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Macht Schnell Intake, Aasco Motorsports Flywheel, Honeywell Garrett Turbo and more! - Gear

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Feb 24, 2011

Macht Schnell’s Stage 2 intake Charge Kit for the E90-series M3 is designed to complement the already efficient M2 airbox. The kit replaces the stock air filter with a larger, free-flow filter element and the factory accordion-style intake elbow connecting the box to the intake manifold with a large-diameter intake charge pipe. The system includes intake charge scoops to help direct airflow and the whole system is designed to maintain a tight, leak-proof seal with the factory airbox.

Epcp_1103_02_o+dannmar_maxjax_macht_schnell_intake_charge_kit_more+macht_schnell_charge_kit Photo 2/6   |   Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit

Macht Schnell

Aasco Motorsports has released a high-performance flywheel for the ’10 Porsche 911 (997) Turbo. The lightened aluminum flywheel weighs only 13.5 pounds and is made out of the highest quality materials, and manufactured in the USA. The larger Aasco Porsche product line also includes the ’10 direct-injected 997.2, Boxster and Cayman, as well as earlier models.

Epcp_1103_03_o+dannmar_maxjax_macht_schnell_intake_charge_kit_more+aasco_motorsports_flywheel Photo 3/6   |   Aasco Motorsports high-performance flywheel

Aasco Motorsports

Euro-spec Mk VI taillights are now available from ECS Tuning, available in normal red or smoked. Either color, available with or without rear foglamps, will give the rear of your Golf VI a more dramatic look. They also enhance driving safety with fast-reacting LEDs that offer improved lighting visibility and higher light output, lower heat, and a longer service life. Because of the custom wiring modifications and Vag-com coding required to install these lights, professional installation is recommended.

Epcp_1103_05_o+dannmar_maxjax_macht_schnell_intake_charge_kit_more+mk_VI_taillights Photo 4/6   |   ECS Tuning EUro-spec Mk VI taillights

ECS Tuning

Garrett’s GTX turbo line features all-new compressor wheel aerodynamics that deliver a claimed 10-20 percent more flow and pressure ratio than the standard Garrett GT wheel of the same size. These wheels feature an 11-full-blade design that’s machined from forged aluminum alloy. The GTX turbos are outline interchangeable with their GT counterparts for an easy upgrade for users looking for increased power without altering their existing setups. Each turbo features the patented Garrett dual ball bearing cartridge for enhanced durability and reduced transient response. A variety of turbine housings are offered.

Epcp_1103_04_o+dannmar_maxjax_macht_schnell_intake_charge_kit_more+garret_GTX_turbo Photo 5/6   |   Garrett GTX turbo


Wheel of the Month

According to its makers, the Sprocket from Schott Wheels is intended as a combination of classic styling and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Here, the 10-spoke design’s clean lines are accentuated with hand-brushed spokes and polished windows. Each Sprocket is built to the buyer’s final specifications, with other custom finishing options available.

Epcp_1103_06_o+dannmar_maxjax_macht_schnell_intake_charge_kit_more+schott_wheels_sprocket Photo 6/6   |   Sprocket from Schott Wheels

Schott Performance Wheels





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