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APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear

Nov 19, 2010

The factory VW engine mounts are generally not up to the task of hard competition-style driving. If dropping the clutch and powering through shifts describes the way you drive your Volkswagen, Prothane offers a lower engine mount insert kit for Golf V made with vibration-controlled, shock-absorbing, Prothane-formulated inserts. They are engineered to be impervious to oil or grease and the company claims an easy installation process. Additionally, Prothane offers suspension bushing kits, transmission mounts, chassis mounts, bump stops, and driveline couplers.

Epcp_1012_03_o+prothane+engine_mount Photo 2/7   |   APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear


To help give your Bimmer a more aggressive stance and wider footprint, Macht Schnell offers this competition wheel spacer kit. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, these adapters are strong and light to limit unsprung weight for maximum performance. And after the machining process, they are anodized for even greater strength as well as corrosion and wear resistance. The kit includes both the spacers and a set of extended-length zinc-plated wheel fasteners. Available in 3, 5, 10, 12, 15, 18, and 20mm widths according to your requirements.

Epcp_1012_04_o+macht_schnell+wheel_spacer Photo 3/7   |   APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear

Macht Schnell

According to APR, these side rocker extensions for the 2005 and later Lotus Elise/Exige are the logical next step in aerodynamically tuning the cars' handling characteristics. Made of lightweight and durable carbon-fiber composites, these panels are designed to help reduce lift at high speeds by preventing air at the sides from rolling underneath the car itself. This reduced lift helps to stabilize the car during high-speed cornering and helps to increase traction for faster lap times.

Epcp_1012_05_o+apr_performance+side_rocker_extensions Photo 4/7   |   APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear

APR Performance

Got a 930? Turbokraft has a high-performance "Long-Neck" intercooler package for you. The long-neck part of the moniker refers to an intercooler outlet extending and connecting directly to the throttle body. It essentially replaces the OEM air-bypass valve system (also known as the shuttle valve). Features include highly thermally efficient aluminum cores, full TIG welding by Turbokraft's welding specialists, a CNC-machined throttle body connection to ensure leak-free operation, and full flushing and pressure testing for each and every unit. Turbokraft also guarantees a factory-like fitment and offers a range of finishing options including polishing, anodizing, or powdercoating.

Epcp_1012_06_o+turbokraft+intercooler_package Photo 5/7   |   APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear


Vredestein's Wintrac Nextreme is the second winter tire to be developed in collaboration with the legendary design studio of Giorgetto Giugiaro. Therefore, the company claims it features an ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. Its tread is asymmetrical and non-directional, and is designed as an Ultra High Performance winter application available in V, W, and Y speed ratings. Features include Sophisticated Sipe Design for maximizing the contact patch on snowy roads, an Interlocking Tread Bridge for steering precision and stability, a PCA-free tread compound formulated to remain relatively soft at low temperatures, and a specially formed tread shape intended to impart an "advanced" footprint to promote even wear and resist hydroplaning. The Wintrac Nextreme is available in both a standard version and as the Wintrac Nextreme SUV for dedicated SUV applications.

Epcp_1012_07_o+vredestein+wintrac_nextreme Photo 6/7   |   APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear


Wheel of the Month
Forgeline says this is the best wheel the company has ever made. The new GA3R uses what they call I-Beamed spoke technology for reduced weight and improved strength and rigidity within the spokes themselves. This wheel features a large, open center area for quick and easy fastener removal. It is produced using Forgeline's traditional forging method using 6061-T6 alloy and heat-treated rim shells. The GA3R is currently available in 18- and 19-inch sizes, with 17-inch applications available later in the year.

Epcp_1012_02_o+forgeline+ga3r_wheel Photo 7/7   |   APR, Macht Schnell, Turbokraft, Vredestein, Prothane - Gear

Forgeline Motorsports



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