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Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

Top-Notch Toys for the Most Discriminating Tastes

Feb 16, 2011

No Road Impassable

Epcp_1103_01_o+spyker_watches_db18_drophead_coupe_more+watch Photo 2/7   |   Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

For the tenacious, at least. That’s the translation of the Latin motto etched into the 18k rose gold face of Dutch supercar maker Spyker’s new ultra-posh watches. Tenacity isn’t all you’ll need, though. A hookup at Spyker might help too, because with each style (there are four available) only 100 examples will be made. The timepieces celebrate Spyker’s participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and are full of styling cues from the cars themselves, like the exhaust pipe-inspired pushbuttons, and steel dials inspired by the turned aluminum finish of the dashboard.

Churchill’s Chariot

Epcp_1103_02_o+spyker_watches_db18_drophead_coupe_more+churchhills_chariot Photo 3/7   |   Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

Forget that it’s one of only eight made, and that it’s the last known survivor. Ignore the fact that its instrument panel is chock full of priceless Jaeger-LeCoultre instruments. The real selling point here is its original owner: Sir Winston Churchill. Winnie’s Whip, a 1939 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe, the car he rode around in before and after the Great War, is expected to fetch a cool half mil, though some estimates put it higher, considering its rarity and unique history. Happy bidding.


Epcp_1103_03_o+spyker_watches_db18_drophead_coupe_more+renard_grand_tourer Photo 4/7   |   Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

What puts a bike’s price tag just south of $100K, you ask? For starters, the carbon and Kevlar monocoque chassis of Renard’s new Grand Tourer weighs in at a lean 24 pounds. Then there’s the Moto Guzzi 1,200cc Quattrovalvole V-twin engine, belting out 130 horses at 8000 rpm, and the fact that all other metal pieces on the bike are CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. If the thought of the 143-mph top speed doesn’t terrify you, maybe Renard’s tagline will. They call it a surgeon’s blade on two wheels. On second thought, maybe you should sit this one out.

de’Silva’s Leica

Epcp_1103_04_o+spyker_watches_db18_drophead_coupe_more+leica_M9_titanium Photo 5/7   |   Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

Walter de’Silva, the man who brought us some of the most iconic Audi, VW, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Bentley designs, apparently felt his portfolio needed something a little more impressive. And the result is this, the be-all, end-all rangefinder: the Leica M9 Titanium. Suffice it to say that technical specs are top-notch, but what you’re paying for here is pure photographic sex, and the exclusivity that comes with it; only 500 will be made, and you know they’re all gonna sell.

Occam’s Razor

Epcp_1103_05_o+spyker_watches_DB18_drophead_coupe_more+baxter_blade Photo 6/7   |   Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

That theory that says the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one is fittingly accurate here. Baxter of California has foregone the gimmicky let’s add another blade trend in razors and opted instead for simplicity. Baxter tapped blade makers Hart Steel to produce a limited-edition run of these black beauties. With a 14k gold 45 inlay on the spine of the blackened steel blade, a nod to 45 years in business, and a bespoke Makr leather sleeve, you’ll be on the cutting edge of style.

Weapons-Grade Decor

Epcp_1103_06_o+spyker_watches_DB18_drophead_coupe_more+mati_karmin_furniture Photo 7/7   |   Spyker Watches, DB18 Drophead Coupe, and More! - Premiere Collection

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin’s work is the bomb. Literally. The guy is taking decommissioned Russian AGSB-type naval mines found off the coast of his homeland and turning them into ultra high-end furniture. Talk about one man’s trash being another’s treasure. You could theoretically deck out your entire house with the stuffhe’s making mines into desks, chairs, toilets, beds, fireplaces, and chandeliers.
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