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Raceland USA, Royal Purple, AEM, and Contour - Adult Toys Products

Aug 21, 2013
Contour HD cameras Photo 1/4   |   Raceland USA, Royal Purple, AEM, and Contour - Adult Toys Products

Lights, Contour, action!

Looking to document your next track day or maybe grab some cool footage of your project car tearing up the local backroads but can’t afford an overpriced mini-HD camera? Well, Contour has your back. Don’t be deceived by the sleek, stylish appearance, the Roam2 series retails for just $199! An updated version of Contour’s modern-day classic, the Roam2 features four ultra-crisp HD modes including 1080p, and 720p at an all-new 60 fps. The Roam2 also features a still photo mode with nine time intervals.

One of the greatest features about Contour’s Roam2 is the Instant-On record switch. Lightning fast, you can go from powered down to recording at a moment’s notice. And because there is no stand-by mode, you won’t lose any precious battery life. Don’t worry about leveling the camera, all Contour cameras are equipped with a laser level and rotating lens to get any shot you can imagine. With an array of mounting options available for both you and your vehicle, you won’t miss any action.

Available in traditional black as well as blue, green, and red, Contour HD cameras are available at Best Buy, REI, and

Raceland USA coilovers Photo 2/4   |   Raceland USA, Royal Purple, AEM, and Contour - Adult Toys Products

Drop it!

Raceland USA is happy to release its adjustable coilover kit for eighth-generation model Honda Civics. This coilover kit will be offered alongside the current Raceland Civic coilover line to allow owners more options for their suspension needs. The threaded and powdercoated shock bodies allow for ride height to be adjusted 1 to 3 inches lower than stock, and the hard-anodized aluminum spring seats ensure that height adjustments are made easy. The Civic eighth-generation coilover kit has been designed with matched spring rates and shock valving to ensure a perfect balance between performance and street comfort. Available for all ’06–’11 Honda Civics. | 801-365-1440

Max clean royal purple Photo 3/4   |   Max Clean Royal Purple

Keep it clean

Royal Purple recently released Max-Clean, a state-of-the-art fuel system treatment that cleans injectors, restores fuel economy, and reduces both engine buildup and tailpipe emissions. Max-Clean’s proprietary formulation targets both the intake system and combustion chamber, utilizing a unique detergent and carrier technology. Royal Purple reports that during extensive testing, it realized the following while using Max-Clean:

• Restored lost horsepower (an average of 2.6 percent) | 888-382-6300

Aem cold air intake Photo 4/4   |   Aem Cold Air Intake

Breathe right

• Prevented rough idle, hesitation, and stalling

• Achieved complete combustion with lower-octane fuel

• Prevented premature spark plug fouling

• Reduced deposit-related engine knocking and pinging

AEM is on top of things once again, offering a true cold-air intake system for the new 2012 Civic Si. Engineered to optimize airflow and maintain IAT close to ambient to provide a broad increase in power throughout usable rpm range, AEM’s Cold Air Intake was dyno tested and delivered gains of 8 hp at 7,000 rpm, and 8 lb-ft torque at 3,800 rpm. The increase in mid-range torque gives the Si remarkable throttle response off the line. Using AEM’s high-performance Dry Flow air filter for ease of maintenance, the new intake is available in a gunmetal or polished finish. | 800-992-3000


Hawthorne, CA 90250
Royal Purple
Porter, TX 77365
Raceland US
Bluffdale, UT 84065



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