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May 2014 New Products

Apr 10, 2014

1. Eagle One A2Z Wheel & Tire Cleaner

May 2014 new products eagle one A2Z wheel and tire cleaner 01 Photo 1/9   |   May 2014 New Products Eagle One A2Z Wheel And Tire Cleaner 01

Lazy like us? Instead of getting down on all fours and washing your wheels with a car wash mitt, Eagle One makes it ten times easier with their new A2Z Wheel & Tire cleaner. The thick foam easily removes brake dust, dirt, grime and grease. And with its acid-free formula, its safe on any wheel, hubcap or tire.

2. Avenue Performance Steering Wheels

May 2014 new products avenue performance steering wheel 02 Photo 2/9   |   May 2014 New Products Avenue Performance Steering Wheel 02

We've seen sticker-bombed and digital-camo engine covers, fenders, bumpers and more, but Avenue Performance makes it easier if you decide to get cray-cray with your steering wheel. These themed steering wheels measure 350mm around with 70mm spokes depth. Our question is: can we get one that's only bombed with Super Street stickers? Starting at $135

3. DC Sports FR-S/BRZ Exhaust

May 2014 new products DC sports FRS BRZ exhaust 03 Photo 3/9   |   May 2014 New Products DC Sports FRS BRZ Exhaust 03

The king of bolt-ons is back with their Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ exhaust. Constructed of polished T304SS aluminum, these tubes feature 2.5" piping and round-tank mufflers with bigger 4" tips. DC tells us it has a new Passive Resonance Chamber (PRC)-this was tested to improve throttle response and adjust the sound so its quieter at cruising and idle but still loud during full throttle when you want to wake your neighbors at night.

4. Fortune Auto 500 Series Dampers

May 2014 new products fortune auto 500 series dampers 04 Photo 4/9   |   May 2014 New Products Fortune Auto 500 Series Dampers 04

Proudly built in 'Merica (Richmond, VA), the new Fortune Auto dampers are awesome dampers for their price compared to more expensive Japanese and European options. The 500 series are 24-step adjustable and height adjustable independent of pre-load.

5. Boomba Racing WRX Throttle Body

May 2014 new products boomba racing WRX throttle body 05 Photo 5/9   |   May 2014 New Products Boomba Racing WRX Throttle Body 05

Simple bolt-ons that make horsepower and torque gains are a win-win in our book. As is the case with Boomba Racing's new billet aluminum throttle body for the '04/'05 and earlier WRX with cable-driven throttles. The larger 75mm TB is bored and precision-machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum. Not just power, Boomba throttle bodies will help deliver smoother throttle operation throughout the entire rpm range. $424

6. Koyorad Mazda 2 Radiator

May 2014 new products koyorad mazda 2 radiator 06 Photo 6/9   |   May 2014 New Products Koyorad Mazda 2 Radiator 06

For the small number of you who modify Mazda2's, now you can go to sleep at night thanks to Koyorad. They've got you covered with a replacement radiator. It's engineered to increase coolant volume and improve heat transfer over stock. Stay cool Mazda 2 owners! $456

7. Corbeau Sportline RRS

May 2014 new products corbeau sportline RRS seat 07 Photo 7/9   |   May 2014 New Products Corbeau Sportline RRS Seat 07

We couldn't leave this sexy Corbeau seat out of the new products section. The Sportline RRS is said to be unbelievably comfortable and offer support from every inch of this seat. Available in a black vinyl with a carbon fiber vinyl contrast we wouldn't mind sitting in this everyday. They're even rated up to a 38" waist. Guess we can have that extra piece of cake then... $475

8. Raceland FR-S/BRZ Coilovers

May 2014 new products raceland FR S BRZ coilovers 08 Photo 8/9   |   May 2014 New Products Raceland FR S BRZ Coilovers 08

Raceland's known for offering coilovers at competitive prices. Their new kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ follows suit. The individual threaded shock bodies allow for height changes between 1-3" below OEM ride height. Comes with everything for a complete install and will still leave you enough money for lunch this week. $499

9. Downstar Spike Shift Knob

May 2014 new products downstar spike shift knob 09 Photo 9/9   |   May 2014 New Products Downstar Spike Shift Knob 09

Have a fetish for spikes? We won't judge but if you do, might want to look into this new shift knob from Downstar. It measures 8" long (and hard, hehe), and is constructed of 6061 aluminum. Available in most popular threads and offered in a machined or black finish (sorry no flesh-color option yet). $99



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