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Vorsteiner, Macht Schnell, Techtonics Tuning, and More - Gear

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May 13, 2010

Wheel of the Month
The Deluxe from Ace Alloy Wheel features five solid, sculpted spokes accentuated with a silver and black machined finish. It is designed to fit most luxury passenger vehicles and a limited range of SUVs from BMW, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rover. Deluxe is available in diameters ranging from 19 to 22 inches; lip options included polished stainless steel, black with a machined stripe, or fully machined.
Ace Alloy Wheel

Epcp_1006_02_o+vorsteiner_macht_schnell_techtonics_tuning+wheel Photo 2/6   |   Ace Alloy Wheel - The Deluxe

Vorsteiner's C63 AMG Aero Package has been meticulously designed and tested to meet the company's quality standards, according to both style and performance. The package is created using a state-of-the-art autoclave system using a resin-impregnated vacuum-formed carbon fiber, which results in up to 30 percent more stiffness compared to an equivalent wet-lay product. The package includes the CLK Black Series inspired front spoiler and a dual-fin rear diffuser. Pictured are optional Vorsteiner V-101 forged monoblock wheels, available in a range of finishes including brushed aluminum, chrome, and textured black or gunmetal.

Epcp_1006_03_o+vorsteiner_macht_schnell_techtonics_tuning+rear Photo 3/6   |   Vorsteiner - C63 AMG Aero Package

Factory-designed downpipes often cause major exhaust flow restrictions due to small pipe diameters, crush bends, and the emissions system pre-cats-resulting in excessive backpressure and heat and ultimately affecting performance at all rpm loads. Macht Schnell's three-inch N54 Catless Track Downpipes are designed to allow instantaneous turbo spooling and ultra-low backpressure for significant power and torque gains. Full mandrel bends and TIG-welded T304 stainless steel construction are standard. Stainless O2 sensor bungs are mounted in factory locations, and additional stainless thermocouple bungs are installed for those monitoring EGTs. Available for the '07 and later BMW 335i (excluding xi variants) and the '08 and later 135i.
Macht Schnell

Epcp_1006_04_o+vorsteiner_macht_schnell_techtonics_tuning+downpipes Photo 4/6   |   Vorsteiner, Macht Schnell, Techtonics Tuning, and More - Gear

Techtonics Tuning has released a new performance exhaust for the 2010 and later MkVI VW GTI turbo four cylinder. It features full T304 stainless steel construction with CNC mandrel bends and terminates in dual-wall four-inch tips. According to the company, it has been designed for an easy installation, and tuned for increased power and a more aggressive performance-oriented exhaust note.
Techtonics Tuning

Epcp_1006_06_o+vorsteiner_macht_schnell_techtonics_tuning+exhaust Photo 5/6   |   Vorsteiner, Macht Schnell, Techtonics Tuning, and More - Gear

Convertible soft top fraying at the edges? Robbins Auto Top Company offers this soft top for the 1999-'01 996 Cabriolet with heated window glass and stitchless French-style deck seams as original. OEM-style tension cables are sewn into the top, and a unique zipper panel around the window that zips to the OEM headliner. Available in black, blue, and gray. Robbins offers replacement convertible tops for many other European drop-top models, from MINI to Rolls-Royce.
Robbins Auto Top Company

Epcp_1006_05_o+vorsteiner_macht_schnell_techtonics_tuning+porsche Photo 6/6   |   Vorsteiner, Macht Schnell, Techtonics Tuning, and More - Gear



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