
What: clutch
Price: inquire

26 spec clutch Photo 27/47   |   26 Spec Clutch

Whatever you're looking for, Spec's got it covered. They offer a whole line of multi-disc clutches and flywheels for the S2000 including full carbon configurations for your 1000+hp builds.

25. Who: Spoon
What: Full Spec damper kit
Price: $3,095

27 spoon full spec damper kit Photo 28/47   |   27 Spoon Full Spec Damper Kit

Some of the sexiest coilovers money can buy featuring chromoly steel bodies with aluminum components and spring perches.

26. Who: Spoon
What: rear control arm kit
Price: $720

28 spoon rear control arm kit Photo 29/47   |   28 Spoon Rear Control Arm Kit

Master your handling more with this rear control arm kit. It allows you to adjust toe and also reduces bumpsteer.

27. Who: Nagisa Auto
What: upper control arms
Price: $1,640

29 nagisa auto upper control arms Photo 30/47   |   29 Nagisa Auto Upper Control Arms

Doesn't get any better than these control arms. They're super strong and feature spherical pillowball joints, ideal for tuning your alignment settings especially for aggressive race setups.

28. Who: ST Suspensions
What: sway bars
Price: $218.28 (front)/$206.40 (rear)/$401.52 (set)

30 ST suspensions sway bar Photo 31/47   |   30 ST Suspensions Sway Bar

Replace your stock bars with these hollow ones from ST Suspensions for 23% more stiffness up front and up to 50% more stiff in the rear.

29. Who: Tanabe
What: Medalion Touring exhaust
Price: $1,050

31 tanabe medalion touring exhaust Photo 32/47   |   31 Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust

Don't mess around with cheap, low quality exhausts. This Tanabe system provides a powerful yet subtle tone and also gives you high ground clearance in case you're slammed.

30. Who: Tanabe
What: Sustec stabilizer bar
Price: $245

32 tanabe sustec stabilizer bar Photo 33/47   |   32 Tanabe Sustec Stabilizer Bar

Eliminate body roll with these chromoly steel alloy bars.

31. Who: TODA
What: front pulley kit
Price: $891

33 toda front pulley kit Photo 34/47   |   33 Toda Front Pulley Kit

These lightweight pulleys help reduce overall weight and inertia, which in turn will boost your acceleration performance.

32. Who: TODA
What: Sports injection kit
Price: $4,800

34 toda sports injection kit Photo 35/47   |   34 Toda Sports Injection Kit

Individual throttle per cylinder gives you super quick response and improvements in both power and torque. And those dry-carbon air trumpets? Drool...

33. Who: Whiteline
What: lower control arm brace
Price: $279.90

35 whiteline lower control arm brace Photo 36/47   |   35 Whiteline Lower Control Arm Brace

This shiny gold anodized four-point brace is just another tool to help reduce body and chassis flex.

Top Ten

You could easily throw racks on racks of money at your S2000, but if you're trying to get across the finish line faster, it's not always about having the most powerful engine or most expensive suspension setup. Overall balance is more important than anything and no one knows this better than Evasive Motorsports. Well-known in the biz for building some of the fastest track cars in North America, they helped us select the top ten essential bolt-on parts if you're looking to turn your S2000 into a competitive track weapon.

Who: Berk
What: 70mm test pipe
Price: $109.99

36 berk test pipe Photo 37/47   |   36 Berk Test Pipe

Who: Buddy Club
What: P1 Racing front camber joints and roll center adjusters
Price: $359

37 buddy club p1 racing front camber joints and roll center adjusters Photo 38/47   |   37 Buddy Club P1 Racing Front Camber Joints And Roll Center Adjusters

Who: Eibach
What: Evasive SPEC Multi-Pro-R2 coilovers (900 lb/in front and rear)
Price: $3,195

38 eibach evasive spec multi pro R2 coilovers Photo 39/47   |   38 Eibach Evasive Spec Multi Pro R2 Coilovers

Who: EVS Tuning
What: 70-SSP exhaust
Price: $1,095

40 EVS tuning SSP exhaust Photo 40/47   |   40 EVS Tuning SSP Exhaust

Who: EVS Tuning
What: Rear driveshaft spacer
Price: $180

41 EVS tuning rear driveshaft spacer Photo 41/47   |   41 EVS Tuning Rear Driveshaft Spacer

Who: Project Mu
What: Club Racer brake pads
Price: $220 (front)/ $194 (rear)

42 project mu club racer brake pad Photo 42/47   |   42 Project Mu Club Racer Brake Pad

Who: EVS Tuning
What: Rear bumpsteer kit
Price: $185

39 EVS tuning rear bumpsteer kit Photo 43/47   |   39 EVS Tuning Rear Bumpsteer Kit

Who: Project Mu
What: Brake fluid
Price: $65

43 project mu brake fluid Photo 44/47   |   43 Project Mu Brake Fluid
45 volk one piece forged wheel Photo 45/47   |   45 Volk One Piece Forged Wheel

Who: Volk racing
What: 17x9/10" one-piece forged wheels (non- staggered CE28, RE30 or TE37) with 255/40R17 Yokohama AD08 tires
Price: Inquire

44 volk racing one piece wheel Photo 46/47   |   44 Volk Racing One Piece Wheel

Who: Voltex
What: Type 2 1600mm GT wing
Price: $1627.45

46 voltex type 2 GT wing Photo 47/47   |   46 Voltex Type 2 GT Wing


Evasive Motorsports
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670



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