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AFE Cold Air Intake, GAZ Gold Coilover Suspension, and More! - Gear

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Mar 23, 2011

AFE has released a Stage 1 cold-air intake system for the ’97-99 BMW Z3 six cylinder. The system features a dyno-tuned filter housing for maximum airflow. Part number 54-11951 includes the patented Pro-5R filter, which uses five layers of progressive cotton media for excellent filtration and maximum flow. Part number 51-11951 includes AFE’s new Pro Dry S filter, which uses a progressive synthetic media that requires no oiling for maximum convenience. Either system replaces the factory airbox and includes a billet aluminum three-angle adapter to increase flow for improved horsepower and torque output and sharper throttle response. $345
Advanced Flow Engineering

Epcp_1104_01_o+AFE_cold_air_intake_gaz_gold_coilover_suspension_more+AFE_cold_air_intake Photo 2/6   |   AFE Cold Air Intake, GAZ Gold Coilover Suspension, and More! - Gear

Suspension specialist GAZ has released its GAZ Gold coilover suspension units for the 986 Porsche Boxster and Boxster S. These are suited to street or competition vehicles, particularly those that have been subjected to extensive power upgrades. The Gold coilovers are produced with a gas cell in the outer reservoir to help prevent cavitation. They are then filled with a multi-grade, high viscosity index fluid to help resist fade under extreme conditions. Each is bump and rebound adjustable by means of an easily accessible adjuster knob. Ride height is adjustable by 60mm, and each unit is plated and fitted with anodized adjusters for long life, tested before leaving the factory and covered by a two-year warranty.

Epcp_1104_02_o+AFE_cold_air_intake_gaz_gold_coilover_suspension_more+GAZ_gold_coilovers Photo 3/6   |   AFE Cold Air Intake, GAZ Gold Coilover Suspension, and More! - Gear

Sector 111’s BLADE300 power package for the ’07 and later Lotus Exige S is designed to give users supercar performance in the proven Lotus platform. According to the company, it boosts power by as much as 80 hp to net an overall 300-hp output. The package includes a larger intercooler, larger airbox and filter, a smaller pulley, larger fuel injectors and an ECU flash. Thanks to Sector 111’s higher resolution tune, the company claims the BLADE300 runs more smoothly than even the factory Lotus tunea sophisticated drive with shake-your-head-in-disbelief power. The kit retails for $3,250 and will fit any Lotus Exige S220, S240 or S260. A more conservative iteration, BLADE275, boosts power to 275 hp and goes for $2,750.
Sector 111

Epcp_1104_03_o+AFE_cold_air_intake_gaz_gold_coilover_suspension_more+BLADE300_power_package Photo 4/6   |   AFE Cold Air Intake, GAZ Gold Coilover Suspension, and More! - Gear

Euro Sport has introduced a new front-mount intercooler kit for Mk IV VW Golf and Jetta 1.8Ts equipped with a manual transmission. The company claims performance gains upwards of 10 hp and 12 lb-ft of torque at the wheels in its own independent dyno testing. This is an ideal upgrade for any 1.8T, especially for ones that have been subject to ECU programming or other performance upgrades. The unit will support up to a claimed 300 or more hp.
Euro Sport

Epcp_1104_04_o+AFE_cold_air_intake_gaz_gold_coilover_suspension_more+VW_golf_front_mount_intercooler Photo 5/6   |   AFE Cold Air Intake, GAZ Gold Coilover Suspension, and More! - Gear

Wheel of the Month

NM Engineering’s RSe07 is designed as a high-performance wheel with unmatched quality that’s perfectly specced for your MINI Cooper or Cooper S. The design is derived from European touring challenge cars. And weighing just 18.8 pounds for a 7.5x18 application, it is engineered to enhance your motoring experience not only cosmetically, but dynamically through reduced rotating mass and unsprung weight. $279.95
NM Engineering

Epcp_1104_05_o+AFE_cold_air_intake_gaz_gold_coilover_suspension_more+NM_engineering_wheels Photo 6/6   |   AFE Cold Air Intake, GAZ Gold Coilover Suspension, and More! - Gear



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