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May 2014 Adult Toys

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Apr 15, 2014

Hasport Performance

May 2014 adult toys 01 Photo 1/5   |   May 2014 Adult Toys 01

Hasport has recently teamed up with CSF Radiators to help develop a true race-quality radiator for the '94-and-newer Integra with a K20 or K24 engine swap. Hasport explains that the market is flooded with cheap, low-quality aluminum radiators but CSF's superior B-tube cooling technology offers the best cooling cores in the industry-exactly what you need for a high-output engine running at the limit. These units are a drop-in replacement and allow clearance for any factory intake manifold. On a side note, this radiator will also work with a J-series V-6 swap.

Hasport Performance


May 2014 adult toys makspeed tubo manifold 02 Photo 2/5   |   May 2014 Adult Toys Makspeed Tubo Manifold 02

When the ninth-generation Civic (Si) was introduced with its K24Z and integrated exhaust manifold, people thought the performance upgrades were all but dead. However, Makspeed just put the finishing touches on their turbo manifold geared toward the '08-13 Si. Produced in high-grade investment cast stainless, which carries a lifetime guarantee, these manifolds are available in both internal and external wastegate options, and can be used in non-turbo, downpipe configuration.



May 2014 adult toys downstar spike extended shift knob 03 Photo 3/5   |   May 2014 Adult Toys Downstar Spike Extended Shift Knob 03

Having experienced incredible success with its infamous spike hardware kits for the engine bay, Downstar introduces its Spike Extended shift knob. Measuring a massive 8 inches (you jelly?), the extender is produced in 6061 aluminum and weighs a mere 9.6 ounces. Available in most popular thread sizes in both machined or black finish.

Downstar Inc.

DC Sports

May 2014 adult toys DC sports cat back system 04 Photo 4/5   |   May 2014 Adult Toys DC Sports Cat Back System 04

DC Sports consistently remains at the forefront of Honda bolt-on performance. If you're an eighth-gen Civic Si owner looking for more power and improved throttle response while maintaining a reasonable tone at idle and cruising speeds, DC's got a cat-back system with your name on it. Produced in polished T304 stainless steel, the 2.5-inch piping exits through a round tank muffler and DC logo engraved 4-inch tip. Available for '06-11 Si coupes and sedans.

DC Sports

Eagle One

May 2014 adult toys eagle one A2Z all wheel and tire cleaner 05 Photo 5/5   |   May 2014 Adult Toys Eagle One A2Z All Wheel And Tire Cleaner 05

Eagle One's A2Z All Wheel & Tire Cleaner provides a powerful, 2-in-1 thick foam to easily remove brake dust, dirt, grime, and grease. Its acid-free formula is manufacturer recommended for use on any wheel, hubcap, or tire. With A2Z, you get a high-performance "back-to-black" restoration for tires, and a worry-free deep clean for any type of wheel finish. A2Z can also be used as a pre-wash on the lower panels of the car and in wheelwells to break the bond of tough deposits that soaps leave behind. It also works well as an engine degreaser, making it one of the most versatile cleaners we've seen in years.

Eagle One



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