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JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Sep 1, 2009
Htup_0909_09_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+main_view Photo 1/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Carbon Fiber Goodness For The '09 Fit
JDP Engineering has answered the weary pleas of GE Fit owners everywhere! Just released is their carbon fiber front lip, rear-view mirror cover, and radiator shroud. Using only the highest quality carbon fiber materials, each JDP unit is hand made, not mass produced, which means the fitment and quality control is always top notch. All JDP products utilize factory mounting points and ultra-rigid, feather-light materials.

Htup_0909_01_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+shift_knob_shot Photo 2/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Extended Reach
Circuit Hero introduces their shift lever extender for all Honda/Acura models. This durable aluminum adapter brings the shift knob much closer to the steering wheel, perfect for track duty. To get the most out of your shifts, Circuit Hero offers a heavy duty stainless steel shift knob. One of the heaviest on the market, it will guarantee you make that next up-shift with authority.

Htup_0909_02_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+center_consol_shot Photo 3/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Zeta To The Rescue
Finally, a high-quality aftermarket armrest for the Fit! Not only will it support your weary arm, but it also allows you to store your valuables. It even looks, feels, and performs just like a factory unit. With its easy drop-in installation, there's no drilling or modifications required to your factory center console, and it takes just a few seconds to install. Works for all Fit base and sport models, letting you enjoy the comfort and convenience of a wide storage armrest.

Htup_0909_04_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+short_shifter_kit Photo 4/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Sloppy Shifter Eliminator
The H-Fit Short Shifter Kit is the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to tighten up the sloppy throw of the factory shifter, without the hassle of a costly modification. The kit includes a simple billet adapter that works with the stock shifter, and even includes hard mount adapters for the ultimate short shifting experience.

Htup_0909_07_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+honda_shirt_shot Photo 5/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

New Threads
Have you been searching for a way to combine your love of Hondas with basic necessities like clothing, but don't know where to begin? Look no further-Deto lifestyle brand clothing has just introduced two new designs for the enthusiast in us all. Want a shirt that shows some love to the infamous B series motors? Deto's got you covered. Check out their online store and update your wardrobe. It's about time you stepped it up.

Htup_0909_06_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+parking_target_shot Photo 6/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Parking Guide
Nobody wants to throw their paycheck at a new Mugen bumper or Spoon lip only to hear it crack because you've pulled too far into the garage. The Parking Target is your best line of defense no matter what direction you park. A self-adhesive backing insures the target never moves, and you never have to hear that dreaded "SNAP!!!"

Htup_0909_08_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+ultimate_quick_wax_shot Photo 7/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Slippery Even When Not Wet
The mad scientists at Meguiar's have done it again! This time they've released a quick wax with hydrophobic technology. That's right, the fear of water in a bottle! This state-of-the-art chemical breakthrough actually repels water like there's no tomorrow. Pleasantly scented, Ultimate Quick Wax won't leave behind any residue on plastic or rubber trim, and offers a super slick show car shine. Get down to your local Meguiar's dealer and get some before it's all gone.

Htup_0909_10_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+arai_helmet_shot Photo 8/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

A Real Head Case
5Zigen USA recently announced they've become the distributor for Hazardous Sports Headcase. Made of dense molded foam heat fused in two layers, the large volume opening will fit all helmet brands and sizes, and even sports heavy duty mesh side pockets and an inner utility pocket. Stop stressing about dropping that shiny new helmet and pick up some protection asap.

Htup_0909_14_z+jdp_engineering_front_lip+intake_system_shot Photo 9/9   |   JDP Engineering Front Lip - Products

Deep Breathing
Takeda U.S.A. has released a number of new intakes to the import world including the TSX, TL, and RSX. The one that really caught our attention was the '09 Honda Fit cold-air intake. Utilizing a revolutionary Pro Dry S filter media that works without filter oil, you'll never have to worry about buying a new filter since Takeda's will last the life of your car. For more information on their product, as well as a fitment chart, check out:



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