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Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

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Nov 1, 2008

Product Spotlight
Einszett premium car care

Epcp_0811_01_z+Einszett+car_care_products Photo 1/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

*Einszett has been manufacturing car care products in Germany since 1936, with an emphasis on quality, customer service, and environmental awareness. The company's focus on using the best ingredients with the least environmental impact has earned it the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications as well as TV certification.

When thinking about what car to test the car care products on, I read that the company is the leading supplier to Mercedes-Benz of Germany. Using a new car was not an option since it's not hard to put a mirror-like finish on a new car, so I chose a heavily weathered '81 Mercedes 300SD that had been rotting at the end of my driveway, unmoved for about eight years.

I started the process with Perls Shampoo, a pH-balanced, phosphate-free, biodegradable car wash. Considering Mother Nature was the only one washing the vehicle for the past eight years, the Perls did a good job in removing the spiderwebs and dirt.

Because of the years of neglect, the Benz was going to require three different products to bring back its finish. The first step to rejuvenation was to remove the heavy oxidation. I started with Extra paint cleaner, designed to remove the haze and reduce the appearance of severe swirl marks and scratches. Some of the panels were so heavily oxidized that they were pure white and the Extra cut through the oxidation like butter allowing me to determine that the car was in fact yellow. After seeing how well Extra worked on the Benz, I grabbed a microfiber towel and used it to easily remove some industrial fallout on the rear valance of my A3.

The next step in the process was to use Paint Polish to eliminate any remaining fine scratches, swirl marks, and polish the surface to its original gloss. The difference between Extra and Paint Polish is that Extra is used for deep surface cleaning and Paint Polish is a light cleaner and surface polish. Paint Polish is less abrasive and so it's good for vehicles where the paint is still in good condition and needs a gentle cleaning and a few swirls marks removed.

The final step would be the application of the Glanz Wax-a straight wax that contains no cleaners or polishing abrasives. Glanz Wax is a combination of a synthetic wax for long lasting protection from the elements and carnauba for a deep shine. Since there was no powdery residue, at the end of all three steps, I was surprised at how few towels I used.

For newer vehicles where the paint is in good condition Einszett offers Polish wax, which is a one-step mild polish that removes road grime, sap, and light surface oxidation. Polish Wax uses premium carnauba and polymers to give a deep glossy finish while protecting paint from environmental pollutants. You can increase the longevity of the finish by following the Polish Wax with an application Glanz Wax.

For overall finish maintenance and quick touch-ups you can use the Spray Wax, a detailing spray that is a water-based polymer spray that adds a high gloss while protecting the paint's finish. -Anthony Gelinas

What You Need?
Extra, Paint Polish, Glanz Wax, Polish Wax
Price: $20 for 500ml
Spray Wax
Price: $12
Perls Shampoo
Price: $10

Einszett North America

Epcp_0811_02_z+BBS_CX_R+wheel Photo 2/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

Wheel of the Month
According to BBS, the CX-R is the latest evolution of the company's classic cross-spoke design, combining authentic BBS styling cues with the latest motorsport technology. It is designed to meet the rigorous demands of production sports cars that may also occasionally enjoy track time. Modeled on the race-proven milled spoke design, the CX-R features an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio thanks to the flow forming of the rim area and back milling in the spokes. It also offers strong aesthetic value thanks to a diamond-cut face finished with a contrasting gloss-black coating. It is available in 8.5x19 and 9.5x19 formats for select BMW and Audi applications. From $600


Epcp_0811_03_z+Hockis_Sport_Suspension+shocks Photo 3/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

Lower your chassis and reduce body roll during spirited driving sessions with Hotchkis sport springs for the MkV Golf or Jetta. The set has been designed for factory-like balance front to rear, and each coil spring was been precision CNC-wound in Germany from high-tensile steel. They are preloaded to maintain positive spring location throughout suspension travel for optimal ride comfort and traction. Additionally, they are designed to work with either OEM or aftermarket shocks and provide a 1.5- and 1.7-inch drop front and rear, respectively, for a more aggressive fighting stance. $253.95

Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Epcp_0811_04_z+AEM_intake_system+full_view Photo 4/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

According to the company, AEM's cold-air intake system for the Audi A3 makes 14.4 hp and 13.3 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. The intake is a true cold-air intake that routes the filter outside the engine compartment. Intake fitment will not interfere with the brake booster line and it's not necessary to remove the front bumper to install it. It's available with AEM's new two-stage gunmetal powdercoat for lasting looks and durability. Check out the dyno results and a description of testing procedures on the company's Web site. $453.60


Epcp_0811_05_z+Porsche_Cayman+rear_view Photo 5/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

Borla's performance exhaust for the Porsche Cayman was developed to support the company's race teams, demanding a quality system that delivers extreme endurance at a high level of use. Two systems are available: Race, with 4-inch polished tips, and Enduro, with 3.5-inch polished tips, both with embossed Borla logos. Each has been engineered for a bolt-on fitment and signature Borla sound quality. Each system is not street legal and intended for track use only, and each comes with the company's famous written million-mile warranty. $1,699.99

Borla Performance Industries

Epcp_0811_06_z+Prosport_gauge+front Photo 6/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

Prosport Gauges has released a new line of instrumentation, the Premium Series, with peak recall and programmable warning functions. These are ideal for performance driving, allowing the driver to focus on the task at hand and giving both audible and visual warnings if the preset limits are breached. Available in both 52mm and 60mm formats, these gauges also feature amber/white or green/white lighting, 270-degree sweep stepper motor for exceptional precision, and smoked lenses that blackout completely when turned off. From $69.99

Prosport Gauges

Epcp_0811_07_z+BrakePros+rear_brake Photo 7/7   |   Einszett Premium Car Care, Borla Performance Exhaust and more - Gear

Owners of BMW's latest 3 Series can now upgrade their stopping power with front and rear brake systems from Brake Pros. These assemblies feature AP Racing six-piston aluminum calipers with 14.25-inch drilled and slotted two-piece rotors up front. For the ultimate upgrade, the fronts can be paired with four-piston AP calipers and 13-inch drilled and slotted rotors in the rear. The upgrades come complete with caliper mounting brackets, DOT-compliant stainless steel lines, and high-performance Mintex Xtreme pads, along with the necessary installation hardware. Two colors are available for the calipers: red with black script or black with yellow script.

Contact for pricing.
Brake Pros



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