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Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection

Top-Notch Toys For The Most Discriminating Tastes

Dec 1, 2009

Gray matter
Sometimes, especially with fashion accessories, less really is more. Attractive glass lenses, a clean, masculine frame, and appealing lines make Paul Smith's updated aviators an instant classic. The Bolans are perfect for any occasion; driving, golfing, or clearing brush at your Texas ranch.

Epcp_0912_01_o+beer_soap_company+glasses_shot Photo 2/7   |   Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection

Beer, meet soap
Finally, two of life's essentials (beer and soap) have been combined into one brilliant product. The geniuses at the Beer Soap Company have taken hundreds of brews-from Samuel Smith, to Red Stripe, to Stiegl Goldbrau-and used them as the liquid base of their appetizing cleansers. Add ingredients like organic shea butter, a variety of oils, and a mix of clays and fragrances, and you've got a soap that will leave you with a crisp, hoppy aroma. And not to worry-you won't end up smelling like you were on an all-night bender.

Epcp_0912_03_o+beer_soap_company+front_view Photo 3/7   |   Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection

Watch this
Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? If you own the Reverso Squadra World Chronograph by Jaeger-LeCoultre, chances are you not only know the time, but you really care. With its spiffy reversible titanium case-time and date on front, world time on rear-it's like two watches in one. Granted, it won't unlock your Aston Martin like other JLC models, but really, if you wear a watch like this, you can probably afford to pay someone to open it for you.

Epcp_0912_04_o+beer_soap_company+watch_shot Photo 4/7   |   Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection

Mad Max
Ah yes, the age-old art of straight-razor shaving. Thanks to Max Sprecher of, the tradition is alive and well. Choose between hundreds of vintage brands, styles, and materials, including wood, metal, and acrylic, all brought back to life by a master of the craft. Not only does Max (a connoisseur and shaving historian for over 25 years) sell fully restored, honed, and beautified antique razors of all kinds, he'll also (for a nominal fee) fully restore any antique straight razor you send him.

Epcp_0912_08_o+beer_soap_company+razor_shot Photo 5/7   |   Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection

Have a seat
Furniture manufacturer/icon Herman Miller presents the office chair to end all office chairs-and it's not just about looks. The Embody features pixilated support technology (the crazy skeletal matrix on the back) that distributes your weight evenly, and allows your body to move more naturally. It can twist, bend, flex, and turn in all directions, and actually adjusts to the curvature of your spine. Other furniture manufacturers, you might as well just close up shop. The office chair can't possibly get any better than this.

Epcp_0912_11_o+beer_soap_company+chair_shot Photo 6/7   |   Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection

Geographic nerdery
File this under the "why didn't we think of that?" category. Pick anywhere on Earth (your favorite canyon road, a memorable hiking spot, a badass mountain) send it to Fluid Forms, and the topographical contours of your choosing are immortalized in carved wooden blocks. The surface is then sanded, oiled and polished by only the best Austrian craftsmen. Add a pane of glass on top and a brushed stainless-steel frame, and you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of art in your living room.

Epcp_0912_10_o+beer_soap_company+table_shot Photo 7/7   |   Beer Soap Company - Premiere Collection



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