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Podi, Amsoil, Mishimoto, FK Wheels, European Auto Source - Gear

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Jan 20, 2011

This innovative gauge housing from Podi is designed for the Mk V Jetta and Golf and arranged to fit over the OEM steering column to put a pair of auxiliary instruments (boost and oil pressure) within easy view. The boost gauge measures boost/vacuum to 30 psi/-30 inHg and the oil gauge reads pressure up to 160 psi. The included meters are 100 percent electronic stepper motor-based gauges and include multiple LEDs for illumination (16 for the dial, 4 for the needle). The blue backlighting and red needles are colored to match the factory instruments, and each gauge features adjustable brightness, as well as programmable warning thresholds (overboost, low oil pressure). $299

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The Dicelink Media Bridge is a complete multimedia integration solution for BMW. It interfaces your iPod and factory stereo to let you browse music by song, artist, album or playlist, and allows you to control it all through the buttons on the car's multifunction steering wheel. It also supports thumb drives, memory cards with USB card readers and other simple storage devices with a USB connection. The Media Bridge readily connects to any Sirius CONNECT device to allow satellite radio functionality, and it is available with a Bluetooth option for hands-free cell phone operation.

Epcp_1102_04_o+european_autosource+media_bridge Photo 3/6   |   Podi, Amsoil, Mishimoto, FK Wheels, European Auto Source - Gear

European Auto Source

Mishimoto offers high-performance cooling solutions for European applications, like this aluminum radiator designed for the '08 Volkswagen R32. Whether yours is a daily driver or track-day toy, the company claims its radiator is an ideal upgrade, engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functionality and protect from overheating under heavy use. It features a lightweight dual core, 100 percent brazed aluminum, and polished end tanks. It is designed to the OEM dimensions so it's a direct fit; no cutting or modifications are required for installation. It also includes a magnetic drain plug, and every component is backed with a lifetime warranty.

Epcp_1102_07_o+mishimoto+radiator Photo 4/6   |   Podi, Amsoil, Mishimoto, FK Wheels, European Auto Source - Gear


AmsOil's 5W-30 synthetic engine oil formula is designed specifically for European applications. It's engineered to stay in grade throughout the extended drain intervals recommended by European manufacturers, as well as being designed for the unique demands of turbocharged vehicles. It meets strict ACEA and VW HT/HS requirements, and the low sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur formulation promotes optimum emissions system performance and life. AmsOil European Car Formula 5W-30 is recommended for European diesel or gas engines requiring any of the following performance specifications: VW 504.00/507.00; ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4; Mercedes-Benz 229.51; BMW LL-04; and Porsche C30.

Epcp_1102_08_o+amsoil+engine_oil Photo 5/6   |   Podi, Amsoil, Mishimoto, FK Wheels, European Auto Source - Gear


Wheel of the Month
Yep, Falken makes wheels too. The RT7M is made for a wide range of European applications. It features intricate CNC machining all along the spoke edges for maximum weight savings and CNC-engraved logo accents for a signature look. The accents also contrast with the smooth, gloss-black finish for an overall simple, yet aggressive full-face mesh design. The RT7M is available in diameters from 15 to 22 inches and widths up to 10 inches. Visit the website for a full list of sizes.

Epcp_1102_05_o+fk_wheels+rt7m Photo 6/6   |   Podi, Amsoil, Mishimoto, FK Wheels, European Auto Source - Gear

FK Wheels



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