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FR-S & BRZ Parts Guide - 2014 Edition

From budget to ballin’, a list of the latest parts for your Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ!

Sep 12, 2014


FRS BRZ parts guide truhart adjustable rear toe control arms 01 Photo 2/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Truhart Adjustable Rear Toe Control Arms 01

TruHart USA
Adjustable rear toe control arms
MSRP: $230.00
Are you looking for rear toe control arms that are adjustable so you can correct the toe when you align your lowered FR-S or BRZ? Here you go.

FRS BRZ parts guide eibach sportline lowering springs 02 Photo 3/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs 02

Eibach Springs
Sportline lowering springs
MSRP: $359.00
Do you want to eliminate the OEM wheel gap and lower your car yet still have excellent ride quality? Look no further. And they come with a million-mile warranty. Yes, seriously, a million.

FRS BRZ parts guide truhart USA adjustable rear lower control arms 03 Photo 4/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Truhart USA Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms 03

TruHart USA
Adjustable rear lower control arms
MSRP: $400.00
Do you need rear lower control arms that are adjustable? Boom.

FRS BRZ parts guide hotchkis front sport caster plates 04 Photo 5/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Hotchkis Front Sport Caster Plates 04

Front Sport Caster/Camber Plates
MSRP: $440.95
Increase the front grip of your vehicle by utilizing these plates that adjust up to -3 degrees for camber, and add +1 degree of caster over stock. They come with PTFE-lined spherical bearings as well as new strut bolts, too.

FRS BRZ parts guide ST suspensions coilovers 05 Photo 6/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide ST Suspensions Coilovers 05

ST Suspensions
MSRP: $999.99
Safety, quality, and performance were all taken into consideration when developing these coilovers. ST Suspensions made sure it passed the stringent German TUV safety and quality testing standards. The result is an optimized balance of sportiness, comfort, and safety.

FRS BRZ parts guide fortune auto 500 series coilovers 06 Photo 7/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers 06

Fortune Auto
500 Series coilovers
MSRP: $1199.00
Looking for affordable U.S.-built suspension that you can customize? The 500 Series are built to order here in the U.S. and provide varying areas such as spring rates in which you can upgrade.

FRS BRZ parts guide D2 racing RS series coilovers 07 Photo 8/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers 07

D2 Racing
RS Series coilovers
MSRP: $1525.00
Do want something simple and to the point for your street car? Do you want to be able to adjust your coilovers 36 ways? These do that. Check 'em out.

FRS BRZ parts guide RSR black i series coilovers 08 Photo 9/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide RSR Black I Series Coilovers 08

Black-i Series coilovers
MSRP: $1899.00
Have you ever wondered if there are coilovers created specifically for those who love to slam their car? If so, RS*R has you covered. These coils were designed to not just go lower than most other coilovers, but the valving as well as spring rate and preload were specifically engineered to do so, thereby providing the best ride possible at extreme drops. Pretty cool.

FRS BRZ parts guide KW suspension variant 3 coilover 09 Photo 10/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide KW Suspension Variant 3 Coilover 09

KW Suspension
Variant 3 coilover
MSRP: $2299.99
Are you serious about the handling of your vehicle and are not going to let a little thing like cost get in your way? Then these coilovers may very well be all that you are looking for. This setup brings race technology to the road offering a patented system with two-stage valving-14 levels of compression damping and infinitely adjustable rebound damping. That's right, infinite.

FRS BRZ parts guide D2 racing air suspension 10 Photo 11/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide D2 Racing Air Suspension 10

D2 Racing
Air Suspension
MSRP: $3700.00
Do you want to be able to slam your car to the ground and raise it back up without having to actually do any work? D2 Air Suspension Systems offers an application specifically for the FR-S/BRZ, which has everything you need to just bolt it right on to your car and achieve the stance you've always dreamed of.

FRS BRZ parts guide fortune auto dreadnought pro 3 way coilovers 11 Photo 12/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro 3 Way Coilovers 11

Fortune Auto
Dreadnought Pro 3-Way coilovers
MSRP: $6999.00
Do you not care about what things cost? Do you want rebound adjustable and high- and low-speed compression adjustable high-performance coilovers with external reservoirs? Do you want coilovers custom-built to your specifications? If you do, then check these bad boys out.

FRS BRZ parts guide disc brakes australia 4000 series T3 slotted rotors 12 Photo 13/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Disc Brakes Australia 4000 Series T3 Slotted Rotors 12

Disc Brakes Australia
4000 Series T3 slotted rotors
MSRP: Website
The patented "Kangaroo Paw" ventilation system keeps these rotors cool as their tri-symmetrical slot design provides quiet and smooth brake pedal feel. Fancy.

FRS BRZ parts guide function and form autolife type two coilovers 13 Photo 14/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Function And Form Autolife Type Two Coilovers 13

Function and Form Autolife Inc.
Type Two and Type Two.5 Coilovers
MSRP: Website
This kit will lower the FRS/BRZ 1-2.5" in the front and rear without emptying your wallet. For a custom spring rate check out the Type Two.5 that use Eibach ERS springs for more customizing options.

Engine & Drivetrain

FRS BRZ parts guide berk technology high flow cat 14 Photo 15/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Berk Technology High Flow Cat 14

Berk Technology
High Flow Cat
MSRP: $249.00
This item is 2.5" of stainless steel and a high flow 200 cell cat that is a direct bolt-on replacement to the restrictive stock cat.

FRS BRZ parts guide perrin performance cold air intake 15 Photo 16/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Perrin Performance Cold Air Intake 15

Perrin Performance
Cold Air Intake
MSRP: $338.00
Perrin came out with this unique design, getting fresh, cool air by placing the air filter behind the front bumper away from the heat under the hood caused by the header and radiator.

FRS BRZ parts guide tomei titanium cat straight pipe 16 Photo 17/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Tomei Titanium Cat Straight Pipe 16

Titanium Cat Straight Pipe
MSRP: $390.00
Extract power from the FA20 motor in its NA form with this full titanium straight pipe. You'll notice significant power gains and a massive weight reduction over the OEM counterpart.

FRS BRZ parts guide aluminum performance radiator 17 Photo 18/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Aluminum Performance Radiator 17

Aluminum performance radiator
MSRP: $396.00
Koyo offers this all-aluminum radiator as a direct OEM replacement. It bolts right up to your stock fan shroud, making installation a breeze.

FRS BRZ parts guide HKS premium suction kit 18 Photo 19/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide HKS Premium Suction Kit 18

Premium Suction Kit
MSRP: $400.00
A smooth aluminum intake pipe designed to improve airflow mated to your stock airbox with a high-flow replacement foam filter makes this intake as simple and straightforward as you can get.

FRS BRZ parts guide spec clutches and flywheels stage 2 clutch 19 Photo 20/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Spec Clutches And Flywheels Stage 2 Clutch 19

SPEC Clutches & Flywheels
Stage 2 clutch
MSRP: $579.00
This clutch was designed to provide street duty as well as some track and race usage. A full-face kevlar disc offers smooth drivability while providing long life and high torque capacity.

FRS BRZ parts guide tomei stainless exhaust manifold 20 Photo 21/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Tomei Stainless Exhaust Manifold 20

Equal and Unequal Length Stainless Exhaust Manifold
MSRP: $740.00
This manifold works with the OEM exhaust or optimize its performance with the Tomei Expreme Ti system. Bring out the rumble with the unequal length version.

FRS BRZ parts guide clutch masters industries 21 Photo 22/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Clutch Masters Industries 21

Clutch Masters Industries, Inc.
FX100 clutch kit
MSRP: $995.00
FX100 offers stock-like clutch feel during engagement with a slight increase in pedal pressure, yet providing a longer life than your stock clutch-all while handling up to 225 lb/ft of torque.

FRS BRZ parts guide tomei type 50s expreme ti muffler 22 Photo 23/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Tomei Type 50S Expreme Ti Muffler 22

Type-60S Expreme Ti Muffler
MSRP: $1,090.00
A single pipe exhaust designed for max weight reduction. The engineers at Tomei made the Type-60S have a street-friendly sound without sacrificing performance. If noise is not an option check out the Type-60R, or if your car is running forced induction look into the Type-80.

FRS BRZ parts guide HKS hi power spec l exhaust 23 Photo 24/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide HKS Hi Power Spec L Exhaust 23

Hi-Power Spec L Exhaust
MSRP: $1500.00
This entire equal length exhaust is just half the weight of the stock system. The lightest exhaust option from HKS, the whole things weighs just 23 pounds. Not only does it save weight, the carbon-wrapped cannonball tips make this one functional and beautiful mod.

FRS BRZ parts guide cusco big bore throttle body 24 Photo 25/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Cusco Big Bore Throttle Body 24

Big bore throttle body
MSRP: $1707.00
Comprised of lightweight billet aluminum, this throttle body is 2mm larger than the stock one, increasing throttle response and engine output.

FRS BRZ parts guide HKS GT supercharger 25 Photo 26/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide HKS GT Supercharger 25

GT Supercharger
MSRP: $4750.00
This setup is dyno-proven to make 50 hp and 50 lb-ft. of torque, greatly increasing the power-to-weight ratio of the already nimble vehicle-all done reliably on the stock motor. It's hard to beat that.

FRS BRZ parts guide jackson racing supercharger system 26 Photo 27/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Jackson Racing Supercharger System 26

Jackson Racing
Supercharger System
MSRP: $4995.00
This complete kit includes a Rotrex C30-94 supercharger, an intercooler system with proper bolt-on fitment, ECU calibration, and everything else you need to make a 50 percent increase in horsepower and 45 percent increase in torque over stock. And all while being CARB legal.

FRS BRZ parts guide greddy kit 27 Photo 28/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Greddy Kit 27

MSRP: $5200.00
This kit nets almost 100 whp at 7 psi on a stock motor, injectors, and fuel pump. Additionally, the midrange torque is significantly improved, enhancing the overall performance and power-to-weight ratio while maintaining the balanced driver feel.

FRS BRZ parts guide vortech supercharger kit 28 Photo 29/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Vortech Supercharger Kit 28

Vortech Superchargers
Complete System with V-3 H67B Supercharger
MSRP: $6010.99
This system comes complete with everything needed, including a calibration upgrade and all of the necessary fuel components to boost 9 psi and make 294 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. And that's 50-state legal, too.

Exterior & Interior

Pa FRS BRZ parts guide stillen front lip spoiler 29 Photo 30/34   |   Pa FRS BRZ Parts Guide Stillen Front Lip Spoiler 29

Front Lip Spoiler
MSRP: $392.44
This clean front lip is subtle yet aggressive and fits right to your OEM front bumper. Made of durable urethane, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty against cracks and breaks. And it comes ready for final prep and paint. Very cool.

FRS BRZ parts guide agency power carbon fiber brake ducts with DRL 30 Photo 31/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Agency Power Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts With DRL 30

Agency Power
Carbon-fiber brake ducts with DRL
MSRP: $400.00
These carbon brake ducts have dual LED lights for daytime running lights, making them stylish and functional. Combine these with some brake ducting and you've got the best of both worlds.

FRS BRZ parts guide maxzone auto parts corp depo brand LED tail lights 31 Photo 32/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Maxzone Auto Parts Corp Depo Brand LED Tail Lights 31

Maxzone Auto Parts Corp
Depo Brand LED tail lights
MSRP: $480.00
Do you not like your stock taillights? If for some reason the OEM tails don't do it for you, then here is a great option. These rear lamps come in all red with LED lighting, so they look great while brightly illuminating those behind you when they tailgate.

FRS BRZ parts guide winjet bright auto lighting projector headlight 32 Photo 33/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide Winjet Bright Auto Lighting Projector Headlight 32

Winjet Bright Auto Lighting Co., LTD
Projector headlights
MSRP: $585.00
Do you want the JDM headlights but don't want to spend that kind of money or have to modify your OEM wiring? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then these headlights may very well be what you are looking for. These H7 bi xenon projector-equipped HID headlights are designed after the Japanese Toyota 86 headlights, but were created to be completely plug-n-play to the U.S. Scion FR-S while still providing DRL and high/low beams.

FRS BRZ parts guide OEM audio plus 33 Photo 34/34   |   FRS BRZ Parts Guide OEM Audio Plus 33

OEM Audio Plus
MSRP: $1199.00
This setup complements the OEM audio setup by amplifying the stock speakers and amplifying a subwoofer in a clean enclosure that doesn't take up very much space in your trunk. And don't worry about wiring; it comes with a "plug & play" harness for easy installation.



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