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Interior and Racing Gear Buyers Guide

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Feb 24, 2014

Takata Racing

Takata street legal harness Photo 1/28   |   Takata Street Legal Harness

Drift III four-point street-legal harness
If you want the look and feel of a full racing harness but need to stay street legal, the Drift III is a perfect solution. This belt, manufactured in accordance to the European Standard ECE-R 16.04 and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 209, is a legal seatbelt for use in road cars in all U.S. states with mandatory seatbelt laws. The belt features a center push-button release buckle and a shoulder belt anti-submarine system. The Drift III features 3-inch shoulder belts and 2-inch lap belts with comfort padding and comes in either snap-on or bolt-in configurations.


Sabelt racing seat Photo 2/28   |   Sabelt Racing Seat

GT-300 Racing Seat
Sabelt’s GT-300 racing seat is FIA8855 rated and built on the company’s HCF shell concept using a carbon structure reinforcement to improve stiffness and resistance in case of impact. The HCF shell also helps reduce weight to just 18 pounds (depending on size). Double harness slots allow the GT-300 to fit high-torso drivers, while the built-in head protection offers an added layer of safety. Available in four sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL.

HJC Motorsports

HIC motorsports S1 12 helmet Photo 3/28   |   HIC Motorsports S1 12 Helmet

Si-12 helmet
HJC Motorsports’ new Si-12 helmet features a super-lightweight composite weave shell, making it one of the lightest helmets in the industry. It’s new for 2013, and you have the option of using ear cups (sold separately) to help reduce outside noise and adapt for intercom use. The new Si-12 also has an improved Advanced Channeling Ventilation System to help keep your head cooler than before. It is SNELL SA2010 approved and available in Rubbertone or White colors and sizes XS to XXL.


Alpinestars tech1 racing glove Photo 4/28   |   Alpinestars Tech1 Racing Glove

Tech 1 Race Glove
The Alpinestars Tech 1 Race Glove is engineered for racing and high-performance driving and complies with SFI and FIA homologation standards. Its full-gauntlet-style Nomex lining offers excellent fire protection with advanced poly-foam padding at the knuckles and wrists. An elasticized wristband closure ensures a secure fit, as do the pre-curved fingers, while minimal seam construction and silicone grip surfaces greatly increase comfort and reduce driving fatigue.


Haltech display and logging dashes Photo 5/28   |   Haltech Display And Logging Dashes

IQ3 Display and Logging Dashes
Haltech provides racers data acquisition and display solutions, in addition to the company’s powerful, award-winning engine management systems. Haltech IQ3 Display and Logging dashes are powerful, professional, high-tech systems that allow the user to sample and display both raw and calculated engine data transmitted from the Haltech ECU’s CAN network port.The Haltech IQ3 Logger and Display dashes are designed to be a complete display center with low-glare LCD display and multiple user programmable warning lights to make viewing essential engine information a breeze in all light conditions.

Aim Sports

AIM smartcam HD Photo 6/28   |   AIM Smartcam HD

SmartyCam HD
Aim Sports’ SmartyCam HD bridges the gap between high-resolution video and on-screen data in one revolutionary package designed specifically for motorsports. The all-new SmartyCam HD features a global-shutter CMOS—so no more wavy video, a custom five element lens package, a redesigned aluminum chassis, integrated GPS, an integrated three-axis accelerometer, and of course, HD video with real-time data overlay.


Sabelt six point harness Photo 7/28   |   Sabelt Six Point Harness

Cintura Ultralight six-point harness
Sabelt’s Cintura Ultralight FIA8883-rated six-point harness uses a lightweight webbing on fixed parts. These belts also use an aluminum quick adjuster and lightweight cam lock with real carbon-fiber cover. Available with snap-hook fixing and bolt-in plate.


Corbeau sportline seat Photo 8/28   |   Corbeau Sportline Seat

Sportline RRS seat
The new Sportline series from Corbeau factors in feedback from customers all over the world to come up with a new reclining sports seat with outstanding comfort, style, and support. It features top-of-the-line injection-molded foam, strategically placed bolsters to support you in just the right places, and harness belt capability. The Sportline RRS seat is available in a black vinyl with a carbon-fiber vinyl contrast and will fit up to a 38-inch waist.

Mechanix Wear

Mechanix grip glove Photo 9/28   |   Mechanix Grip Glove

The Original Grip Glove
Stay clean and busted-knuckle-free at the racetrack and in the garage with the Original Grip Glove from Mechanix. The fully covered palm with durable Armortex Grip provides extreme gripping power with less strenuous effort. A form-fitting TrekDry material top of hand helps keep your hands dry and comfortable, while the Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure secures the glove comfortably to your wrist. The durable Armortex Grip also rolls over your thumb and index finger, displacing liquids for more control with intricate tasks.


Sabelt intercom system helmet Photo 10/28   |   Sabelt Intercom System Helmet

RH310 helmet with intercom system
Sabelt’s RH310 helmet with intercom system is Snell 2010 rated, making it a fully legal racing helmet. Its compact shell reduces volume and weight, improving protection by reducing the load put on your neck during impact. Available in seven sizes from XS to XXL, the RH310 comes in three colors: matte black, white, or gray.

Nagisa Auto

Nagisa auto seat rails Photo 11/28   |   Nagisa Auto Seat Rails

Double-Locking Super-Low Seat Rails
Nagisa Auto’s double-lock seat rails enable a very low seat position, which allows for more headroom for the driver and helmet and also an aggressive seat height. Nagisa seat rails are compatible with popular seat brands, including Bride, Sparco, and Recaro and have the necessary durability to support those seats. The double-locking feature ensures there is zero-play during competitive driving.

Canton Racing Products

Canton racing products accusump Photo 12/28   |   Canton Racing Products Accusump

Faster track times, more G-loading, lower engine placements, and limited room have strained most wet sump oiling systems. The Accusump is designed to stop loss of oil pressure in racing applications and is now the accepted method to provide continuous oiling and add longevity to any racing engine. Because it’s best not to expose the Accusump to high heat or road debris, many owners opt to mount them in the interior of their car, manual valve models being positioned within easy reach of the driver.

Aim Sports

AIM sports data logger Photo 13/28   |   AIM Sports Data Logger

MXL2 Digital Data Logger
Already in more than 15,000 race cars, the newly inspired MXL2 has been completely redesigned to give your race or street car a serious dose of tech. Now featuring 2 GB of internal memory, an internal three-axis accelerometer and gyro, Wi-Fi connectivity, RGB alarm lights, three CAN bus inputs, two digital outputs, a multicolored backlight, and a freely configurable message center.


Stilo composite helmet Photo 14/28   |   Stilo Composite Helmet

ST4 GT W Composite helmet
This is a slightly heavier but more affordable version of the Stilo ST4 GT W Carbon helmet. It is made from a Kevlar Multi-Sandwich Fiber composite formed in an autoclave. It carries the same Snell 2010 certification as the carbon helmet and is designed to satisfy those closed cockpit drivers who yearn for a larger eyeport. The cutout for the eyeport is taller than the standard Formula version and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening. Available with integrated electronics, air supply, and hydration or any combination of the three.


Corbeau RRX seat Photo 15/28   |   Corbeau RRX Seat

Sportline RRX seat
The Sportline RRX seat is a favorite among customers worldwide because of its looks and comfort. It is a perfect blend of aggressive lateral bolster support but with the comfort of a daily driver. It features top-of-the-line injection-molded foam strategically placed to support you in just the right places and harness belt capability. The Sportline RRX seat is available in a black vinyl with a gray carbon-fiber vinyl contrast. As a rule of thumb, the RRX will fit up to a 38-inch waists.


Adidas race boot Photo 16/28   |   Adidas Race Boot

Daytona FIA-approved race boot
The Daytona boot from Adidas has been developed in conjunction with leading drivers in the most demanding of conditions in order to achieve the maximum levels of comfort, fit, and protection. Made from full-grain leather, the Daytona features a lightweight rubber sole that is both oil and fire retardant. The rear of the boot features a soft-padded Achilles’ gusset to improve comfort, while a Velcro ankle strap provides secure closure. To increase durability, the outside of the right boot features an anti-abrasion rubberized print for heel and toe downshifts.


Nardi rally street steering wheel Photo 17/28   |   Nardi Rally Street Steering Wheel

Sport Rally steering wheel
The Nardi Sport Rally 330mm steering wheel features black perforated leather and is finished with red stitching. The Sport Rally series is one of the most popular in Nardi’s lineup due to its concave face design, which spaces the wheel 3.1 inches closer to the driver for better steering input. The Rally’s suede material is perfect for racing and allows for excellent grip when combined with racing gloves.


Stack MFD system Photo 18/28   |   Stack MFD System

MFD Systems
Stack’s MFD systems are improved for 2013 with new 6th generation DataPro software featuring GPS track mapping and overlay. Also new are 14 channels of datalogging standard, predictive lap time and brake bias displays standard, and compatibility with popular aftermarket ECUs (AEM, Bosch, Motec, MAST Motorsports, etc.) also standard! Stack’s unique and highly accurate stepper motor driven analog tachometer reading remains a central element within the display. Configurable warning LEDs and messages provide rapid driver feedback.


Cursco rollcage Photo 19/28   |   Cursco Rollcage

Rollcage (Safety 21)
Cusco rollcages are FIA and JAF compliant, increasing chassis rigidity and vehicle safety. They are made from either steel or chrome-moly, and Cusco offers a wide variety of choices, from bolt-in four-point all the way to a fully custom-welded 13-plus-point ’cage (please check your local sanctioning motorsport regulations before purchasing). A wide variety of optional add-on bars is also available. The rollcages fit most Japanese vehicles, and Hyundai, Mini Cooper, and Lotus.


Alpinestars flow helmet bag Photo 20/28   |   Alpinestars Flow Helmet Bag

Flow Helmet Bag
Alpinestars’ Flow Helmet Bag is designed to house and protect your full-face helmet when it isn’t protecting your head. A lightweight polyester upper features mesh inserts on either side for excellent airflow and moisture wicking, and a soft fleece and foam padding line the interior with a durable rubberized base for rugged environments. The outer pocket is perfect for glove and earplug stowage or even the adjustable shoulder strap should you choose to detach it.


Recaro sportster bucket seat Photo 21/28   |   Recaro Sportster Bucket Seat

Cross Sportster seat
The Recaro Cross Sportster is the latest in aftermarket seating technology. The hybrid design incorporates the strength of a metal seat base with a fiber-reinforced polymer-based formed backrest. The integrated headrest and aggressive shoulder bolstering are reminiscent of racing seats, while the easy-entry seat bolstering, overall comfort, and ergonomic qualities are evocative of the world’s top sport luxury automobiles.


Alpinestars tech 1 T racing boot Photo 22/28   |   Alpinestars Tech 1 T Racing Boot

Tech 1-T Racing Boot
The Alpinestars Tech 1-T is SFI and FIA compliant and features a lightweight, durable, full-grain leather upper with strategic perforated zones for enhanced cooling performance. An integrated Nomex lining provides proven flame protection with lateral reinforcements along the forefoot, improving foot stability and abrasion resistance. An innovative lace loop system provides a firm closure with a single Velcro strap at the top to keep things tidy and secure.


Cusco collaboration seat Photo 23/28   |   Cusco Collaboration Seat

Bride collaboration seat
Cusco has collaborated with Bride on a ZETA III Type-XL full bucket seat made for the bigger and taller enthusiasts (that’s you, America!). Wrapped in a fireproof material and meeting both FIA and Japanese safety standards, this seat is available in black or black/Bride logo fabric and can be ordered in shells, including FRP Silver, super Aramid black, Carbon/Aramid, or FRP clear black (Sport-C only). These shells are dimensionally larger in all areas such as height, width, and depth, plus they have a backrest offset for those with longer arms. It can also be mounted 50 mm lower when using a Bride seat rail.


Password JDM helmet hanger Photo 24/28   |   Password JDM Helmet Hanger

Race-Ready Helmet Hanger
Show your crew you’re ready to race at a moment’s notice, air out your helmet, or just show off your collection. This glass, fiber-reinforced, injection-molded wall mount is designed to hang your helmet and your jacket on and can be mounted in your trailer or on the wall in your room. Made entirely in the USA.


Edirb bucket seat Photo 25/28   |   Edirb Bucket Seat

031 Racing bucket seat
The edirb seats (manufactured by Bride) are a new brand of racing seat designs fully wrapped in highly durable yet soft leather over a super Aramid black monocoque shell for a lightweight, European-inspired look. The edirb 031 is full racing bucket seat that sports extensive shoulder and side bolster support meant to keep the driver firmly planted in position. Achieve the best in form and function as these seats deliver the highest performance with elegant style. Available with silver or red leather stitching.


Recaro speed seat Photo 26/28   |   Recaro Speed Seat

Speed seat
The Recaro Speed seat is inspired by our racing shells and designed for the rigors of performance driving. The Speed seat keeps you firmly in place during aggressive driving maneuvers while providing excellent ergonomics and comfort. The integrated headrest, pronounced side bolsters and belt pass-throughs, and available five-point harness option all combine to give the Speed the look and feel of a racing seat without sacrificing daily driving comfort.


Autopower rollcage Photo 27/28   |   Autopower Rollcage

Bolt-in Rollcage
Autopower bolt-in rollcages are designed to quickly and easily transform your street car into a race-legal competition car. These ’cages closely conform to your car’s interior, allowing quick entry and exiting. They use precision-fit, six-mounting-point, slip-tube, and bolt-in design. Approved by SCCA and NASA for open road racing and drifting events, all ’cages are made to order, allowing for tube size and type to be selected.


Cusco steering wheel Photo 28/28   |   Cusco Steering Wheel

Scion FR-S Sports Steering Wheel
Cusco has recently released a 350mm factory steering wheel wrapped in your choice of high-quality suede, leather, or carbon fiber. Upgrade and enhance the sport feel of your steering wheel without sacrificing the safety aspects, such as the airbags. (Airbag not included; no core exchange required.)



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