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AEM Infinity-6 Management System - Infinity and Beyond...

AEM Electronics Introduces the Mini-Me at SEMA 2013

Nov 11, 2013
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Infinity-6 uses just one 80-pin plug and eliminates many of the unnecessary "extras" that simply aren't used on a 4 or 6-cylinder engine set up. This means a lower price point and incredibly enough, an even smaller footprint than the already compact original Infinity system.

AEM Electronics has been busy over the past few years. In fact, they've been downright slammed as they've invested countless hours of research and development into their revolutionary new standalone management system. On the heels of the wildly popular AEM EMS Series II, AEM Electronics unveiled their Infinity management system earlier this year and in turn, opened a whole new world of options to performance-minded end-users with the biggest breakthrough being, beyond its incredible performance, an affordable price point.

The initial introduction of the Infinity allowed 4-12 cylinder support, exceptional 400MIPS (millions of instructions per second) operation, and a host of must haves like engine protection strategies, on-the-fly map switching, and programmable boost and traction control - features that you'd typically find on units that cost up to three times as much.

AEM infinity stand alone management system 02 Photo 2/6   |  
AEM Electronics Infinity standalone management system

Still, even with the massive array of features provided by Infinity, some enthusiasts with intentions of purchasing a management system for their racecar might not need everything that's packed into the mighty Infinity system. For that group specifically, a new version dubbed "Infinity-6" was introduced during SEMA. Physically smaller than the already ultra-thin original Infinity, the Infinity-6 is able to control four and six cylinder engines, utilizes a single 80-pin connector, and eliminates many of the features that simply aren't needed to control a smaller engine package. Fewer frills mean an even lower price point for you, the consumer. To coincide with the Infinity-6 launch, the Infinity-8 was also introduced while in Las Vegas. The "8" is able to control up to 8 cylinders and is intended for high performance crate engines, or smaller engines that rely on high impedance injectors.

Also on hand at the AEM Electronics booth was a completely revamped AEM Water/Methanol Injection kit. Designed to reduce air inlet temperatures, which in turn helps to ward off detonation while actually reducing carbon deposits, the system has been available from AEM for a number of years, but the group felt that an update was in order. New failsafe strategies and an updated low fluid level sensor are now included as well as a much more solid control unit complete with "turn-resistant" knobs. To the touch, the display unit's turn knobs felt firm and heavy rather than being prone to movement under harsh vibration. Installation is now easier than ever with a terminated wiring harness fitted with a positive lock connector. People often say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," but AEM Electronics ignored all of that and set out to engineer an even better product than they'd already offered - and succeeded in doing so.

AEM infinity 6 management system plug and play application 03 Photo 3/6   |  
AEM Electronics displayed an example of a complete plug-and-play application using Infinity. If the demand is there, you might even see Honda-specific applications in the future. For now, a custom harness is needed for proper operation.


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