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Raceland, Amsoil, Aeromotive, AFE, Nutek Wheels - Gear

Oct 18, 2011

Ultimo coilovers from Raceland are designed for drivers seeking better suspension performance over stock while retaining the ability to lower their vehicle to their desired ride height. According to the company, they have been improved over the standard kit to allow a better ride quality at lowered ride heights. The larger and shortened shock pistons, along with stiffer spring rates and stronger shock valving, ensure you get the stance you seek without sacrificing ride quality. Powdercoated shock bodies and gold-anodized spring perches add an extra level of corrosion resistance to extend the life of the coilover.

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Aeromotive’s 340 Stealth fuel pump is similar to other OEM replacement pumps in its fitment into factory fuel tanks and hanger assemblies, but boasts over 340 lph of flow at 40 psi. These high-output electric pumps are direct bolt-in replacements for more than 65 popular EFI applications. The 340 is also ideal for use as a universal replacement for applications that require more flow to support forced induction systems. It’s also ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory fuel lines and mounting provisions available in the OEM configuration.

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Amsoil has now added 0W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 formulations to round out its new Signature Series line of synthetic motor oil. The new series features all-new packaging and represents the very best motor oils the company has to offer, allowing motorists to take advantage of maximum extended drain intervals. The Signature Series oils are recommended for intervals of up to 25,000 miles or one year (15,000 miles or one year in severe service conditions). The Signature Series joins Amsoil OE and XL lines of synthetic lubricants, providing customers with three distinct levels of synthetic protection.

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AFE’s Mach Force XP exhaust for the 2011 VW Golf TDI is constructed from big, mandrel-bent 2.5-inch 409 stainless steel tubing. It uses welded-on, bayonet-style hangers and band-style clamps for a hassle-free installation that won’t shift under high heat or vibration conditions. This system is a direct bolt-on two-piece design that requires no cutting to install. In addition, AFE claims it is five pounds lighter than the factory system. Dual 3-inch polished 304 stainless tips are included. $329

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Wheel of the Month
Nutek Wheels has introduced three new designs to comprise its Concave Series: 705, a five-spoke star pattern; 708, a classic mesh design; and the 710 ten-spoke (pictured). Each is a multi-piece forged design and each is custom made for your particular application. Available diameters range from 19 to 22 inches in widths up to 13 inches. Numerous custom finishes are available, including two- and three-tone paint schemes, body color matching, matte and textured surfaces and classic finishes like brushed aluminum and bright polished.

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Nutek Wheels



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