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Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

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Greg Emmerson
Oct 27, 2009
Photographer: Sam Du Writer: Sam Du

Kevlar Muffler Cover
Thermo Tec MSRP: Website
Excessive heat is the unfortunate byproduct of power. To ward off the high-exhaust temps on your ride, Thermo Tec has introduced its new Kevlar muffler covers. These blankets can handle a continuous stream of 1100°F. If high temps still aren't under control, Thermo Tec also offers a matching heat shield that's good for a smoldering 3000°F.

Eurp_0910_02_o+products+muffler_cover Photo 2/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

iPod And IPhone Factory Interface
Alpine MSRP: Website
No matter how outdated your car's head unit might be, Alpine has introduced this new interface that allows you to play media from your iPod or iPhone through any factory radio. The DPR-RDS1 is a small box that installs to the car's antenna and then connects directly to your iPod via a supplied cable. From there, music can be played at the same sound quality as a strong FM radio station. The system supports both 12- and 5-volt charging and is compatible with virtually all iPod products. Time to ditch those cassette tapes!

Eurp_0910_03_o+products+ipod_interface Photo 3/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

1.9 TDI H-Beam Rods
Integrated Engineering MSRP: $549
If you're looking to build a high-torque 1.9 liter TDI motor, these beefy 4340 chrome moly steel forged connecting rods from Integrated Engineering are just the ticket. The H-beam design fits the 1.9 TDI up to '04, have a massive 26mm wristpin, are 144mm long, use ARP2000 rod bolts and weigh approx 589g. What's more, each set comes balanced to +/- 1g and are both fully machined and shot peened. Each rod is individually Magnaflux-inspected and tolerances are claimed to be as tight as .0003" ground on Sunnen equipment. So if you're going big on your TDI, check out these Integrated rods.

Eurp_0910_04_o+products+h_rods Photo 4/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Mini Rear Sway Bar
Cusco MSRP: Website
Ditch the flimsy 17mm stock rear sway bar on your new Mini in favor of a beefy 19mm part from Cusco. This adjustable bar is said to be nearly 150% stiffer and comes with all the necessary hardware to make your Mini corner flat as a pancake.

Eurp_0910_05_o+products+sway_bar Photo 5/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Make Your Life A Success
Neuspeed MSRP: Website
It's no secret that Bill Neumann, founder and CEO of Neuspeed and NM Engineering has been influential in the sport compact/Euro scene for many years. Fortunately, Neumann is willing to share his secrets in this new book, You Can Do It. An interesting read for anybody looking to make their mark, it's a behind-the-scenes look at an industry pioneer.

Eurp_0910_06_o+products+success Photo 6/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Stainless Pedals
Shutt Auto MSRP: $82.99
Happy feet equates to big smiles behind the wheel, thanks to the new stainless steel pedal covers from Shutt Auto. These cool covers feature a modern design and are laser-engraved for the utmost quality.

Eurp_0910_07_o+products+pedals Photo 7/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

VW-Inspired Skateboards
Futrell Autowerks MSRP: $49.95
Skating goes with Dubs like peanut butter 'n jelly. And in case you wanna keep your board as dope as your Dub, Futrell Autowerks announced the release of two limited-edition skateboard decks. One design features Mike Tolliver's '77 Rabbit and the other has a rolling shot of its Mk5 GTI. The boards are manufactured in the US using Canadian seven-ply maple measuring 32x8".

Eurp_0910_09_o+products+skateboars Photo 8/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Audi Body Kits
LÜsch MSRP: Website
Lüsch specializes in quality, unique body kits for the latest range of Audis. These packages include bodywork, grilles, foglight fixtures and deck lids in factory colors. More than just matching pieces, Lüsch implements the finest grades of carbon fiber, aluminum, composites and urethanes into their products. In addition, state-of-the-art software, five-axis CNC machines and a Romer articulated arm are used for assembly to ensure the manufacturing is OEM spec.

Eurp_0910_10_o+products+body_kits Photo 9/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

BMW Alloy Wheel Repair
Bavarian Autosport MSRP: $49.95
Ever curb-shot your wheel and wish you could fix the carnage without buying a new wheel or hitting your wallet? Well, the crew at Bavarian Autosport has a kit to rid your rims of the curb damage. This package comes with everything needed to get your shine-on like abrasives, filling putty, wheel paint and clearcoat. Just look at the actual photos from BavAuto, this stuff is no joke!

Eurp_0910_11_o+products+repair Photo 10/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Switchable Privacy Film
Tric Plate MSRP: Website
Not that we condone the type of behavior that might warrant the Tric Plate, but lets just say it might be handy at car shows... This transparent privacy film can toggle between crystal clear and foggy at the push of a button from the wireless key fob. Consider it cheap insurance against identity thieves.

Eurp_0910_12_o+products+tric_plate Photo 11/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Audi A4/s4 Exhaust
Flashpoint MSRP: $1749
Unleash some serious ponies in your B6/B7 Audi A4 and S4 with a US-made cat-back exhaust from Flashpoint. Constructed in an OEM-certified factory, these beauties uncork up to 26hp and 36 lb-ft on an S4, and look great with their quad or dual tips. If that's not reason enough, they feature fully flanged and gasketed joints for an accurate and tight fit that's easily installed in a flash.

Eurp_0910_15_o+products+exhaust Photo 12/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Led Driving Lights
Tmtuning MSRP: $289
Ditch your humdrum factory driving lights in your Audi or VW for slim LED counterparts from TMTuning. OEM in quality, these good-looking LEDs are available in either clear or black and come with everything you'll need to get started. Did we mention they dim when the headlights come on like the factory units? Stop living in the stone age and ditch those incandescent bulbs for some LEDs.

Eurp_0910_16_o+products+led_lights Photo 13/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Mini GT-R Widebody Kit
Strictly Foreign MSRP: Website
Take your Mini from cute-n-cuddly to wicked-n-wide with the new GT-R widebody kit from Strictly Foreign. This 14-piece kit is fabricated to fit like factory and changes the styling of the R50/52/53 Minis. If you're tired of the norm, this new GT-R widebody kit might be your cup of tea.

Eurp_0910_17_o+products+led_lights Photo 14/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool
Black Magic MSRP: Website
Gone are the days of dirty fingernails, cramped hands and skinned knuckles associated with polished wheels. Now turn the hours of shining into minutes with the new Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool. Simply attach this bad-boy to your drill and polish away with its microfiber construction and tapered design that makes the process a breeze.

Eurp_0910_18_o+products+polisher Photo 15/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Polarized Driving Glasses
Petrol Eyewear MSRP: Starting At $120
Cut the glare and look good with some go-fast sunglasses from Petrol Eyewear. In case the name wasn't a clue, these specs were designed specifically for drivers. In addition to the ultra-lightweight frames, the hi-tech lenses automatically adjust darkness by up to 20% depending on the ambient light, which means they're dark when you need it and light when they have to be. Good glasses are essential and these super-specs are second to none.

Eurp_0910_19_o+products+sunglasses Photo 16/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

300,000K Engine Guarantee
Valvoline MSRP: Website
Talk about standing behind your product; the oil pros at Valvoline recently announced its 300,000 Mile Engine Guarantee. That's right, they're allowing drivers to register their vehicles, then use Valvoline oil on a regular basis and be guaranteed up to 300,000 miles of service. So if you're got under 75,000 miles on your car, head over to the website and join the movement.

Eurp_0910_20_o+products+engine_guarantee Photo 17/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Xenon Yellow Bulbs
Hella MSRP: Website
Take your world and paint it yellow with the new Xenon yellow bulbs from Hella. Available for most applications, these luminescent lemons will increase visibility and be easier on the eyes, not to mention giving your Euro that French glow. If that's not bright enough, you won't get hassled by the Five-oh since these badass bulbs are DOT-approved!

Eurp_0910_21_o+products+xenon Photo 18/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

Ultrac Cento Tire
Vredestein MSRP: Website
Now celebrating its 100th year in business, Vredestein tires introduces the new Ultrac Cento. These tires offer low-rolling resistance and lightweight construction for better mileage. They also have a tread design that's both grippy and quiet, with road-noise registering below 77dB. If you're looking for a great performance tire and want to see a new brand, consider the Ultrac Centos.

Eurp_0910_22_o+products+tires Photo 19/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

M50 Plenum Adaptor
Bimmerworld MSRP: Website
The new BimmerWorld M50 plenum adaptor kit for '96-99 E36 M3/328i and M52-engined Z3s is claimed to be the easiest way to install the high-flow M50 intake manifold. Since the OBD2 cars came with a restrictive intake manifold, many drivers install the older, free-flowing M50 manifold. But the hardest part was making it work... until now. This complete kit will have your E36 sucking serious air and making big power.

Eurp_0910_23_o+products+adapter Photo 20/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

2.0TSi Lan Intake
ABD Racingwerks MSRP: Website
Colder air is denser air, and denser air means more power! Since we're all in search of power, ABD Racingwerks answered our prayers with the new LAN cold-air intake for the '08-up TSi motors. It's said to give nearly 10hp at the wheels in comparison to the stock setup. So unlock some ponies with an ABD Racingwerks intake and make your 2.0 really go!

Eurp_0910_24_o+products+intake Photo 21/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009

'06-09 BMW 3-Series Manual
Bentley Publishers MSRP: Website
In case you're unfamiliar with Bentley Publishers, they are the service manuals for your Euro! As thorough as a factory service manual, if you've got a question they've got the answer, and now '06-09 3-Series owners have the key to any service problem. This guide has detailed repair and maintenance information as well as comprehensive wiring schematics among many other tickets to service success. If you're going to keep your Euro for any period of time, you owe it to yourself to get a Bentley.

Eurp_0910_25_o+products+manual Photo 22/22   |   Kelvar, Body Kits, and More - New Products October 2009
By Greg Emmerson
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