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June 2014 Adult Toys

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May 29, 2014
June 2014 adult toys TSW mallory 5 alloy wheel 01 Photo 2/9   |   June 2014 Adult Toys TSW Mallory 5 Alloy Wheel 01

Race Roots ...
TSW's Mallory 5 Alloy wheel was named after Mallory Park, which is a race circuit located in the UK. The label "The Little Circuit with the Big View," is in reference to the circuit's short length and provision of excellent spectator viewing. Despite its length and having the tightest corner of any UK track, Shaw's Hairpin, Mallory has a fast circuit and serves as a host to several motor racing events. The Mallory 5 is available in 16- to 20-inch sizing for five-lug Hondas in both silver with mirror cut face and matte black.
TSW Wheels

June 2014 adult toys hondata V3 S300 02 Photo 3/9   |   June 2014 Adult Toys Hondata V3 S300 02
June 2014 adult toys hondata V3 S300 03 Photo 4/9   |   June 2014 Adult Toys Hondata V3 S300 03

Revamping a Legend ...
Hondata has been putting the power to tune in the hands of enthusiasts for years now, but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy working on even better versions of tried-and-true hardware, like their world-famous S300/S300J plug-in module. Dubbed the "V3," this new version works with dash displays like AIM MXL units and adds Bluetooth capability for wireless programing and data-logging that allow you to keep your ECU properly mounted out of site, while still tuning and collecting vital data. When you're on the go, connect your smartphone for up-to-date engine data with the free Hondata apps. Combined with the improved programming and up to four times faster data-logging speeds, tuning has never been easier.

June 2014 adult toys tanabe revel VLS gauge 04 Photo 5/9   |   June 2014 Adult Toys Tanabe Revel VLS Gauge 04
June 2014 adult toys tanabe revel VLS gauge 05 Photo 6/9   |   June 2014 Adult Toys Tanabe Revel VLS Gauge 05

Get a Visual ...
Tanabe releases its Revel VLS line of vital gauges that includes boost, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and wideband air/fuel in a 52mm universal size. The entire lineup features an OLED display, which is thinner and easier on the eyes than a conventional LCD display. A 30 perimeter LED system was implemented to make viewing quick and easy, allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road.

For Honda Fans of all Ages ...
Eeffect Apparel is back at it with more officially licensed Honda goods. From their Engine Blueprint series comes the S2000 edition T-shirt with a print that shows up in white during the day, but glows in neon green in the dark. Also, from the Raider Series is the Engine start button with crossed wrenches design. Both shirts are quality printed on a 100 percent cotton, tag-less shirt and available through the Eeffect website. And while you're there, if you've got a son or daughter who you'd like to fit into officially licensed Honda gear, Eeffect has you covered with their new blue and pink onesies available in newborn, 6-, and 12-month sizes!
Eeffect Apparel



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