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Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

May 18, 2012

Neuspeed Air Filters

For those whose subscribe to the belief that oil from a high-flow filter will damage the mass air flow (MAF) sensor, Neuspeed has released a line of Dry Paper Media (DPM) filters that offer the same performance and protection as the oiled, open air filters. The disposable Neuspeed DPM filter last about 30,000 miles, but can be extended with frequent cleaning with compressed air. Available in 2.75 and 3 inches, or as a no-charge option when purchasing most late-model Neuspeed P-Flow kits. $39.95

Epcp 1206 01 o+neuspeed+air filter Photo 1/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear


Nitto Motivo

The Nitto Motivo active all-season, ultra high performance tire is designed to get you to your destination no matter the weather. Manufactured in the USA using a state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes, the Motivo has been engineered to maintain traction and handle in dry, wet and winter conditions. With a distinctive tread design, advanced construction techniques, and an all-new silica rubber compound, the Motivo also boasts increased ride comfort and increased mileage with reduced noise. Various tire sizes are available in 17- to 20-inch diameters.

Epcp 1206 02 o+nitto+motivo Photo 2/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

Nitto Tire USA Inc.

Whiteline BMW Sway Bars

Whiteline’s uprated 27mm front and 20mm rear sway bars for BMW E82/88 1 Series and BMW E90/92/93 3 Series are designed to improve grip, handling and performance. Each bar is manufactured from the finest grade Australian spring steel and then powdercoated to provide strength and durability. Whiteline sway bars utilize high-performance synthetic elastomer bushings and lateral locks to prevent them from shifting under lateral loads. $229

Epcp 1206 03 o+whiteline+bmw sway bars Photo 3/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

Whiteline/Redranger Pty Ltd.

JL Audio W6v3 Subwoofer

The all-new JL Audio W6v3 subwoofer driver features a larger and more powerful motor system than that found on the current v2. Developed and refined using JL Audio’s proprietary DMA system, the new driver delivers exceptional linear excursion and dynamic stability. To help cool the larger field plates and magnet assemblies, the motor features a patented pole vent system to improve cooling efficiency and reduce power compression. The new driver suspension system features a wide rubber surround and a new progressive-roll spider to control the increased excursion capability. $599 (10W6v3), $699 (12W6v3)

Epcp 1206 07 o+jl audio+w6v3 subwoofer Photo 4/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

JL Audio Inc.

Mishimoto Universal Catch Can

Unwanted oil buildup in your engine’s turbo, intercooler, intake manifold and piping is akin to cholesterol clogging the major arteries that lead to and from your heart. Mishimoto designed a universal catch can to eliminate oil vapors from entering the intake system and making their way into the combustion chamber. Escaped oil vapors can condense with dirt and oil to form nasty clogs that wreck havoc on your engine. The kit includes a polished aluminum oil catch can; mounting bracket; hose and all necessary clamps, fittings and mounting hardware. $125

Epcp 1206 04 o+mishimoto+universal catch can Photo 5/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear


AWE Audi Q5 Intercooler

During the development of the AWE exhaust and GIAC software upgrades for the Audi Q5 2.0T, AWE engineers observed the stock intercoolers were unable to sustain optimal air charge temperature. Though the increased temperatures were not a danger to the engine, they were hindering the Q5’s performance potential. AWE designed a new front-mount intercooler that features cast-aluminum end tanks for optimal flow and a bar-and-plate core for increased efficiency, resulting in a minimum air intake temperature drop of 25 percent. Even if you don’t plan on upgrading your Q5’s power output, the AWE intercooler is a great way to increase engine efficiency. $999

Epcp 1206 05 o+awe+audi q5 intercooler Photo 6/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

AWE Tuning

AFE Scorcher Module

AFE (advanced Flow engineering) is no stranger to the Volkswagen 2.0 TDI Clean Diesel engine, and has offered a wide arrange of exhaust and intake products since its release. Their most recent product, dubbed the Scorcher Module, is a performance device designed to alter the fuel pressure signal at pre-determined points throughout the entire rpm range. This results in more power, less turbo lag and broadens the power curve. AFE testing claims an increase of 10 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque. The kit is plug-and-play and the 100 percent reversible installation can be done in less than 30 minutes, which also makes trips to the dealership hassle free. $579

Epcp 1206 08 o+afe+scorcher module Photo 7/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

Advanced Flow engineering

Cooper Zeon RS3

Cooper Tire recently held a driving event at their Cooper Tire & Vehicle Test Center (CTVTC) to showcase how product development and evaluation is done. The CTVTC is a 1,000-acre facility that’s about a hundred times the size of the Alamo and stands just as daunting 40 miles outside of El Paso, Texas.

Epcp 1206 06 o+cooper+zeon rs3 Photo 8/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

The first stop after arriving at the CTVTC was for an in-depth technical presentation on Cooper Tires’ newest ultra high performance products: the Zeon RS3-A all-season and the Zeon RS3-S summer. After that, it was off to the track for the fun to begin.

First up was the Wet Dynamics Area, an 800-square-foot asphalt pad with a uniform controlled water depth of 0 to 0.15 inches. The course was designed to demonstrate the RS3-A and RS3-S capabilities in the wet against a leading tire competitor, which shall remain nameless. Two identical BMW 328is were outfitted with either Cooper’s Zeon RS3-S or its leading competitor and two identical Ford Mustangs were outfitted with either Cooper’s Zeon RS3-A or the competitor’s tire. The evaluation was fairly straightforward, two laps around a cone-lined course with a series of acceleration and deceleration tests, simulated lane changes and gradual and sharp turns. The Cooper tires performed very well in all wet aspects.

The next test evaluated the dry handling capability of the Zeon RS3 products on a portion of the CTVTC’s 1.3-mile Dry Handling Circuit. The dry handling comparison consisted of three laps on a course configuration similar to the wet setup except with longer straight sections to attain higher speeds.

The BMW 3 Series’ track capabilities are legendary—with one caveat: when equipped with the right tire. Outfit a 3 Series (or any car) with the wrong tire, and you will have downgraded a track legend to a pre-’70 Oldsmobile—highly unstable. Behind the wheel of the Zeon RS3-S–equipped 328i, the vehicle performed like a BMW should on both wet and dry surfaces lap after lap. The surprise of the day was the Zeon RS3-A–equipped Ford Mustang. I know Mustangs are great track cars, especially after you spend some time and money on them. What amazed me was that these all-season tires on a completely stock Mustang handled just as well as the 328i on the wet track and on the dry—consistent and predictable performance lap after lap.

After spending a full day behind the wheel of Cooper’s Zeon product line, I was suitably impressed by how the products performed. Perhaps the Texas tourism department may need to add the CTVTC to the attractions list.

Cooper Zeon RS3-S - Treadwear 300, Traction AA, Temp A, Sizes: 17-20 inch

Cooper Zeon RS3-A - Treadwear 500, Traction AA, Temp A, Sizes: 16-19 inch

Both the Zeon RS3-A and Zeon RS3-S feature 45-day Road Test Warranty

Cooper Tire

Hose Candy’s Boa Clamps

Hose Candy’s thermoplastic Boa Clamps are designed to eliminate conventional hose clamps with a dynamic tension system that never needs retightening. When the engine reaches operating temperatures, the Boa Clamps readjust to provide consistent clamping force. When the engine cools and the temperature drops, clamping force increases to prevent cold leaks. The Boa Clamps can be used to eliminate the silicon coupler and other clamps found on most aftermarket induction systems. They come in a variety of standard and heavy-duty sizes to accommodate 0.25- to 3.125-inch I.D. hoses. $69.95

Epcp 1206 09 o+hose candy+boa clamps Photo 9/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

Oomph! Labs

Niche Mach-V

The Niche Mach-V is a completely custom three-piece wheel offered in 19- to 24-inch diameters. Like all Niche Forged Series Wheels, the Mach-V is built to accommodate any vehicle specification. Constructed from 6061 T6 forged aluminum, the Mach-V is available in any number of configurations, from super-deep concave profile to monoblock. Custom finishes are also available per customer request (finish shown: Brushed Face, hi-luster polished windows with Chrome outers). Its classic five split-spoke design is destined to become, well, a classic.

Epcp 1206 10 o+niche+mach v Photo 10/10   |   Mishimoto, AWE, JL Audio, AFE, Cooper, Hose Candy, Niche - Gear

MHT Luxury Alloys



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