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DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Nov 1, 2009

DSG Paddle Shifters
S2T Performance MSRP: $195.95
Hook up your DSG transmission with a bolt-on paddle shifter set from S2T. These billet paddles are 100% CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and come in different finishes such as brushed, polished, black and mirrored. Not only do they offer a better shape and feel, but also accentuate any interior.

Eurp_0911_02_o+new_products+paddle_shifters Photo 2/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

335i Exhaust
Bimmerworld/HKS MSRP: $1649.99
BimmerWorld and HKS have teamed up to offer a killer stainless steel exhaust system for the E92 BMW 335i that's good for 13hp. If that's not already reason enough, the system saves weight over the heavy stock system and adds aggressive tones without the ugly drone. There's even a system with titanium tips, which is also available from BimmerWorld.

Eurp_0911_03_o+new_products+335i_exhaust Photo 3/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

2.0TSI Intake
ABD Racingwerks MSRP: $359.95
More air equals more power, and more power equals more smiles. It's a simple equation but ABD Racingwerks has taken it to the next level with its new TSI Fresh Air Intake that's good for 6-10hp on 2.0T-equipped VW/Audis. They route cool, dense air from the fender into the engine to ensure consistent power. Constructed from high-quality TIG-welded aluminum and powdercoated to perfection, these pipes are sure to look as good as they perform.

Eurp_0911_04_o+new_products+intake Photo 4/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

E92 M3 Borla Exhaust
Turner Motorsport MSRP: $1317.32 discounted
Bolt some power and noise to your E92 BMW M3 with a Borla exhaust from Turner Motosport. Constructed from stainless steel, these boomtubes will look great for years and drop 21 lb over the heavy, stock system. The polished parts combine the quality and performance of Borla and are recommended by BMW racers Turner Motorsport to give your Bimmer a quiet but aggressive tone with more power to boot.

Eurp_0911_05_o+new_products+borla_exhaust Photo 5/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Vulkan Wheels
Privat Wheels MSRP: Website
Take things to another level with the new Vulkan wheel from Privat. These ten-spoked wonders are finished in a titanium paint and come in 18-20" sizes and various widths, so you can create the staggered look you're after. Designed to delight and constructed to kill, the Vulkan has red-carpet looks to turn heads and the quality to last the long haul.

Eurp_0911_06_o+new_products+vulkan_wheels Photo 6/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

2.0 TSI Discharge And Aircharge Pipes
Neuspeed MSRP: Website
Relieve the restrictions in your 2.0TSI motor with Neuspeed's new Hi-Flow Discharge and Aircharge pipes. By removing the TSI's inherent bottlenecks and replacing them with full diameter pipes, you're able to breathe easy. The Discharge pipe replaces the OE "pancake" unit for freer breathing, while the Aircharge pipe removes the restrictions between the intercooler and TB, as well as negating the OE Sound Amplifier. In addition to a simple installation, these billet beauties come with everything needed to install.

Eurp_0911_07_o+new_products+aircharge_pipes Photo 7/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Budget CD/Receivers
Sony MSRP: Starting At $80
Sony is breaking the mold by proving that quality doesn't have to cost a fortune with its new line of Xplod in-dash CD/receivers starting at just $80. That's right, under a Benjamin not only gets you the Sony name but the quality you've come to expect. Features include RDS, flip-down face, satellite/HD capability, pre-amp outputs, multi-color illumination and aux inputs to name a few.

Eurp_0911_08_o+new_products+cd_receivers Photo 8/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

EGT And Boost Gauges
AEM MSRP: Website
Ditch those ugly LED gauges and use AEM's new hi-tech analog exhaust gas temp and boost gauges that keep it old skool. Available in different colors with a 320° viewing angle, they're easy to see and offer 0-5v analog output for data-logging. Other noteworthy features include a 35psi brass sensor for the boost gauge and a K-Type thermocouple on the EGT.

Eurp_0911_09_o+new_products+egt_boost_gauges Photo 9/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Hydraulic Lift System
KW Suspensions MSRP: from $3700
Get high with a KW universal hydraulic lift system that enables you to raise your car 30-45mm on the move. That's right, no more ripped lips and dinked tailpipes because these kits mount to the upper spring perches of your coilovers and give you lowrider-like hydros. The kit come with everything necessary for installation, including the special HLS pump that mounts inside your spare tire well.

Eurp_0911_10_o+new_products+hydraulic_lift_systems Photo 10/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Percy's High Performance MSRP: Website
HyperFiber is a revolutionary, timesaving material that lets you make custom composite parts in minutes. No hoax, this sheet eliminates those nasty-smelling resins that take hours to set. Instead, simply cut the HyperFiber and form it into the shape you want, then expose it to sunlight or a Percy's UV machine and it sets in minutes. How's that for an easy fiber diet?

Eurp_0911_11_o+new_products+hyperfiber Photo 11/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

EVC-S Boost Controller
Setting your boost pressure isn't a matter of guesswork with the new HKS EVC-S electronic boost controller. Packed with features like a solenoid valve designed for boost pressure up to 36psi, it also includes two boost level settings, offset and boost response, overboost warning with drop-boost feature and peak-boost memory. f you're wanting to control your turbo, look no further.

Eurp_0911_12_o+new_products+boost_controller Photo 12/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Quatrac 3 SUV Tires
Vredestein MSRP: Website
Vredestein, the Dutch rubber company with a reputation forhigh-performance tires, is proud to introduce its new all-season Quatra 3 SUV tires. Chock full of high-performance features like water-evacuating tread blocks and a tread design that bites the road, your Euro SUV is safe with Vredestein.

Eurp_0911_13_o+new_products+tires Photo 13/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Led Tail Lights
Tmtuning MSRP: $239 Per Set
TMTuning Blackout LED tail lights have been designed as a factory replacements for the ugly Mk5 Golf stock units. They install in minutes and require no modifications to make them work. If you're looking to stand out from a crowd without making a huge statement, these will turn your Mk5 into the rear of the year.

Eurp_0911_14_o+new_products+led_tail_lights Photo 14/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Hid Kits
Ddmtuning MSRP: Website
Ditch those dim driving lights in favor of some ultra-bright HIDs from DDMTuning. These white-hot lights offer 3-5 times more light than a traditional bulb yet draw less power. To make the conversion simple, DDMTuning has a plug-n-play kit available in 26 different bulb styles and nine different colors to accommodate anything from OEM-style to an off-road racer.

Eurp_0911_15_o+new_products+hid_kits Photo 15/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Universal Radiator
Mishimoto MSRP: Website
If you're car is regularly overheating and busting its stock plastic-tanked radiator, Mishimoto has the answer with its universal Race Radiator. More than just some welded aluminum, this dual-pass radiator sports a three-row construction and measures 26x17x3.5" to fit most applications. If you've been stranded by a junk radiator, you know the value of a quality cooler like this.

Eurp_0911_16_o+new_products+radiator Photo 16/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

ESM 002 wheel
ESM Wheels MSRP: From $175 Each
Take it back to a time of cheap gas, raw cars and no power steering with these classic old-skool mesh wheels from ESM. The wheels have a three-piece look at a reduced price. They come in various 15 and 16" sizes with different widths and bolt patterns to suit popular applications. Other benefits include gold, silver and black finishes as well as 3" mirrored step-lips to make your Euro shine.

Eurp_0911_17_o+new_products+wheels Photo 17/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Trailer Ramps
Race Ramps MSRP: Website
Gone are the days of scraped undercarriages and ripped spoilers when loading a trailer using broken and uneven lengths of wood thanks to Trailer Ramps from Race Ramps. These lightweight ramps make loading the lowest rides a breeze thanks to their long wedge design that's provides a gradual incline rather than an abrupt jump.

Eurp_0911_18_o+new_products+trailer_ramps Photo 18/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Head Unit Power Pack
Alpine MSRP: $140
Since some enthusiasts want an improvement in sound without going overboard with a full stereo install, Alpine has introduced its cost-effective, new power upgrade kit. This nifty widget with its plug-n-play design allows you to increase the power of your system to nearly 45Wx4 RMS for tighter bass, fuller mids and crisp tweets, all without the need for an aftermarket deck. If that's not cool enough, the Power Pack is so slim it can fit behind most dashes and will only set you back $140.

Eurp_0911_20_o+new_products+power_pack Photo 19/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Eco Floor Coverings
Rocksolid Floors MSRP: Website
If you're tired of those nasty stains on your garage floor and want your workshop to look as good as Jay Leno's, then Rock Solid Floors has you covered... literally. Its new DIY garage floor coating is eco-safe thanks to its unique Polyurea construction. Not only is it said to be more flexible than conventional epoxy coatings, but it's up to four times stronger as well. The finish is both stain and fade resistant to spills from oil, chemicals and even from harmful UV rays. So if you've ever considered sprucing up your garage, Rock Solid Floors has made the decision far simpler.

Eurp_0911_21_o+new_products+floor_coverings Photo 20/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Exhaust Bypass Valve
Canfield Industries MSRP: Website
Installing an exhaust bypass valve from Canfield Industries could give you more boost and quicker ramp rates, even with your stock turbo. The EBV opens as boost builds, initially allowing the turbo to spool faster and creating more power by reducing backpressure in the exhaust. It also includes a stainless V-band clamp and weld-on V-band flange. Constructed from bronze, aluminum and stainless steel, it has a 3" internal diameter for maximum flow.

Eurp_0911_22_o+new_products+bypass_valve Photo 21/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Wet Nitrous Kit
Design Engineering MSRP: Website
Increase your power with a Triple-Threat EFI Wet Nitrous System from Design Engineering. These complete kits will have you hooked on the laughing gas in no time thanks to precision solenoid valves that significantly reduce the danger of too much or too little giggle juice. Power increases are only a few jet changes away, and the included hardware will get you spraying in under a day.

Eurp_0911_23_o+new_products+nitrous Photo 22/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products

Driveway Cleaner
Oil Gone Easy MSRP: Website
Now here's a bright idea; remove those pesky stains from your driveway without harming the environment thanks to a wonder potion called Oil Gone Easy. This bio-product is so good it was used in Alaska during the Exxon Valdez oil spill, so you know it'll deal with your problems easily enough. By using some badass bacteria, Oil Gone Easy is able to breakdown the petroleum and other stains by actually eating them away.

Eurp_0911_24_o+new_products+driveway_cleaner Photo 23/23   |   DSG Paddle Shifters - Latest ETuner Products



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