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October 2013 New Products

Nov 5, 2013
Hondata coil pack retrofit Photo 1/8   |   Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit


What: Coil Pack Retro Fit
Rides: Honda B, D, F and H-series engines
How Much: Inquire
Convert from Honda’s traditional single coil/distributor setup for Hondata’s “coil on plug” individual ignition coils—known better as the Coil Pack Retro Fit—which is said to give more spark, improved overall reliability and improved performance for boosted applications. They’re also more durable over the stock igniter/coil system and with no exposed spark plug leads, there’s less conducted interference with other electronics your car might be running.

P3cars digital interface Photo 2/8   |   October 2013 New Products


What: Vent Integrated Digital Interface
Rides: 2013 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ
How Much: Inquire
This all-in-one AFR from P3Cars for the FR-S/BRZ is actually pretty ingenious when you think about it: not only does it allow you to monitor some vitals of your engine (such as oil temp, EGT, RPM or boost) but its housing also integrates an air vent so that you don’t lose air conditioning since it mounts in the driver side vent area. The LEDs also color match perfectly to the rest of the instrumentation and the face is scratch/glare resistant.

Titan motorsports stroker kit Photo 3/8   |   Titan Motorsports Stroker Kit

Titan Motorsports

What: 3.5L stroker kit
Rides: Toyota 2JZ engine
How Much: $8,995
Go ultra-buff on your 2JZ with Titan Motorsports’ 3.5L stroker kit, which is said to increase bottom end torque and horsepower while reducing turbo lag. The kit includes a 96mm True Billet Crankshaft, new rod bearings, 87mm pistons made in conjunction with CP Pistons and Carrillo H-beam connecting rods. When matched to the right valvetrain configuration, you should be able to take your engine up to 9Krpm.

Enerpulse plugs Photo 4/8   |   Enerpulse Plugs


What: Pulstar Pulse plugs
Rides: Various applications
How Much: Inquire
They might look like standard spark plugs, but these Pulstar Pulse plugs actually feature a unique capacitor-based circuit that can generate a spark five times greater in energy or produce 1000 times more peak power than an ordinary spark plug that might otherwise be wasting energy. In return, you’ll gain improved performance and fuel economy.

GreddyBOV FV Photo 5/8   |   Greddybov FV


What: BOV FV “Floating Valve”
Rides: Most turbocharged applications
How Much: TBA
GReddy’s latest generation of blow-off valves is the FV, which uses a floating valve to produce quicker valve response, increased valve travel and improves resistance to premature valve lift and boost leak. It’s compatible with all GReddy standard two-bolt flanges and will easily replace any existing Type RS/RZ applications or mount to any of their outlet adapters.

JMS chip performance Photo 6/8   |   JMS Chip Performance

JMS Chip & Performance

What: Power MAX SparkMAX
Rides: Various applications
How Much: Inquire
The PowerMAX SparkMAX from JMS Chip & Performance is an ignition voltage booster than will help increase up to 80% for your coil-on-plug or single coil application. For boosted engines, it’ll eliminate spark blowout altogether, not to mention improve power and fuel economy.

And here's some other cool stuff we dig that isn't car related.

Mophie juice pack Photo 7/8   |   Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice Pack

Here's a product that all of us on staff can attest to working superbly well. Seeing as how we're texting 24/7, checking Instagram every 30 seconds and anything else to suck the life out of 3G/4G or our company's Wi-Fi that drains the life from our devices quicker than we can upload another photo to IG's Popular Page-that's exactly where Mophie comes in super-handy. This ultra-thin battery pack is sturdy, USB-chargeable and is good for a near-full refill if you start charging around the 10% mark (you'll get a full charge if you start at 20%). It's the perfect all-in-one protector/charger for your iPhone.

Scosche boombottle Photo 8/8   |   Scosche Boombottle

Scosche Boombottle

Most portable audio is shoddy at best and not very bike-friendly, but Scosche's boomBOTTLE might change our minds. Made to fit your water bottle cage, this Bluetooth-enabled speaker features two 40mm drivers and a passive sub to pump out the tunes from your phone. It's good for up to 10 hours of use and can connect via a 3.5mm aux input should you not have wireless capability.



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