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Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

Top-Notch Toys For The Most Discriminating Tastes

Oct 1, 2009
Epcp_0910_01_z+porsche_3714+pocket_knife Photo 1/6   |   Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

Pocket Protector
You may be saying to yourself, OK, looks like a standard pocketknife. What can this Porsche P'3714 pocketknife do that my pocketknife can't? The answer: other than the sweet built-in cigar cutter, probably not a whole lot. But it'll look damn fine doing it with its ergonomic design and silky-smooth rare-metal ruthenium casing. Bet yours doesn't have that. $238

Epcp_0910_02_z+vespa_gtv250+full_view Photo 2/6   |   Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

Mod Squad
The undisputed symbol of 1960s British Mod, Vespa has once again outdone itself with this retro shoutout to its earliest models. With its 244cc engine, the peppy GTV 250 (pictured here in appetizing Portofino Green) gets 65-70 mpg, has an impressive top speed of 76 mph, and allows you to leave the gas guzzler in the garage for short trips around town. Even if you're just running down the street for an espresso, why not do it in style? $6,900

Epcp_0910_03_z+tag_heuer_squadra+sunglasses Photo 3/6   |   Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

Tag, You're It
Though originally developed and designed for under-helmet use, it would seem a shame to keep the TAG Heuer Squadra sunglasses hidden from the world-and because they're from TAG, you know they're not just for looks. A super-light and strong-but-flexible titanium inner arm is overmolded by hard elastomere and a soft, hypoallergenic inner rubber lining to cradle your sensitive noggin. And ophthalmic-quality lenses offer uninterrupted vision and protection against wind and dangerous UV A, B, and C rays. $350

Epcp_0910_04_z+hybrid_grill+full_view Photo 4/6   |   Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

All Up In Your Grill
For the grilling enthusiast... scratch that. For the maniacal grilling fanatic, we present the pinnacle of outdoor barbeque arts. This liquid propane hybrid grill can cook with charcoal, wood, and/or gas, has a 12-gauge, formed-angle stainless steel frame, a 36x24-inch grilling area, and 144,000 total BTUs. In automotive terms, that would be, like, a gajillion horsepower. $14,695

Epcp_0910_05_z+gaming_case+front_view Photo 5/6   |   Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

Game On
Calfskin gaming cases are so 2008. Welcome to the future. Milan-based designer Vernice brings the luxury with this ostrich-print gaming case. With two crystal wine glasses (included), space for a bottle of wine (or whatever wets your whistle), leather coasters, drink accessories, and two sets of playing cards, it ain't no Candyland, so put the kids to bed. $1,887

Epcp_0910_06_z+dunhill+cuff_link Photo 6/6   |   Porsche Pocketknife, Mod Vespa and more - Premiere Collection

Cuff 'Em
Just a glance at these sterling silver and briar-wood cufflinks, adorned with the iconic Dunhill logo, and it's easy to imagine them tucked loosely inside the sleeves of your tweed driving coat as you wind your way along a misty seaside British highway with the top down... nowhere in particular to go, and no one to impress but yourself. $275



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