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February 2014 Adult Toys


Feb 3, 2014

Keep that K planted!

February 2014 adult toys boomba racing engine mounts 01 Photo 1/5   |   February 2014 Adult Toys Boomba Racing Engine Mounts 01

Eighth-gen Si owners have another option when it comes to aftermarket engine mounts with Boomba Racing Inc unveiling their new billet aluminum mounts. A direct bolt on, these mounts completely replace the front, top and rear dog-bone torque mounts, and are machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum and solid polyurethane bushings. Their strength will significantly reduce engine movement resulting in elimination of wheel hop as well as increasing that vital shifting response. The rigidity of the polyurethane bushings was specifically chosen to optimize vehicle stability and overall acceleration by improving traction while minimizing excessive vibration transfer from the engine to the body. Installation is simple and doesn't require engine support, and even utilizes all of your OEM hardware. Available in natural aluminum, red and black anodized finishes for longevity, and a sharp appearance.

Boomba Racing

Cool runnings ...

February 2014 adult toys koyorad OEm style radiator 02 Photo 2/5   |   February 2014 Adult Toys Koyorad Oem Style Radiator 02

Koyorad, the front-runner in OEM style and performance aftermarket radiators recently introduced a unit intended for '94-'01 Integra's with the infamous K-swap. Unlike the factory down-flow style OEM radiator, Koyo's new cross-flow design improves heat dissipation by directing coolant laterally across the radiator. They've also integrated their N-FLO dual-pass partition that effectively routes coolant through the radiator twice, improving cooling power by up to 20 percent over stock! For a much cleaner look, the top mounting pins are eliminated and at a mere 36mm thick, this radiator gives you excellent heat exchange properties while maintaining that slim, compact size that you're after. Mirror polished with a billet aluminum filler neck and drain plug, these units are available NOW via your local Koyo radiator dealer.


Official threads

Eeffect apparel is back at it, which shouldn't be surprising since these guys eat, sleep, and breathe all things apparel related. The latest in their Honda and Acura officially licensed gear includes these two pieces from their vintage line. The Honda "OK" logo is familiar to every Honda fan as the original stickers were placed on the windows of Hondas in the USA once they were sent from the factory to dealer showrooms. Also joining the "OK" shirt is this Acura themed "born in 86" offering that celebrates Acura's official entry in the U.S. market. Both shirts are high quality, 100 percent cotton and feature a tagless t-shirt design. On the back, just under the neckline is the official Honda and Acura logo along with the Eeffect name just below. Log on and check out Eeffect's line of apparel that includes t-shirts, hats, hoodies, key chains and more!

Eeffect Apparel



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