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December 2014 Gear

The Latest Great Stuff For Your Driving Life

Dec 9, 2014
December 2014 gear milltek performance exhaust system Photo 2/13   |   December 2014 Gear

Milltek Performance exhaust system
The Audi S7 Sportback makes a nifty 420 hp from its 4.0 TSFI twin-turbo V8 engine, which might be enough for a lot of people. But in case 500 hp is considered more desirable, then check out Milltek's new stainless steel exhaust system. The company's own S7 runs the every-bell-and-whistle version with HJS 200-cell sport cat, primary catalyst bypass pipe and the optional ValveSonic rear silencer tech (for a choice of quiet or blaring operation), plus a software upgrade to claim a figure of 80 horses over stock. Pipe diameter is 2.76 inches, and the quad tips come in Polished, Black Velvet or Titanium. From $2,599.

December 2014 gear KW DDC plug and play coilovers Photo 3/13   |   December 2014 Gear

KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers
KW claims the BMW 2 Series feels "more direct and agile" than stock when installing these adaptive coilovers and selecting Sport mode. They also allow ride height to be lowered between 1 and 2 inches. The setup is fully compatible with BMW's wiring and switching, so it's just a question of swapping over and plugging into the existing connectors. Time taken to go from one mode to another is 5 milliseconds. And it also works for the M235i. $3,999.99.

December 2014 gear AWE tuning track edition exhaust system Photo 4/13   |   December 2014 Gear

AWE Tuning Track Edition exhaust system
We've featured a few Track Edition exhausts from AWE Tuning. With good reason. They're handcrafted and TIG-welded in-house from T304 stainless steel with 2.5-inch piping. There's also a menu of options such as resonated or non- resonated downpipes, and chrome or diamond black tips. Here's the latest one, made for the B8/8.5 Audi S4 (2010-on). AWE claims a hike in engine output of 8 horses and 9 lb-ft measured at the crank. Earplugs not supplied. From $1,379.

December 2014 gear automotive touchup ready to spray paints Photo 5/13   |   December 2014 Gear

Automotive Touchup ready-to-spray paints
Automotive Touchup says its products are "custom-formulated from the most comprehensive library of OEM colors" and include urethane and acrylic lacquer primers, urethane base coats, acrylic urethane and acrylic lacquer clearcoats. They are shipped directly to customers to keep costs down. The company also offers spray guns, respirators, paint preparation and repair materials. From $5.75 for a touch-up pen.

December 2014 gear s disc Photo 6/13   |   December 2014 Gear

File under "why has no one thought of this before?" This clever and simple stainless steel disc goes on top of an adjustable aftermarket coilover and lets the user know by how much of a turn the shock absorber has been tweaked. It means being able to drive to the track in comfort, adjusting the suspension for super-stiff apex attacks, then driving back home again in the same comfort. It's held in place by a hex nut. Originally designed for Koni shocks, it will work with other 14mm (0.55-inch) fixtures, and now there's an adapter that will take it down to 12 mm (0.47 inch) to embrace a wider array of shock absorbers. $34.99 (plus $4.99 shipping within the United States).

December 2014 gear bavarian autosport brake kits Photo 7/13   |   December 2014 Gear Bavarian Autosport Brake Kits

Bavarian Autosport brake kits
With a name like Bavarian Autosport, you probably think this company does a ton of stuff for BMW cars. And you'd be right. Take this replacement brake kit, for example, also available for Mini models (which come under the BMW umbrella, conveniently). The whole caboodle includes rotors, sensor wires, hold-down bolts and Pagid Red or Cool Carbon brake pads made with an anti-squeal compound. And buying the kit saves money over getting the individual items separately. From $115.95 to $1,199.95.

December 2014 gear integrated engineering FDS performance intercooler Photo 8/13   |   December 2014 Gear Integrated Engineering FDS Performance Intercooler

Integrated Engineering MK5/MK6 FDS Performance Intercooler
In this instance, FDS stands for flow distribution system. Any kind of cooler should be able to distribute flow, but this one does so with a core that's 54 percent larger than the OEM equivalent. If that sounds like extra weight, fear not. IE says its attention to detail, such as high-quality cast end tanks, results in this intercooler being lighter than many imported examples. Comes with five-ply silicone hoses and a billet adapter, plus all the required hardware and clamps. Fits many Audi and VW cars with the EA888 engine (like the A3, TT, GTI, GLI) and a few with the EA113 engine. $999.99.

December 2014 gear AEM water methanol injection kit Photo 9/13   |   December 2014 Gear AEM Water Methanol Injection Kit

AEM water/methanol injection kit
The fine folks at 034 Motorsport now bring us a water/methanol injection (WMI) kit for the 2.7T V6 engine that thrums away in the bays of the B5 Audi S4 and C5 Audi A6. It includes an AEM 200-psi pump, injector nozzles, hardware, controller with internal MAP sensor, plug-in wiring harness, connectors and full instructions. The company claims a more linear fluid delivery through a revised flow control setup. An AEM WMI Injection Monitor & Failsafe kit is sold separately. $495.

December 2014 gear akrapovic evolution line exhaust system Photo 10/13   |   December 2014 Gear Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust System

Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust system
It's about time someone showed the Porsche Panamera some love. This newest addition to Akrapovic's Evolution Line of titanium exhaust systems has been developed for the 2014 Panamera Turbo and Turbo S. No in-cabin drone, just an on-demand stentorian soundtrack to complement the rest of this super sedan. Our Slovenian friends also claim a blip on the output graph of 8.7 hp and 17.3 lb-ft along with a weight savings of 29.7 pounds. $7,299.95.

December 2014 gear forge motorsport high capacity dump valve Photo 11/13   |   December 2014 Gear Forge Motorsport High Capacity Dump Valve

Forge Motorsport high-capacity dump valve
When higher power levels are in play, the stock F20 BMW 135i dump valve is something of a wimp, unable to move the required amount of air. Forge Motorsport's "vent to atmosphere" twin-piston dump valve solves that problem while still being fully compatible with factory engine management. This direct-replacement kit comes with all the necessary ancillaries such as solenoid, brackets, clamps and vacuum pipe. $335.

December 2014 gear deatschwerks DW350il fuel pump Photo 12/13   |   December 2014 Gear

DeatschWerks DW350iL fuel pump
Engineered to be compatible with Bosch 044 surge tanks, the DW350iL delivers 350 liters of fuel per hour at 40 psi and can support 700 hp, which makes it DeatschWerks' highest-flowing fuel pump to date and the company's first externally mounted in-line unit. The anodized aluminum body features -8 AN ORB female fittings on the inlet and outlet to accommodate larger fuel lines. $209.

December 2014 gear arnott rear air struts Photo 13/13   |   December 2014 Gear Arnott Rear Air Struts

Arnott rear air struts
It wouldn't be right to describe Arnott's engineers as airheads, but they really do have a way with cushioned suspensions. For example, these new rear air struts for the E65 and E66 (2001 to 2008) BMW 7 Series. Like some of the company's other products, they use Continental ContiTech air spring bladders. This time they're accompanied by bespoke Arnott shock absorbers made from aircraft-quality aluminum. No Electronic Damping Control (EDC)? No problem. Arnott has a version for those cars as well. $690 each without EDC, or $890 each with EDC.



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