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Aftermarket Tow Hooks - Bona Fide Tech Tips

Embrace Your Inner Noob

Apr 1, 2009
Htup_0904_01_z+aftermarket_tow_hooks+honda_civic_tow_hook Photo 1/3   |   Aftermarket Tow Hooks - Bona Fide Tech Tips

Most OEM tow hooks can be found behind or below a vehicle's bumpers, and are relatively accessible for potential roadside assistance encounters. They make for handy spots for the tow truck guy to winch up your ride with and sometimes even strap it down by. But OEM tow hooks can only do so much and are sometimes just a little bit difficult to get to. If you regularly find yourself at the track, then chances are you've seen what a pair of beefy aftermarket tow hooks like those from Benen are for. Contrary to popular belief, aftermarket tow hooks won't turn you into an overnight JDM fanboi-there's more logic and functionality behind them than you may think. To be sure, some racing sanctioning bodies require them. Such externally mounted tow hooks make yanking a car out of the sand traps or off the side of the track quick and easy, and the quicker and easier a broken-down car can be yanked or towed, the safer it is for everyone else. Besides, tow hooks like those from Benen simply look better than an ugly cable or soft strap hanging from the bumper. Remember, tow hooks are for emergency use only or for competition. Never use them to jack up your ride or to tow anything with. Benen's billet aluminum tow hooks are universal for just about any Honda or Acura and can be installed without cutting, chopping, or modifying either bumper cover. Installing a set on the'92-'95 Civic is easy.

Htup_0904_02_z+aftermarket_tow_hooks+tow_hook_view Photo 2/3   |   Aftermarket Tow Hooks - Bona Fide Tech Tips

You'll Need The Following Tools:
* Phillips-head screw driver
* 10mm and 19mm sockets, ratchet, and extension
* 19mm wrench
* Drill with 1/2-inch and 1/8-inch drill bits
* Torque wrench
* Black marker

Htup_0904_03_z+aftermarket_tow_hooks+tow_hook_side_view Photo 3/3   |   Aftermarket Tow Hooks - Bona Fide Tech Tips

The Front Hook
* Position the tow hook where you want it and mark the underside of the bumper support.
* Remove the five upper Phillips-head screws, two side fender-mounting screws, and two 10mm-head bolts underneath; loosen any splash shields; and remove the bumper cover.
* Using your reference mark, realign the tow hook and mark the bolt locations on the bumper support.
* Drill a 1/8-inch pilot hole followed by a 1/2-inch hole. Civic bumper supports are thick-lubricate the bit and drill slowly.
* Bolt the tow hook into place with the supplied hardware, making sure that it's aligned before torquing it down to 65 lb-ft.
* Reinstall the bumper cover

The Rear Hook
* Position the tow hook and backing plate on either side of the factory rear tow loop.
* Slide a bolt through the factory tow loop sandwiching the Benen tow hook and backing plate together.
* Hand-tighten, torque to 65 lb-ft once aligned, and go find a tow truck.


Benen Industries
By Rodrez
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