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Brooks Brothers, InCase, BMW, Mackenzie, Seiko, and Grado Labs - Premiere Collection

Top-Notch Toys For The Most Discriminating Tastes

Jun 21, 2010

Stark Raving Mad

This Brooks Brothers suit, designed in collaboration with the award-winning costume designer from the AMC show Mad Men, is a beautiful example of mid-century style. With its trimmer silhouette and period details, the hand-finished, American-made suit evokes the clean sophistication of the early '60s. Not that you'd want to act like the dirt bags from the show, but looking like them? It doesn't get much better.

A Blank Canvas

Ditch the ostentatious leather laptop bag for something more inconspicuous. InCase's Coated Canvas Shoulder Bag combines modern design with maximum functionality and discreet features-a real minimalist feel. Constructed of heavy-duty cotton canvas, the bag is finished with a weather resistant coating for added durability.


Though it doesn't have the actual horsepower of a true M, the BMW M Bike has power nonetheless. Its combination of state-of-the-art technology and exclusive design make it make not only a spiffy looker, but also a pretty quick whip. Stopping is handled by beefy disc brakes, while a matte anthracite frame with the M logo combine perfectly with the leather saddle, stunning rims and handles, and shiny red seat inlay. The Fi'zi:k saddle is made from the highest quality leather with a red inlay, which ensures extra riding comfort and superior grip.
Price to be announced


After more than 20 years on the circuit, a PGA touring professional, tired of shoddily constructed synthetic golf bags, was inspired to develop the lightweight, all-leather MacKenzie Walker. He wanted a simple, beautiful carry bag, with no unnecessary gimmicks. The resulting bags have a classic look, and are complemented by their durable utility. Made from the best possible leather and components, each MacKenzie Walker is individually handcrafted in Portland, Ore.

The Final Frontier

If any watch justifies a price tag like this, it's a watch that can be used in space. What!? Inherently, battery-operated gear isn't appropriate for a spacewalk, thus quartz movements weren't even considered. So Seiko sprung for a Spring Drive. Accuracy in extreme temperatures was a critical factor, as the watch will be exposed to a range from minus 68 degrees Fahrenheit to plus 158. Instead of a traditional regulator, Spring Drive has a Tri-synchro Regulator that uses and generates mechanical, electrical, and electromagnetic power, and is less affected by such major temperature fluctuations.

Nice Cans

Grado has taken some of the world's most acclaimed headphones a few steps further. The SR325is' driver, cable, and metal housing move air and react to sound vibrations in a way that's now less affected by transient distortions. In other words, a nice clear sound. With the new eight-conductor cable design, the control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum is unparalleled. The SR325is produces a sound that's pure Grado: warm, harmonic color, rich full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end.



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