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Fabspeed Motorsport, Forgiato, aFe Power, Turbosmart, Liquimoly - Gear

May 20, 2011

Fabspeed’s new Valvetronic Exhaust was designed to offer two different sound levels from one system and to really bring out the sporty sound in the 1999-2011 Porsche 911. It is designed for an OEM-caliber fit and includes all the necessary hardware for an easy installation. If you’ve always wanted both sound options, activated with the push of a button, so now you have it. This is for anyone who wants the option of going from a daily, sporty sound to a more aggressive muffler bypass-like type of sound on the 996, 997 and 997.2. It’s constructed from CNC mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

Epcp_1106_01_z+fabspeed+exhaust_system Photo 2/6   |   Fabspeed Motorsport, Forgiato, aFe Power, Turbosmart, Liquimoly - Gear

Fabspeed Motorsport

If you drive a German-engineered car, you might want to lubricate it with engine oil that’s also the result of German engineering: Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30. It’s suited for a multitude of Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche models. It’s designed to ensure proper lubrication, but the company claims it does a lot more. It has a lowered high-temperature, high-shear viscosity, which means it becomes very thin at high temperatures and thus lessening friction. Top Tec 4200 is a state-of-the-art, all-season, low-friction motor oil for vehicles with petrol and diesel engines with and without a diesel particulate filter. The combination of unconventional base oils using HC synthetic technology, together with the latest additives, guarantee a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear and reduces oil and fuel consumption, while ensuring fast oil delivery within the engine.

Epcp_1106_02_z+liqui_moly+top_tec Photo 3/6   |   Fabspeed Motorsport, Forgiato, aFe Power, Turbosmart, Liquimoly - Gear

Liqui Moly

AFE’s Stage 2 Cold Air Intake for the E90-series BMW 335i is designed with an intake tube engineered to maximize velocity for improved throttle response and enhanced power and torque. The substantial one-piece powdercoated heat shield allows for a big gulp of air while simultaneously keeping intake temps down. Two performance air filters are available: the patented Pro-5R, which utilizes five layers of progressive cotton media; and the Pro Dry S, which uses a three-layer synthetic media that requires no oiling for maximum convenience.

Epcp_1106_05_z+afe+intake_system Photo 4/6   |   Fabspeed Motorsport, Forgiato, aFe Power, Turbosmart, Liquimoly - Gear

Advanced Flow Engineering

Redesigned for 2011, Turbosmart’s Hyper-Gate 45 is a 45mm external wastegate designed for maximum flow with minimum size. Smaller and lighter than previous versions, it features a unique locking collar design and is engineered to reliably control boost in a wide range of applications. It comes fitted with a 7-psi middle spring as standard and is compatible with other popular 44mm inlet and outlet weld flanges. Available in black or blue.

Epcp_1106_03_z+turbosmart+wastegate Photo 5/6   |   Fabspeed Motorsport, Forgiato, aFe Power, Turbosmart, Liquimoly - Gear

Turbosmart USA

Wheel of the Month
Normally, when you go with a concave-shaped wheel, you sacrifice the size of said wheel’s lip. With Forgiato’s ECL forging process, as shown here on the Forgiato Dieci, that rule no longer applies. With Dieci you’re able to have an extreme concave center that extends all the way to the wheel’s edge, while still keeping the lip intact. The Dieci’s styling boasts a subtle, race-inspired characteristic with minimally exposed bolts for a crisp aesthetic. Myriad finishes available; check out the Forgiato website’s wheel configurator to engineer your own custom design.

Epcp_1106_04_z+forgiato+wheels Photo 6/6   |   Fabspeed Motorsport, Forgiato, aFe Power, Turbosmart, Liquimoly - Gear




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