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Honda S2000 Supercharger - Adult Toys

Jul 1, 2009
Htup_0907_01_z+honda_s2000_supercharger+main_view Photo 1/5   |   Honda S2000 Supercharger - Adult Toys

S2000 Supercharger
If you're looking for the ultimate in S2000 performance, this is it. The KraftWerks High-Boost S2000 kit offers the performance of a custom setup yet still maintains OEM reliability. Kits include smaller high-boost pullies for added boost pressure and no extra tuning or parts are required. An installation manual and interactive CD-ROM are also included for increased DIY friendliness.

Htup_0907_02_z+honda_s2000_supercharger+zn_502_alarm_system Photo 2/5   |   Honda S2000 Supercharger - Adult Toys

A New Kind Of Alarm
Tired of unlocking your car the old-fashioned way, like with a key? Had enough of having to manually start your car, or searching the mall parking lot for hours trying to remember where you parked? Zenesis Electronics Corp. has just unveiled its latest innovation in the world of alarm systems-the ZN-502. Featuring an OLCD display powered by hyper LEDs, the ZN-502 brightly and clearly displays icons on the remote screen, and its mile-plus range ensures your car will open, start, and be ready to drive wherever you are.

Htup_0907_03_z+honda_s2000_supercharger+glassylite_headlight_restoration_kit Photo 3/5   |   Honda S2000 Supercharger - Adult Toys

Headlight Restoration Made Easy
Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, GlassyLite can replenish your headlights to like-new condition but without expensive and often damaging power tools. GlassyLite uses a nanosealant, which increases the headlamp's surface hardness by up to 4H through a chemical-bonding process. All we know is that it works. GlassyLite is one of the best performing restoration products out there for hazy, yellowed, or just plain old looking headlights. Once latched on, the sealant crosslinks into the top layer, forming its own weather shield. The nanotechnology even allows the sealant to "self-level," which protects the lens from further deterioration. GlassyLite headlamp restoration kits sell for $29.99 and can be found online.

Htup_0907_05_z+honda_s2000_supercharger+k_swap_headers Photo 4/5   |   Honda S2000 Supercharger - Adult Toys

K-Swap Headers
Skunk2's K-Swap MegaPower headers are the ultimate when it comes to K-series engine swaps into any '88-'00 Civic and '90-'01 Integra chassis. Skunk2's header design is based on those used in the company's Honda K-Series-powered vehicles racing in the Grand-Am Cup endurance series. MegaPower headers are designed and engineered to maximize exhaust flow and increase both horsepower and torque throughout the entire powerband. They also feature equal-length, sequentially paired, stepped primaries and a 4-2-1 Tri-Y design with 2.5-inch collectors and are constructed from T-304 stainless steel with fully polished, mandrel-bent tubing and a CNC-machined flange for added strength and durability.

Htup_0907_04_z+honda_s2000_supercharger+acura_tsx_front_grille Photo 5/5   |   Honda S2000 Supercharger - Adult Toys

TSX Front Grille
CT-Engineering-manufacturer of high-quality Honda and Acura components-announces the release of its '09 TSX carbon-fiber grille replacement. This OEM-style full replacement grille is constructed with high-grade carbon-fiber to give any TSX a cleaner, more subtle appearance than the factory piece. The clear coat finish is as smooth as glass and its one-piece construction ensures rigidity. The same factory mounting locations have also been utilized, making installation simple.



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