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Boost Buyers Guide - Don't Blow It!

Buyers Guide - Managing Your Boost

Matthew Jones
Oct 4, 2013
Photographer: Courtesy of Manufacturers

With this month’s issue being focused solely on boost, we felt it was only right to accommodate ya’ll with an all-in-one electronics guide consisting of the industries leading products and manufacturers. From basic analog displays and standard warning gauges, to advanced digital systems and programmable ECU’s, we’ve gone the distance to provide all the necessary (and optional) requirements to keep you from blowin’ your boost.

Tru booth control gauge Photo 1/21   |   Tru Booth Control Gauge

1. Who: AEM

What: Tru Boost Control Gauge

MSRP: $347.33

Looking for an EBC with the simplicity of a manual boost controller and the added ease of an adjustable gauge interface? Look no further, AEM’s got you covered.

AEM boost control solenoid Photo 2/21   |   AEM Boost Control Solenoid

2. Who: AEM

What: Boost Control Solenoid

MSRP: $108.07


Specifically modified for high boost automotive platforms. Pressure tested to 100psi and ready to go!

AEM digital boost display Photo 3/21   |   AEM Digital Boost Display

3. Who: AEM

What: Digital Boost Display

MSRP: $177.10 35psi/$255.30 50psi


Combining accuracy, speed and control with a user-friendly digital LED interface, this digital display will surely keep your numbers covered.

AEM analog boost display Photo 4/21   |   AEM Analog Boost Display

4. Who: AEM

What: Needle Analog Boost Display

MSRP: $255.30


Trying to keep it simple? This boost display features unsurpassed accuracy and usability in a classic analog needle for the old school folks. (available in -30-35psi/0-60psi, as well as metric options.)

AEM fuel ignition controller Photo 5/21   |   AEM Fuel Ignition Controller

5. Who: AEM

What: Fuel/Ignition Controller

MSRP: $411


Working parallel to the factory ECU, this PC programmable unit allows users to deliver accurate amounts of fuel while discarding outdated FMUs and “boost hiding” issues. available in 4-6 cylinder options.)

AEM infinity ECU Photo 6/21   |   AEM Infinity ECU

6. Who: AEM

What: Infinity ECU

MSRP: $2611.06


A definite game changer in the EMS realm, this stand along programmable ECU features multiple boost control strategies including time, gear, vehicle speed and switch based.

Blitz turbo timer Photo 7/21   |   Blitz Turbo Timer

7. Who: Blitz

What: FATT Advance+ Turbo Timer

MSRP: $115/$199 including boost sensor kit


Using a newly-developed algorithm software to automatically calculate idling time, this turbo timer features an updated slim design, 3 full auto mode settings and 2 manual mode settings for all of your timing necessities. Not to mention, it will also function as a boost meter in either hkPa or psi reading.

Blitz scramble boost controller Photo 8/21   |   Blitz Scramble Boost Controller

8. Who: Blitz

What: Scramble Boost Controller

MSRP: Single $480/Twin $680/ Remote $208


This all-in-one boost controller features boost level, peak hold and warning, limiter and scramble boost modes. Available in single and twin solenoid options—and lets not forget the optional steering wheel mounted wireless remote switch for channel and scramble activation.

Defi gauges Photo 9/21   |   Defi Gauges

9. Who: BLOX Racing

What: 52mm Warning Gauges

MSRP: $63.90


The 52mm gauge features a classic look with a white background and green backlight. Clearly marked and highly visible, these gauges are a must have for all working projects.

Defi c2 gauges Photo 10/21   |   Defi C2 Gauges

10. Who: DEFI

What: Advance C2 Gauges

MSRP: $299


DEFI’s new Advance C2 gauges work in conjunction with an Advance Control Unit, giving the user the ability to control Peak and Warning settings for specific gauges. Available in Turbo, Intake Manifold Pressure, Oil Temp and Pressure, Water Temp, Fuel Pressure, and EGT, as well as 80mm Tachometers in 9000/11000 rpm.

Greddy profec Photo 11/21   |   Greddy Profec

11. Who: Greddy

What: PRofec

MSRP: inquire


The new PRofec is compact, powerful and easy to use. The large OLED Display, with the simple two-button/ rotary-dial control, make for intuitive operation. The PRofec also maintains popular features like Lo, Hi, Scramble boost presets, last-boost display, peak-hold recall, warning alert and safety limitations.

Greddy boost gauge Photo 12/21   |   Greddy Boost Gauge

12. Who: Greddy

What: Multi D/A Boost Gauge

MSRP: Starting at $430


A hybrid in the market, this 62mm (2.44") digital-analog gauge can select between an optional 7 pieces of data (Boost, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Voltage and EGT). Not to mention, all functions are controlled by a fancy wireless remote.

HKS evo 6 Photo 13/21   |   HKS Evo 6

13. Who: HKS

What: EVC-6

MSRP: $765


With the most sophisticated microprocessor and stepping motor available for digital boost management, the HKS EVC6 continues to provide the most advanced technology in electronic boost control.

M7 japan boost controller Photo 14/21   |   M7 Japan Boost Controller

14. Who: M7 Japan

What: EBC-R Boost Controller MSRP: $495 Where:

The M7 EBC features a brightly visible LED display showing 7 segments and a bar graph all on a slim-designed 12 mm thick body. There is excellent boost stability, control and response from its highly-efficient solenoid. High and low channel can be adjusted manually.

Manual boost control is also available and adjustable, even when driving, when connected to the optional M7 EBC-R Remote Switch.

M7 japan boost meter Photo 15/21   |   M7 Japan Boost Meter

15. Who: M7 Japan

What: Boost Meter

MSRP: $225


The 60 mm Boost Meter features a highly precise stepping motor for accurate value reading, smooth needle movement, and opening/ending action. And in case you didn’t know, this boost meter does not require a central control unit. Must be nice!

Prosport evo series gauges Photo 16/21   |   Prosport Evo Series Gauges

16. Who: Prosport

What: Premium EVO series Gagues

MSRP: $125


With a fully programmable warning feature and peak recall, this gauge is perfect for monitoring boost and preventing boost creep. Available in 2 additional colors for the perfect match.

Stack pro control boost gauge Photo 17/21   |   Stack Pro Control Boost Gauge

17. Who: STACK

What: Pro Control Boost Gauge

MSRP: $271.70


Incorporating total control and driver awareness of critical engine functions, the STACK pro is user configurable with maximum/minimum alarms along with interchangeable colors to indicate status.

Stack boost street dash Photo 18/21   |   Stack Boost Street Dash

18. Who: STACK

What: Boost Street Dash

MSRP: $2,194.50


Specifically for turbocharged street vehicles and rally cars. These systems are designed for vehicles which must meet road legal requirements, and feature speedometer, odometer and trip meter. Each system includes all sensors (except fuel level sensor), mounting kit, switch kit and professional ready-wired loom.

Turbosmart evo series gauges Photo 19/21   |   Turbosmart Evo Series Gauges

19. Who: Turbosmart

What: e-Boost Street

MSRP: $349.99


An electronic boost controller aimed at the street performance market. The EBC can now handle boost pressures of up to 40psi and has the added feature of an auxiliary output used to trigger intercooler sprays, methanol or nitrous injection systems.

Turbosmart e boost2 Photo 20/21   |   Turbosmart E Boost2

20. Who: Turbosmart

What: e-Boost2

MSRP: $619.99


With industry-leading features and state-of-the-art software, the e-Boost2 is one accessory all turbocharged owners should have!

Turn 14 distribution avo turbo world Photo 21/21   |   Turn 14 Distribution Avo Turbo World

21. Who: Turn 14 Distribution/AVO Turbo World


MSRP: $329.99


The AVO Electronic Boost Controller gives full control over the boost levels of your turbocharger while improving boost response of the turbocharger with the use of a 3-port solenoid. Low and high boost modes allow users to switch quickly between boost settings. Rich with features, the AVO EBC also offers Offset and GAIN settings for dialing in the best response and safety for your vehicle.

By Matthew Jones
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