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Password JDM Carbon Consoles - Adult Toys

Apr 1, 2009
Htup_0904_01_z+password_jdm_carbon_consoles+mishimoto_fan_kit Photo 1/5   |   Password JDM Carbon Consoles - Adult Toys

Mishimoto Fan Shroud Kits
Mishimoto announces six new lightweight aluminum fan shroud kits for Honda and Acura applications. Each shroud is made for a direct OEM fit and includes two pre-assembled Mishimoto slim electric fans. Mishimoto shrouds are significantly lighter and more durable than the OEM ones and can improve engine bay looks and cooling by delivering additional airflow to the radiator and removing excess heat from the engine. Each kit safely secure the fan blades from potentially damaging adjacent components. Mishimoto also announces new radiator applications for the '03-'08 Element, and '06-'09 Civic Si. Fan shroud kits are available for the following applications: '94-'01 Integra, '92-'00 Civic, '93-'97 Del Sol, '88-'91 CRX, '97-'01 Prelude, and '00-'05 S2000.

Htup_0904_02_z+password_jdm_carbon_consoles+jdm_carbon_consoles Photo 2/5   |   Password JDM Carbon Consoles - Adult Toys

Password:JDM Carbon Consoles
Engineered in-house for a perfect fit and finish without the use of any additional hardware, Password:JDM's new carbon-fiber center consoles do wonders for the look of any S2000. All Password:JDM carbon-fiber center consoles are made in the U.S., are 100-percent dry-carbon vacuum-formed, are UV-resistant, will not fade or crack, and can be installed in less than two hours. Dry carbon-fiber center consoles retail for $429.99 and dry carbon-Kevlar center consoles retail for $449.99.

Htup_0904_03_z+password_jdm_carbon_consoles+giken_s2k_clutch Photo 3/5   |   Password JDM Carbon Consoles - Adult Toys

OS Giken S2K Clutch
World-renowned racing parts manufacturer OS Giken announces its high-performance, ultra durable, and completely streetable clutch kits and limited-slip differentials for the Honda S2000. Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, OS Giken parts have been proven time and again to provide the best performance and reliability in competitive motorsports. All OS Giken clutch kits are designed and built as a clutch/flywheel package to ensure the best match for each application. Single-plate and twin-plate versions are currently available for the F20C as is the OS Giken Superlock L.S.D. The Superlock can handle as much as twice as many plates as the competition, and is the only clutch-type diff that can progressively lock up to 100-percent, is tunable, requires no break-in, and requires no rebuilding when maintained properly.

Htup_0904_05_z+password_jdm_carbon_consoles+bmp_digital_shift_knob Photo 4/5   |   Password JDM Carbon Consoles - Adult Toys

BMP Digital Shift Knob
BMP Design's new custom shift knobs feature a clearly visible LED display of the selected gear on the top of the knob in any of four display colors. Simple installation involves a single set-screw and just two wires. BMP's knob can learn any shift pattern simply by passing through the gears and fits most vehicles with shift lever diameters of 10-14mm. BMP digital shift knobs prices begin at $169.95 and are available in three colors: titanium, white, and black.

Htup_0904_06_z+password_jdm_carbon_consoles+honda_boy_who_dremed_of_cars Photo 5/5   |   Password JDM Carbon Consoles - Adult Toys

Honda: The Boy Who Dreamed Of Cars
Got kids? Interested in leading them down the Honda path? Honda: The Boy Who Dreamed of Cars can help. The new children's book, written by Mark Weston and published by Lee & Low Books, follows the life of Honda founder Soichiro Honda in a fun, light-hearted, and easy-to-understand way. Katie Yamasaki's illustrations help visualize Honda's fascinating story as he transcends from his humble beginnings working in his father's blacksmith shop to founding one of the world's most successful and recognized companies. Illustrations include Honda sitting on a cloud of pistons as he contemplates the perfect piston ring design, which he'd later go on to sell to fledgling car maker Toyota, to a look inside what Honda's original motorcycle plant might have looked like. Honda: The Boy Who Dreamed of Cars offers kids a chance to learn about a man they'll likely hear little about elsewhere.



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