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Sharkwerks, Fidanzda, Meguiars, Level 10, HRE - Gear

Jun 14, 2011

Sharkwerks’ bypass exhaust tracts for the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo are intended to replace the existing OEM secondary catalytic converters. The company claims this results in reduced turbo lag and improved power, along with an enhanced exhaust note without resonance or drone. Extra effort has been made to replicate the factory hanger positions to avoid unwanted contact with the underbody or vibration and rattling. The pipes are formed from mandrel-bent stainless steel with CNC-cut flanges and include OEM gaskets for installation and all needed hardware.

Epcp_1107_01_z+sharkwerks+bypass_exhaust Photo 2/6   |   Sharkwerks, Fidanzda, Meguiars, Level 10, HRE - Gear


Fidanza’s V-Series clutch kits are available in two levels to suit a wide variety of vehicles. V1 features a sprung-hub, full-face organic street disc designed for the ultimate combination in drivability and performance. V2 features a sprung-hub, ceramic six-puck designed for high-power builds used on the street or at the track. Every V-Series kit features a balanced and tested pressure plate with increased clamp load and better strength over stock. Every kit comes complete with the pressure plate, disc, release bearing, and alignment tool in most applications.

Epcp_1107_02_z+fidanza+clutch_kit Photo 3/6   |   Sharkwerks, Fidanzda, Meguiars, Level 10, HRE - Gear


Meguiar’s updated Smooth Surface Clay Kit now includes 60 percent more clay, with two 80-gram clay bars that come individually wrapped in a moisture seal storage case. Two six-ounce bottles of Ultimate Quik Wax are also included to give users a fast and easy way to wax their car after claying it. The clay safely removes paint overspray, environmental fallout, and other bonded contaminants for an ultra-smooth paint surface.

Epcp_1107_03_z+meguiars+clay_kit Photo 4/6   |   Sharkwerks, Fidanzda, Meguiars, Level 10, HRE - Gear


Got transmission problems? Level 10 specializes in valvebody and torque converter components and modifications that are designed to correct Audi fault codes (P0741-17125) and transmission failures—no need for a complete transmission overhaul. You can send them your valvebody and torque converter, or drop off the entire car for a complete transmission service starting at $1,998. Most work is performed in two to three days, and loaner cars are available by appointment.

Epcp_1107_04_z+levelten+converter Photo 5/6   |   Sharkwerks, Fidanzda, Meguiars, Level 10, HRE - Gear

Level 10

Wheel of the Month
HRE Performance Wheels has added three completely new designs to its Monoblok wheel line, featuring new lighter-weight, precision-machined spoke geometry. The new Monoblok P40S line uses the same forged alloy and single block construction as the original Monoblok. Included in the P40S line is the P40 mesh, P43S multi-spoke and P45S five-spoke in 19- and 20-inch diameters with widths ranging from 8 to 13 inches and a wide variety of custom offsets. Every wheel starts as a single block of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, which is forged to German TÜV standards in California, then machined into its final shape at HRE’s state-of-the-art facility. All HRE wheels are engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for optimal acceleration, handling and braking performance. Each wheel is built to order and there are nearly infinite fitment, color and finish options available.

Epcp_1107_05_z+hre_wheels+monoblok_wheels Photo 6/6   |   Sharkwerks, Fidanzda, Meguiars, Level 10, HRE - Gear




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