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Todays Most Popular Turbos - Go Big

From mild to wild, here’s a look at some of today’s most popular turbos

Oct 9, 2013

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CX Racing T3/T4 T04E


Boosting on a budget? CX Racing offers a huge range of turbos for the car builder who’s tight on spending money while still giving a reliable and quality performance. The turbo pictured here is their popular T3/T4 T04E turbo that uses a .50 AR compressor, .63 AR turbine, 3" inlet and 2" outlet—perfect for most four- and six-cylinder motors and will get you to that 350whp mark.

Tomei ARMS-M7960


Tomei’s made it easy for Evo, 240SX and Subaru owners. Its latest turbo in their ARMS line is the M7960 that’s a solid solution to builders wanting a significant turbo upgrade without needing to build their motor. Shown here is the turbo for the 4G63 that bumps up an Evo 9 to 400hp. It’s a great all-around performer for the guy or gal who wants a kit that’s easy to install, plus keep his or her motor stock.

HKS GT II 7460


The very best from Japan is readily available from Motovicty for your Mitsubishi Evo X. This twin scroll ball-bearing HKS turbo is designed for the Evo X and can push your motor in upwards of 430hp. It features large size compressor and exhaust side wheels, high-flow capacity and quick response—meaning very little lag. It also works with Evos equipped with SST. HKS also offers a similar kit for the Subaru STI.

Garrett turbocharger Photo 2/5   |   Todays Most Popular Turbos - Go Big

Garrett GTX2860R and GTX3067R


Nobody knows turbos like Garrett. They’re used on almost every serious turbo build from the Japanese scene to hot rods and European imports. These two are from their latest GTX line. The top turbo is a GTX2860R that features a forged, fully-machined 11-blade billet compressor wheel. Designed for rally competition, it uses a 49-trim compressor wheel that’s meant for a 34mm restrictor—good for 300hp but intended to give you max torque. It’s also shown with Garrett’s turbo speed sensor. The other turbo is a GTX3067R which is made of a fully-machined 10-blade compressor wheel. It has dual ball-bearing oil and watercooled center hub rotating assembly and a ported compressor shroud to increase surge resistance. This turbo can be easily interchangeable with Garrett’s other parts to be tailored to your needs. They recommend using it for anything between a 1.8- to 3.0-liter motor, and can make up to 500hp.

Turbonetics turbocharger Photo 3/5   |   Todays Most Popular Turbos - Go Big

Turbonetics GT-K


The GT-K turbo line has been used on some of the biggest and baddest forced induction builds since they were introduced at SEMA in ’06. This baby here is an updated billet GT-K turbo that’s been given show-quality looks but also produces amazing power. New features include a high-pressure forged billet compressor wheel, 3" V-band turbine housings discharge (standard on T3-trim), black ceramic coated turbine housing and a brushed aluminum compressor housing.

Godspeed upgrade turbo Photo 4/5   |   Todays Most Popular Turbos - Go Big

Godspeed Upgrade turbo


Godspeed Project carries a number of affordable turbo kits for everything from a Honda Accord to a Nissan 240SX. One of their newest kits is this twin-turbo upgrade for the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (which also fits the Dodge Stealth). It’s a direct bolt-on kit that doesn’t require any other parts making it a breeze to install. The turbine wheel is 1mm bigger than stock and the kit will make 300 to 400+hp depending on your other mods.

Godspeed upgrade turbo Photo 5/5   |   Todays Most Popular Turbos - Go Big
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