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November 2014 Gear

The Latest Great Stuff For Your Driving Life

Sep 19, 2014
November 2014 gear yokohama advan sport tires 01 Photo 2/15   |   November 2014 Gear Yokohama Advan Sport Tires 01

Yokohama Advan Sport A/S tires
It seems strange to talk about high- performance rubber having wavy sipes for wet weather grip and z-shaped grooves for traction in the snow, but these new Advan Sport A/S boots from Yokohama manage to incorporate virtually everything required from a tire. Durability and low noise go hand in hand with advanced polymers, extra-large outside shoulder blocks (for crisper cornering), and beefed-up lateral stiffness. It comes in a comprehensive range of sizes, so there should be a version for most European marques. From $124 per tire

November 2014 gear porsche classic motor oil 02 Photo 3/15   |   November 2014 Gear Porsche Classic Motor Oil 02

Porsche Classic Motor Oil
The clue's in the name, but Porsche has formulated an oil especially for its earlier engines. Well, two oils, to be precise. For the 356, 914, and 911 models up to the 2.7-liter G-Model, there's a 20W-50; 3.0-liter flat-sixes up to and including the 993 version (the last air-cooled 911) enjoy a 10W-60 lube. Modern oils are super-good at cleaning, but Porsche recognizes the hazards of an older engine suddenly losing all those deposits accumulated over the years. And as tempting as it might be, a lot of classic Porsches aren't driven every day, so the oil also has to meet those particular demands. Therefore, the company's philosophy has been: "as advanced as possible, as traditional as necessary." This oil might well work in older examples of other marques, so check with your tech. From $11.83 for a liter of 20W-50

November 2014 gear xpel protection film 03 Photo 4/15   |   November 2014 Gear Xpel Protection Film 03

Xpel Ultimate Self-Healing Protection Film
As well as the predictable stuff like stone chips, bug goo, and bird poo, one of the things Xpel says its Ultimate self-healing film protects against is magnesium chloride-which seems a little discriminatory toward something that could be quite useful. But that salty concoction used to de-ice roads contains magnesium chloride and therefore brings the threat of rust. So this could be of particular interest to owners of older Italian cars as well as drivers living in areas that get snowy. The film is made of urethane, it's more or less invisible, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. And again, it's self-healing. Prices start at $700 for a 24-inch hood section and incorporate side mirrors, fenders, and front bumper

November 2014 gear HR sport springs 04 Photo 5/15   |   November 2014 Gear HR Sport Springs 04

H&R Sport Springs
The F22 BMW M235i is new, here, fast, and wonderful. Some owners might be wondering why they should change their springs for these H&R sporty specials. Because the company works with BMW Motorsport and is involved in the BMW M235i Racing Cup, that's why. Cold-wound, time-tempered, and shot-peened in Germany, these springs are lighter than stock, lower ride height by an inch, and (says H&R) improve handling without sacrificing comfort. $389 (PN 28891-2)

November 2014 gear lemur monitors blue driver 05 Photo 6/15   |   November 2014 Gear Lemur Monitors Blue Driver 05

Lemur Monitors BlueDriver
Not a golf club made from cobalt, the BlueDriver is actually an onboard diagnostics tool that links to a smartphone via Bluetooth and allows the user to read, decipher, and clear diagnostic codes. It gives possible causes, recommends repairs, and can tell when a vehicle is ready for smog testing. It also captures live data that can then be sent to a computer using Dropbox. Works in vehicles made in 1996 or after, and the app runs on iOS 7 or Android 4.0. $99.95 (the app is free)

November 2014 gear akrapovic evolution exhaust system 06 Photo 7/15   |   November 2014 Gear Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System 06

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System
Slovenian aftermarket artiste Akrapovic has a new set of mainly titanium pipes for the Audi S6 and S7 Sportback to give those V8 engines a touch more power and torque (the company claims 4.5 hp and 5.7 lb-ft), sharper throttle response, lighter weight, and more of a bellow. Valves are actuated electronically to suit the vehicle's driving program and the driver's inputs, but there's no need to reprogram the ECU. A quartet of carbon-fiber tips finishes the whole thing off $8,084.95

November 2014 gear misihimoto performance aluminum radiator 07 Photo 8/15   |   November 2014 Gear Misihimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator 07

Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator
This is a direct fit for the 2006 to 2013 BMW 335i and the 2007 to 2012 BMW 135i that offers 35 percent more cooling capacity and a 25 percent increase in core thickness. It's all aluminum with TIG-welded end tanks and CNC-machined connections. It also comes with a magnetic oil drain plug with a high-quality Dowty (bonded) seal. The plug removes metal fragments circulating around the system. Comes with a lifetime warranty. $825

November 2014 gear arnott air spring 08 Photo 9/15   |   November 2014 Gear Arnott Air Spring 08

Arnott Air Spring
To the five guys in the United States who have an E61 BMW 5 Series wagon, first: we salute you. Second, you might be interested in this air spring for versions with the self-leveling rear suspension. It has a bladder sourced from Continental ContiTech, heavy-duty crimping rings, and quick-connect air line fitting (4 mm). Works for either side, and Arnott recommends replacing in pairs. $184 (PN A-2755)

November 2014 gear 034 motorsport spider hose kit 09 Photo 10/15   |   November 2014 Gear 034 Motorsport Spider Hose Kit 09

034 Motorsport Spider Hose Kit
Apparently, the "spider" breather hose in the Audi 2.7T engine (APB code) has some issues. But if anyone owns (or is thinking of buying) a C5-type A6 2.7 or Allroad, or a B5 version of the S4, then help is at hand. A replacement setup from 034 Motorsport is fashioned from high-quality silicone. Its modular design can accommodate an oil catch can installation, and the kit includes hose clamps as well as a billet PCV check valve. $225

November 2014 gear niche enyo alloy wheel 10 Photo 11/15   |   November 2014 Gear Niche Enyo Alloy Wheel 10

Niche Enyo alloy wheel
There are niche products and Niche products. This Enyo wheel from Niche's Sport Series is of cast monoblock construction with a reversed lip and comes as a 20-inch with widths of 9, 10, or 10.5 inches. The face is concave, but Niche says there's plenty of room within the rim's circumference for upgrading to larger brake calipers. Finish is black/dark tint. $258

November 2014 gear AWEtuning performance exhaust 11 Photo 12/15   |   November 2014 Gear Awetuning Performance Exhaust 11

AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust
Not many companies offer a guarantee that customers will like the sound of their exhaust systems, but AWE does with its new T304 stainless steel setup for the 991 Porsche 911 Carrera. Not only that, but it saves 12 pounds and is claimed to add up to 29 hp and 33 lb-ft of torque. It's a direct replacement, and AWE also guarantees no pesky "check engine" lights. There's the choice of chrome or black tips, or the owner can retain the factory tips. From $1,385

November 2014 gear vredestein ultrac vorti tires 12 Photo 13/15   |   November 2014 Gear Vredestein Ultrac Vorti Tires 12

Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tires
There aren't many tires designed in conjunction with Giugiaro, but chances are they're made by Vredestein-like this Ultrac Vorti ultra-high performance tire, with its asymmetric tread design. The company claims high levels of grip along with handling, comfort, and braking performance in dry and wet conditions, yet noise levels are kept low. Owners of BMW X5/X6 and Porsche Cayenne sport utes might be pleased to learn that the range of sizes stretches from 17 to 22 inches. And Vredestein also informs us that staggered fitments are available with extra grip on the rear tires, especially for European cars. From $125 per tire

November 2014 gear oxygen plus 13 Photo 14/15   |   November 2014 Gear Oxygen Plus 13

Oxygen Plus
At last, a chance to find out if love is like oxygen, or if oxygen is like love. A refreshing burst of 95-percent-pure oh-two comes from this aerosol can. Perfect for those times when energy levels are low, traffic levels are high, and you don't want to look like that psychotic Dennis Hopper character in Blue Velvet. From $23.97 for a mini three-pack

November 2014 gear DeatschWerks DV2 fuel injectors 14 Photo 15/15   |   November 2014 Gear Deatschwerks DV2 Fuel Injectors 14

DeatschWerks DV2 fuel injectors
These should, um, inject new life into an engine. They're high-flow squirters that can fit the VW/Audi 1.8T, Porsche 911 Turbo (996 model), and the Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG, E55 AMG and SLK 32 AMG. The company says they're compatible with every kind of go juice, from high-octane race fuel to E85. Using Bosch EV14 technology, they deliver 1,200 cc per minute at pressures of 45 psi and offer "comprehensive injector characterization data" for easier tuning. $639 (four injectors); $929 (six); $1,199 (eight)



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