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September 2013 - Adult Toys


Oct 20, 2013

Stay Single

Evolution industries H22 single race pulley Photo 1/5   |   Evolution Industries H22 Single Race Pulley

H22 owners looking to eliminate the accessory pulley can live dangerously, cut their factory unit and hope that they don't damage them, or they can take the smart route, by picking up Evolution Industries' H22 Single Race Pulley. This gorgeous pulley features a single drive, making it slimmer, lighter, and providing you with better frame rail clearance. Also, because of the smaller outer diameter, this pulley will clear most aftermarket traction bars. Produced in T7075 aircraft grade aluminum, the unit weighs in at just 1.95lbs compared to the factory 5.610, which saves you over 3.5lbs of rotational mass! Hard coat anodized and laser engraved, each unit is proudly made right here in the United States.

Evolution Industries

Get crankin'!

Winberg crankshaft Photo 2/5   |   Winberg Crankshaft

Winberg Crankshafts is proud to announce the release of their K-series crankshafts - the same crankshaft that helps power Jeff Rosario's 10-second, 2.7L, K24 seen in this very issue. Built from aerospace certified billet Timken material, these crankshafts are capable of transferring well over 2,000 hp. Extensive lightening contributes to a 10lb weight savings when compared to a stock Honda crank! Straight shot oiling allows for 13,000+ rpm operation and these cranks are available in various strokes to meet your needs.

Winberg Crankshafts available through at 317-902-0200

Out with the old, in with the new!

Hondata coil pack retro fit 01 Photo 3/5   |   Hondata Coil Pack Retro Fit 01
Hondata coil pack retro fit 02 Photo 4/5   |   Hondata Coil Pack Retro Fit 02

Looking to upgrade your ignition system on your D, B, F, or H series mill? Well, Hondata makes it easy for you with the Hondata Coil Pack Retro Fit (CPR). Get improved spark energy when compared to the old single coil and distributor systems, increase overall reliability, and gain performance - particularly for the forced induction crowd.

The increased spark energy provided by coil-on-plug conversions allow for a larger spark plug gap without the risk of misfires, while getting rid of exposed spark plug leads will result in less conducted interference to your vehicle's other electronics. Also, because individual coils are far more durable, they're less likely to fail like traditional ignitor and coil systems. The Honda CPR kit includes a controller box and wiring harness and works flawlessly alongside Hondata's proven S300 to provide the ultimate complete tuning system.


Get based out!

Kaizenspeed KS tuning rear trailing arm and staging brake kit Photo 5/5   |   Kaizenspeed KS Tuning Rear Trailing Arm And Staging Brake Kit

Looking to extend your wheelbase and maximize traction while reducing weight transfer on your competitive drag car, but can't afford the sky-high prices of a one-off set up? Well, you're in luck; the crew from Kaizenspeed has come up with a complete bolt-on kit that's effective, multi-class legal, and best of all, it's affordable! Produced in high quality chromoloy and aluminum, the kit reduces weight by 50 pounds in one of the most important parts of a FWD drag car. Toe and camber adjustments are built-in, as is a rear speed sensor attachment. Available for all '92-00 Civics and '94-00 Integras, the kit will allow you to increase your wheelbase by 3/4-in to 2 full inches beyond stock. Each kit includes a set of rear trailing arms with lightweight spindle, lightweight rotors, calipers, pads, stainless brake lines, toe and camber adjusters, and all of the necessary hardware to make the installation pain free. Getting serious about your drag car? Then get serious about putting the power to the ground, and don't forget to check out Kaizenspeed's entire line of race proven products.

Kaizenspeed/KS Tuned



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