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JDM Auto Boutique - Products

Oct 1, 2009
Htup_0910_01_z+jdm_auto_botique+royal_purple_product Photo 1/6   |   JDM Auto Boutique - Products

Royal Purple Maxfilm
The only thing worse than snapping a bolt in half is not being able to break one loose. Corrosion and rust can kill your workflow in an instant. That's why Royal Purple created Maxfilm, to overcome those stubborn bolts. Just spray it on, let it soak in and cut through the barriers, and you're home free. The solvent actually evaporates, leaving behind a film of lubrication for the ultimate in protection. You can use it for all things automotive, even use it around the house. What are you waiting for?

Htup_0910_02_z+jdm_auto_botique+front_view Photo 2/6   |   JDM Auto Boutique - Products

JDM Auto Boutique
Looking for a way to show your allegiance to the classic B series motor? Want to sport your infatuation for the mighty power of the K? JDM Auto Boutique has both sides covered and they offer a full line of officially licensed Honda clothing, as well as this Par le' heel toe shirt. Pay their site a visit and you'll find pages of apparel, high-end performance parts, lighting, carbon-fiber accents, and just about anything else you could possibly imagine for your ride.

Htup_0910_05_z+jdm_auto_botique+eagle_one_spray Photo 3/6   |   JDM Auto Boutique - Products

Eagle One Introduces NanoWax Spray
Want to get rid of those swirl marks and hairline scratches? Sure you do, who doesn't? Eagle One has released their new high-gloss solution called NanoWax Spray. Just spray on and wipe off; no buffing is necessary. You'll get a glossy finish, eliminate some blemishes, and coat your paint with some much needed protection from those harsh elements. As a bonus, you can even use it on your glass to repel rain.

Htup_0910_06_z+jdm_auto_botique+cobb_tuning_ecu_controll Photo 4/6   |   JDM Auto Boutique - Products

Cobb Tuning
Hey you '06-'09 Civic owners, isn't it about time you took control of your car's ECU? Well Cobb Tuning thinks it is; that's why they've released their new AccessPort; the first handheld device ever to allow a user to flash their ECU through the OBD port. Packed with base maps geared around common upgrades, the AccessPort is user friendly, and doesn't require the removal of your ECU, and better yet, you won't have to ship your ECU across the country to flash. Everything you need is in the palm of your hand. Did we mention the best part? It's got a built-in immobilizer so your car can't be started unless you say so. Nice!

Htup_0910_07_z+jdm_auto_botique+effect_apparel_shirt Photo 5/6   |   JDM Auto Boutique - Products

Eeffect Apparel
The Eeffect apparel "Wheel Headz" series is the perfect shirt for those of us with a wheel fetish. There's a number of designs offered, each highlighting an old school favorite that you're sure to recognize. Also from Eeffect is their valve cover series and their "all over" design that showcases the EF, EJ, DA, EM, S2000, and the Zoomer. Honda fanatics log on, you're guaranteed to find something you like.

Htup_0910_08_z+jdm_auto_botique+trendy_threadz_shirt Photo 6/6   |   JDM Auto Boutique - Products

Trendy Threadz
We featured Trendy Threadz S2000 in Honda Tuning a few years ago. Not only do they build sick roadsters, they also print some of the coolest designs we've ever come across. The harness shirt will have people doing a double take with a printed harness strapped around your torso. The war between AP1 and AP2 has never been more heated, why not represent your side with these slick redline designs?



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