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Mod Gear November 2013

The Latest and Greatest Parts Ready to Go

Nov 1, 2013
Miller electric stereowave Photo 1/10   |   Miller Electric Stereowave

Miller Electric

Syncrowave 210
Built for automotive repair and personal users, the new inverter-based Syncrowave 210 TIG welder is designed with user-friendly interface in mind. The Pro-Set feature takes the guesswork out of setting weld parameters by offering preset controls designed by Miller weld engineers. Miller-exclusive Auto-Line technology and the multi-voltage plug allow for easy hookup to any input voltages within 115 to 230 V with no manual linking, providing reliable input power regardless of welding conditions.

P3cars digital interface Photo 2/10   |   P3cars Digital Interface


Vent-Integrated Digital Interface
The P3Cars vent-integrated digital interface for the Subaru BRZ/Toyota FT86 and Scion FR-S is an OEM-style solution to aftermarket gauges. The vent-integrated housing uses a custom-designed aluminum housing and color-matched LED illumination. Features for this device include boost and vacuum for those who have forced induction, coolant temp, rpm, air/fuel ratio, code read and clear, and much more.

Motul racing oil Photo 3/10   |   Motul Racing Oil


300V Racing Oil
Motul’s latest evolution of its 300V line of automotive racing oils brings new reformulation that further improves engine lubrication with its advanced blend of esters, 100 percent synthetic-based oils, and a package of innovative additives. The reformulated 300V line now has eight different product options. Six viscosities found previously in the line include: 0W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40, 15W-50, and 20W-60. Two new additional viscosities are 0W-15 for pure performance and 0W-40 for power and optimized reliability.

Centerforge clutches Photo 4/10   |   Centerforge Clutches


Miata DFX Clutches
The DFX series by Centerforce is now available for ’94-’05 Mazda and MX-5 1.8L engines with 22-spline transmissions. This new clutch assembly replaces the current assembly with a higher-holding-capacity pressure plate and a ceramic, button-style disc designed for a direct bolt-in replacement. The DFX scores big not only with holding capacity and strength, but it also provides some of the best driveability from a race-inspired clutch.

Magnus motorsports rods Photo 5/10   |   Magnus Motorsports Rods

Magnus Motorsports

DSM I-Beam Rods 
Looking to make big power with reliability in mind, Magnus Motorsports I-beam billet connecting rods are stress-relieved and shot-peened for the ultimate in strength, and thoroughly tested to more than 11,000 rpm. The big and small ends are finished to bottom sizes to allow the professional engine builder to set the proper clearances for his or her application. They are sold in balanced sets, with the individual rod weights matched to within 1 gram.

Porsche 911 book Photo 6/10   |   Porsche 911 Book

René Staud

The Porsche 911 Book
Porsche and automobile fans alike will simply adore and marvel at this large-format book aptly titled The Porsche 911 Book. For the 50th birth-day of the populous 911 family, the famous automotive photographer René Staud showcases the most important models—all in his typically radiant and distinctive style while explaining the significance of every model.

Deatschwerks fuel system Photo 7/10   |   Deatschwerks Fuel System


’12-’13 Civic Fuel System
DeatschWerks now offers a fuel system for the ’12-’13 Honda Civic that includes an upgraded DeatschWerks 265-lph fuel pump and five sizes of injectors, ranging from 420 cc to 1,300 cc. The compact 65mm fuel pump is the only aftermarket pump available for the new Civic, and with the fitment kit, it drops right in—no modifications necessary. DW’s new Civic injectors also fit the ’09-plus Acura TSX and ’12-plus Acura ILX.

Hotchkis camber caster plates Photo 8/10   |   Hotchkis Camber Caster Plates


Camber/Caster Plates
Hotchkis camber plates for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ give enthusiasts the ability to set their camber anywhere from stock to 3 degrees negative while adding an extra degree of caster for enhanced straight-line stability and an improved camber curve during cornering. These camber plates are CNC-machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and feature a Type-3 hard-anodized finish for years of durability and performance. Each plate is loaded with a high-quality PTFE-lined spherical bearing and designed to be easily serviced.

Hawk performance brake system Photo 9/10   |   Hawk Performance Brake System

Hawk Performance

Brake System
Hawk Performance has just released its brand-new performance brake system that includes a three-piston Talon caliper, which increases clamping force by 55 percent over stock while retaining OEM mounting points and avoiding clearance issues. A matched set of precision braking components provides an easy, cost-effective way to substantially boost your braking power and control.

Redline tuning quicklift system Photo 10/10   |   Redline Tuning Quicklift System

Redline Tuning

QuickLift system
Redline Tuning’s Bolt-In Hood QuickLift system for the ’13-plus Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ can be mounted in just five minutes using basic handtools and existing mounting locations on the fender and hood. Once installed, the QuickLift system provides smooth and controlled lifting of the hood as well as enhanced access to the engine bay.



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