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Performance Electronics Buyers Guide

High-tech digital goodies have never been more affordable or more advanced.

Nov 6, 2013
AIM sports smart cam Photo 1/25   |   AIM Sports Smart Cam

AiM Sports

SmartyCam HD
AiM Sports introduces the SmartyCam HD, a high-definition in-car camera with real-time data overlay, GPS, and a three-axis G sensor. Combining a completely redesigned five-element lens package and the industry’s first global shutter CMOS imager, the SmartyCam HD will capture all of your on-track action with tack-sharp clarity.

Cusco racing meter Photo 2/25   |   Cusco Racing Meter


Racing Meters
Cusco is now offering a line of gauges that includes boost pressure, water temperature, and oil pressure. These Racing Meters are recommended for both competition and street use and are 100 percent made in Japan. The 60mm gauges feature peak and warning function, high-quality bezel construction with LED technology, nighttime auto dimming, and high-precision step motor technology for precise readings.

AEM electronics programmable ECU Photo 3/25   |   AEM Electronics Programmable ECU

AEM Electronics

Infinity Plug-and-Play Programmable ECU for BMW E46 M3
AEM’s Infinity ECU is now available as a plug-and-play application for ’01-’06 BMW E46 M3s, and Infinity-10 and -8 systems are available as supported applications for ’92-’98 E36 M3s and ’01-’06 E46 M3s. A plug-and-play adapter harness is sold separately for the E46. The Infinity EMS is built around a latest-generation 200-MHz automotive processor and is capable of processing 400 MIPS. It is also fully enabled with features like flex/multi-fuel, drive by wire, variable cam, boost control, nitrous control, map switching, dual internal Lambda controllers, engine protection, datalogging (up to 64 GB) and more.

Adaptronic select ECU range Photo 4/25   |   Adaptronic Select ECU Range


Plug-In Select ECU Range
All Adaptronic Plug-In Select ECUs are sold with a base map to get the car running, so all you have to do is plug it in. All ECUs in the Select range have an internal four-bar MAP sensor, so you can simply run a hose from the barb on the ECU into the engine bay. Although these ECUs are plug-and-play, you still have the freedom to configure and tune the ECU as you wish, using the user-friendly WARI tuning software. Features include 3D fuel and ignition maps (32x16 cells per table), water temperature corrections, air temperature corrections, internal MAP sensor suitable for up to 40 psi of boost, datalogging, flex fuel control, and much more.

Autometer GT series gauges Photo 5/25   |   Autometer GT Series Gauges

Auto Meter

GT Series Gauges
Powered by race-hardened, high-precision internals developed from 56 years of competition experience, GT Series gauges are equipped with cutting-edge, white LED illumination to maximize visibility in all conditions. Fitted matte black bezels minimize cockpit glare while aircraft-inspired dials constructed from real carbon-fiber clearly communicate mission critical data. Available in multiple configurations for optimal deployment in applications ranging from hot rods to muscle cars, diesel trucks, and modern street/race machines.

HKS OB link Photo 6/25   |   HKS OB Link


The HKS OB-Link transmits crucial vehicle data via Bluetooth to your smart device for monitoring and viewing. With options from live metering, maintenance scheduling, or displaying error codes, this useful tool puts the info you need right in the palm of your hand. With a simple app download from Google Play and the OB-link device, vital engine information is a tap away with fully customizable displays and options. Available exclusively from Motovicity Distribution.

Zeitronix flex fuel sensor Photo 7/25   |   Zeitronix Flex Fuel Sensor


Flex Fuel Sensor
Zeitronix’s Flex Fuel Sensor works with the ECA to provide accurate readings of your engine’s fuel ethanol content in real time. The Zeitronix ECA and Flex Fuel Sensor make a perfect fit for use in E85 conversion projects or for use with existing flex-fuel-based vehicles. This sensor has a measuring range of 0 to 100 percent alcohol (ethanol) in fuel and comes in a waterproof housing.

Diyautotune engine management system Photo 8/25   |   Diyautotune Engine Management System


MS3-Pro Engine Management System
DIYAutoTune’s new MS3-Pro engine management system is loaded with high-end features, without the high-end price tag. This ECU offers rally-style anti-lag, 8 gigabytes of internal datalogging, traction control, individual cylinder trim tables, closed-loop VVT control, and more, crammed into a rugged package that weighs only 260 grams.

Hondata coil pack retrofit Photo 9/25   |   Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit


Coil Pack Retrofit
The Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) allows the use of “coil on plug” individual ignition coils on engines with distributor-based ignition systems (D-, B-, F-, and H-series Honda engines). It does this by replacing the stock coil and ignition with an electronic circuit that can drive igniter-type individual ignition coils, such as used on later model Honda engines. A Hondata S300 system and US OBDI ECU are required.

Defi gauges Photo 10/25   |   Defi Gauges


Advance RS Gauges
With the highest technology in precision instruments, Defi’s Advance RS combines the classic look reminiscent of vintage Japanese sports cars into a state-of-the-art gauge, utilizing Defi’s exclusive stepping motor for the most responsive and accurate gauges available. Color can be switched from green to classic white. Defi’s Advance Control Unit (sold separately) is necessary to control these gauges, creating a user-friendly, clutter-free package.

Ark design shift timer Photo 11/25   |   Ark Design Shift Timer

ARK Design

Rev-Shift Timer
ARK Design’s Rev-Shift Timer was developed specifically to combat improper engine oil cooling and over-revving. The RST is a full-functioning turbo timer with an integrated shift light, plus additional monitoring functions include voltage, RPM, and AFR. All these features are built in to the same compact unit as ARK Design’s Advanced Boost Controller (ABC), so the Rev-Shift Timer and ABC perfectly complement each other in any vehicle’s interior.

Hondata traction control Photo 12/25   |   Hondata Traction Control


Traction Control
Hondata Traction Control works alongside your s300, KPro, or FlashPro, monitoring the ABS wheel speed sensors and reducing engine output when excessive wheelspin is detected. A dash-mountable switch allows the selection of different target slip rates, and software allows the system to be tuned for your specific vehicle setup.

Vipec engine management system Photo 13/25   |   Vipec Engine Management System


V88 Engine Management System
The Vi-PEC V88 is the company’s most advanced ECU and includes features that allow it to be set up to suit various types of engine configurations. It has very flexible options over how the inputs and outputs are controlled and allows users to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle is guaranteed at very low or high rpm or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth-running engine even under the most demanding conditions.

Speedhut gauges Photo 14/25   |   Speedhut Gauges


Revolution Series Gauges
The Speedhut Revolution series gauges feature an internal microprocessor that controls the pointer (needle) movement through a digital stepper motor, high torque stepper motor for accurate pointer movement even during high vibration racing conditions, and a super-thin composite carbon case design that allows easy mounting in tight locations. The gauge bezels are made of anodized solid aluminum, and the 21⁄16-inch gauges include a programmable warning LED.

AIM sports solo GPS data system Photo 15/25   |   AIM Sports Solo GPS Data System

AiM Sports

Solo GPS Data System
AiM Sports introduces the next evolution in GPS-based datalogging for your race vehicle. The SOLO and SOLO DL systems feature predictive lap timing, track mapping, GPS speed, a three-axis accelerometer, and three unique data modes including: lap timing, point-to-point timing, and acceleration testing. Taking it a step further, the DL version also allows you to gather data directly from your car’s ECU via the OBD II port.

Hondata plug in module Photo 16/25   |   Hondata Plug In Module


s300 Plug-In Module for OBD1 Honda ECUs
The Hondata s300 is a plug-in module for OBD1 factory ECUs that vastly expands the capabilities of the factory computer. Forced induction, datalogging, real-time updating of parameters, and engine protection are but a few of the s300 features. The S300 version 2 comes with eight analog inputs and one digital input for datalogging, more than doubling in size the available memory and allowing up to two hours of recording. Additional security has been added to help identify and prevent theft as well as non-battery memory backup for greater reliability and longer life.

Aem electronics wideband failsafe gauges Photo 17/25   |   Aem Electronics Wideband Failsafe Gauges

AEM Electronics

Wideband Failsafe Gauge
AEM’s Wideband Failsafe gauge is a wideband air/fuel controller and boost/vacuum gauge in one unit. It internally logs more than three hours of data and can actively protect your engine from catastrophic damage using the included software (strategy is user defined). It includes an internal boost sensor, Bosch wideband AFR sensor, weld-in bung, and interchangeable faceplates and bezels. The full-color OLED center display and sweeping OLED lights are user selectable (boost/vacuum or AFR).

Greddy profec electronic boost controller Photo 18/25   |   Greddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller


Profec Electronic Boost Controller
The GReddy Profec is a compact, powerful, and easy-to-use electronic boost controller. The large OLED display, with a simple two-button/rotary-dial control, makes for intuitive operation. The combination of the new 300kPa (43.5psi) integrated pressure sensor, a more compact solenoid valve, and faster CPU processor provides quicker response and the most stable boost curves yet. The Profec also maintains popular features such as Lo, Hi, Scramble boost presets, last-boost display, peak-hold recall, warning alert, and safety limiter.

Defi c2 gauges Photo 19/25   |   Defi C2 Gauges


Advance C2 gauges
Providing the most precise measurements for temperatures and pressures, Defi’s new Advance C2 gauges have a uniquely arranged dial in either blue or pink for a sophisticated look. Used in conjunction with Defi’s Advance Control Unit, separate peaks and warnings can be set for each individual gauge. Available in Boost, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, and EGT. Advance Control Unit sold separately.

Stack MFD systems Photo 20/25   |   Stack MFD Systems


MFD Systems
Stack’s MFD systems are improved for 2013 with new sixth-generation DataPro software featuring GPS track mapping and overlay. Also new are 14 channels of datalogging standard, predictive lap time and brake bias displays standard, and compatibility with popular aftermarket ECUs (AEM, Bosch, Motec, MAST Motorsports, etc.). Stack’s unique and highly accurate stepper motor driven analog tachometer reading remains a central element within the display. Configurable warning LEDs and messages provide rapid driver feedback.

Zeitronix ethanol content analyzer Photo 21/25   |   Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer


Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA)
Zeitronix’s new Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA) provides real-time display of fuel ethanol content from 0 percent to 100 percent, as well as displaying fuel temperature via a bright LED display. The ethanol content of E85 fuel can vary from 60 percent to 92 percent ethanol, so a fill-up with E85 can drastically change the mix of fuel in your vehicle. For performance drivers, determining actual ethanol content of E85 is essential to maximizing an engine tune and horsepower. A flex fuel sensor is required.

Haltech platinum plug in pro ecus Photo 22/25   |   Haltech Platinum Plug In Pro Ecus


Platinum Plug-in Pro ECUs
Haltech is proud to offer high-quality engine management systems for a wide range of vehicles. Haltech’s award-winning Platinum Series of ECUs offers a perfect blend of performance, value, and reliability, and the company’s Platinum ECU Manager Software package is intuitive to professional tuners and enthusiasts alike. In addition to the direct Plug-In Pro ECUs, Haltech also offers ECUs for a wide range of engine combinations, covering a wide range of price points.

M7 japan boost meter Photo 23/25   |   M7 Japan Boost Meter

M7 Japan

Boost Meter
The M7 Boost Meter has a warning and a peak hold function, which allows the driver to review the maximum value afterward. This 60mm meter does not require a central control unit. When adding an M7 meter to another previously installed M7 meter, only one 12V power supply is needed. The M7 Boost Meter includes a meter holder and visor, aluminum bezel, and housing. The remote wired control switch is included.

Ecutek boost meter Photo 24/25   |   Ecutek Boost Meter


ProECU Programming Kits
EcuTek is actively looking to recruit new dealers who tune Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Mazda cars worldwide. Its ProECU Programming Kits and software allow the tuner to data log and tune a car with ease. Become an EcuTek tuner and benefit from a unique feature of the company’s ProECU Tuning Tools, RaceROM. RaceROM adds impressive new features to the standard ECU such as BOTL, Flex-Fuel, Launch control, Flat Foot Shifting, and many more.

Ebc r boost controller Photo 25/25   |   Ebc R Boost Controller

M7 Japan

EBC-R Boost Controller
The M7 EBC-R boost controller features a slim-designed 12mm-thick body for ideal placement. Four channels of duty variable control can be set manually. The device’s program stabilizes boost pressure, and pressures up to 3.00kPa are covered. Duty, Gain, and P-Gain can be set up by each channel. Boost, Peak Hold, Warning, Limiter, and Scramble boost are loaded. Manual boost control is adjustable while driving via the optional M7 EBC-R Remote Switch.



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