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Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

Apr 16, 2012

Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes

Wilwood Engineering has recently introduced a front brake kit for the ’99-05 BMW E46 that features the latest in big-brake technology. This track-tested kit will not only provide better street performance, it makes a huge improvement over the original brakes on the track where consistency counts. The kit features Wilwood’s forged W6A six-piston calipers that work with the OE master cylinder and ABS functions. The caliper is used with a lightweight two-piece rotor assembly with an aluminum hat and the choice of GT slotted or SRP drilled and slotted rotors. The complete kit comes with the calipers, caliper brackets, rotors, aluminum hats, brake pads and all the necessary hardware required to finish the installation. The calipers are available in red or black powdercoating, so coupled with the rotors. Additionally, custom caliper colors are available by special order for an additional charge. Wilwood performance brake kits are built on years of domination in world motorsports and are engineered for easy bolt-on installation. Wilwood’s big-brake kits are designed to meet the high-performance demands of today’s tire, wheel and suspension technology.

Epcp 1205 01 o+wilwood+brake caliper Photo 1/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

Wilwood Engineering

Forge Motorsport Porsche 996 Intercooler Kit

The alloy artisans at Forge have created a handsome pair of upgraded, all-aluminum intercoolers for all Porsche 996 Turbo models, including the 996 TT and the GT2. The new intercoolers are similar to the OEM units with the exception of being measurably thicker. The units bolt up with the factory brackets as direct replacements. The kit also contains a complete set of motorsport quality silicone hoses for clean plumbing, available in black, blue or red. Thanks to more efficient core construction, Forge intercoolers have seen a dyno-proven increase in cooling efficiency. The Forge units managed a considerable drop in intake temperature of some 75 degrees. The cooler, denser intake charge improves power and torque throughout the rpm range without ECU changes.

Epcp 1205 02 o+forge motorsport+intercooler Photo 2/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

The kit includes two replacement intercoolers, full replacement silicone hoses and necessary installation hardware. $2,700

Forge Motorsport


It takes one hand to count the number of great wheel builders; SSR is among that short list. The SSR Professor MS3/MS3R is quite possibly one of the sexiest new designs we’ve seen in years—classic yet modern, strong yet light. New for spring 2012, the Professor MS3 features three-piece construction and available in widths from 7 to 13.5 inches (stepped lip), 5.5 to 12 inches (reverse lip) and a very large offset range. Standard colors are Titan Silver, Flat Black and Standard Silver.

Epcp 1205 03 o+ssr+ms3 wheel Photo 3/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


GAZ Adjustable Shocks for Jaguar XJ-S

The Jaguar XJ-S never had quite the same sporting image as the E-Type that it replaced but reasonable examples are considerably more affordable, and as such, the XJ-S continues to be extensively campaigned in club level motorsport both in the United Kingdom and elsewhere overseas. GAZ can provide race shocks for the XJ-S that are bump and rebound adjustable and can be quickly adjusted by means of an easily accessible single knob on the side of the tube. Although these dampers are built specifically for racing with valving to suit, GAZ can also provide very similar dampers for road and rally use as well. GAZ dampers feature a zinc plated body and durable plastic sleeve that should keep them looking good and working well for long into the future. All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two-year warranty.

Epcp 1205 05 o+gaz+shocks Photo 4/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


Chaotic Connections

Is your economic situation still such that you can’t afford that new, shiny part? Tired of playing the same old board games on family game night? Well, for less than the price of a tank of fuel pick up a copy of Chaotic Connections, a brand-new board game that will appeal to gearheads of all ages. Take a road trip across this great country as you try to build roads to connect randomly dealt cities before your opponents connect theirs. And just like any road trip we’ve ever taken, there are obstacles to overcome: Curve Cards, Road Blocks and Detours may cause a case of board game rage. The basic rules are simple while advanced players can apply strategic maneuvers along the journey, making the game appropriate for players ages 9 and up. Two to six players. $30

Epcp 1205 04 o+chaotic+connections Photo 5/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

Chaotic Connections

034 2.0T Coil Conversion Kit

The ignition systems found on Audi 2.7Ts are problematic. The archaic system of separate ignition control modules (ICM), spark plug boots and individual coil packs is prone to random misfires and inconsistent spark energy. The engineers at 034Motorsport know that even if you can diagnose the problem, parts are expensive, costing upwards of $900, and the technology is still outdated. The 034Motorsport 2.0T FSI coil conversion and plug-and-play ICM delete harness eliminates all of the old tech and updates it with the latest and greatest Audi technology. Harness kit: $325. Six coil adapter brackets and hardware: $120. Six OEM 2.0T FSI coil packs: $120

Epcp 1205 06 o+034 motorsport+conversion kit Photo 6/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


TechArt 991 Aerodynamics

TechArt has been known for marrying technology and art—hence the name. The new 991 continues with their heritage and lives up to its brand. The new Individualization program for the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S includes interior and exterior accoutrements and allows for personalization befitting of the Porsche design. Options range from Alcantara or leather interiors and sport steering wheels to forged lightweight alloy wheels and aerodynamic body kits.

Epcp 1205 07 o+techart+991 aerodynamics Photo 7/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


Continental Cross Contact LX20

Move over Chris Columbus, a more amazing journey has taken place. A single set of Continental’s Cross Contact LX20 tires with EcoPlus Technology traversed 16,000 miles non-stop from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Deadhorse, Alaska, without a single puncture. If that weren’t enough, SEMA has awarded them the “Best New Tire and Related Product in 2011” for their innovative low-rolling resistance and fuel-saving features. Whether or not the new Contis deserve a holiday homage, they certainly are worth the investment. The added comfort, steering response and improved braking are just a bonus.

Epcp 1205 09 o+continental+cross contact Photo 8/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

Continental Tire

Neuspeed RS207

The Neuspeed RS207 modular design allows owners of medium to large Audi and Volkswagen vehicles to customize the wheel to get the perfect look. Available in 20- and 21-inch diameters the RS207 can be configured in widths ranging from 8.5 to 11.0 inches and step/normal or reverse/straight lip design. To maintain your car’s uniqueness and personal style, the wheels are available in Satin Silver, Satin Black and Brilliant Graphite finishes. $1,050

Epcp 1205 08 o+neuspeed+rs207 Photo 9/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


Usually Sideways Aluminum Throttle Body Spacer Plates

The key to maximizing the full potential of methanol injection on a turbocharged engine is to install one injection nozzle right after the intercooler to reduce air intake temps and a second in the intake manifold to reduce the combustion temperatures. The Usually Sideways Rally Team-developed CNC-machined aluminum throttle body spacer plates for Volkswagen and Audi engines makes installing an intake manifold nozzle simple and completely reversible. Price varies by application.

Epcp 1205 10 o+usually sideways+aluminum throttle body spacer Photo 10/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

Usually Sideways Rally Team

Colgan by Covercraft

In 1960, Bill Colgan had a shop with five employees doing custom auto and boat upholstery. One day a group of engineers brought him a ragged piece of canvas with sewn-in wooden slats, rubber bands and crude hooks. They told him it was a protective cover used by a German OE for road testing new cars and asked him to redesign it. After spending about as much time road testing as sewing, he finalized his design and called it “Steinschlagshutzshulle.” Dissected, the word means stone/strike/shield and for short he tagged it “Bra,” pioneering a product category that’s still going strong over 50 years later. Covercraft acquired Colgan Custom in 2009 and continues the tradition of design and manufacturing excellence Colgan Bra’s are known for. Still made in USA using premium Haartz vinyl, new applications and patterns are added weekly.

Epcp 1205 11 o+covercraft+colgan Photo 11/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


Gojo Scrubbing Wipes

There have been more times than I care to remember when I’ve had to channel my inner MacGyver and repair a car in the middle of BF, Nowhere, with a pair of popsicle sticks, a piece of gum and a bit of twine. While these repairs, for the most part, were successful, removing the dirt and grime from my appendages with what I had available in the car wasn’t always a proud moment. Individually wrapped or in a bucket container, the Gojo Scrubbing Wipes are pre-moistened and feature dual textured sides to clean all types of gook. Scrubbers on one side remove tough grime and the smooth side quickly absorbs dirt and residue. To prevent dryness and irritation, the Gojo Scrubbing Wipes contain added skin conditioners since just because I work on cars it doesn’t mean my hands have to show it.

Epcp 1205 12 o+gojo+scrubbing wipes Photo 12/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear


Qwik Valve
Changing a vehicle’s oil can be a messy and hazardous endeavor, and I can’t help notice the warning that it’s toxic and hazardous and my future children may be born with three eyes. After frequent changes, the newer oil pans are susceptible to stripping the threads on the drain plug, causing a constant dribble. The Fumoto valve replaces the OEM drain plug and provides a nifty yet durable quick-valve to easily drain the oil when needed but not leak in the interim. Plus, there is a nipple connection to hook-up an optional disconnect hose to ensure that no oil or toxic heavy metals seep into your skin and ensure the health of your future offspring. $27 (hose sold separately)

Epcp 1205 13 o+qwik valve+oil valve Photo 13/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

Qwik Valve

GoPoint Technology BT1

GoPoint Technology’s BT1 Bluetooth unit allows you to wirelessly connect your car to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It works on all 1996 model year and newer gasoline and diesel vehicles sold in the USA. When used in conjunction with the free goLINK app interface, you have the ability to view and decode vehicle fault codes, reset the pesky check engine light and access real-time vehicle data. $120

Epcp 1205 14 o+gopoint technology+gt1 Photo 14/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

GoPoint Technology

aFe 3 Series Sealed Intake

The aFe Stage 2 Sealed Intake for the ’07-11 BMW 3 Series 3.0L Non-Turbo engine has 56 percent better flow versus the stock airbox, and its sealed design eliminates radiant heat from entering the intake tract. To maximize flow and increase volumetric efficiency the engineers at aFe added two additional air inlets and designed a molded plastic intake tube with velocity stack adapter to replace the stock intake tube. Cleaning is a breeze—just remove the vacuum-formed ABS carbon-fiber-finish cover and voilá—the 100 percent polyurethane, washable 6-inch conical air filter is readily accessible. $529
Note: Also fits BMW E82/88 128i ’07-11 L6-3.0L

Epcp 1205 15 o+afe+3 series intake Photo 15/15   |   Wilwood E46 M3 Brakes, Forge Motorsports Intercooler Kit, and More! - Gear

aFe Power



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