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Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Dec 1, 2009

Shifting And Heavy Breathing
Password:JDM has been on the cutting edge of the Honda movement for years now, with absolutely no signs of slowing down. They've just released this ergonomically balanced shift knob made of aircraft-grade 6061, which has been anodized for a clean look and a lifetime of usage. Weighing in at 6.1oz, the knob fills the gap between other shift knobs that are usually too light, or too heavy. To get a truly unique look, the top of the shift knob incorporates a threaded opening for Password's colored washer kit.

Htup_0912_02_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+password_jdm_shift_knob Photo 2/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Also from Password:JDM is the carbon-fiber (or carbon-kevlar) PowerChamber intake system. Designed and built to offer users real-world useable horsepower, rather than outrageous peak number claims, the PowerChamber installs in less than 30 minutes and will require the relocation of your factory battery. Made of 100% aerospace grade epoxy resin and real Hexcel carbon fiber or carbon kevlar, all pieces are painstakingly hand-crafted in the U.S. with no flashy clearcoat that other manufactures use to hide imperfections. 888-PWJDM01

Htup_0912_03_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+password_jdm_intake_chamber Photo 3/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Options For Your Auto
Looking for a little something extra to separate your'07-'08 Fit from the crowd? Check out these JDM GD3 LED taillights available from Options Auto Salon. Beyond the fact that they're OEM, so fitment is perfect, they also feature a clear smoke signal, red LED brake light, and clear smoke back-up design. 800-678-2886

Htup_0912_01_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+jdm_led_taillights Photo 4/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Put A Little Spring In Your Fit
The Honda Fit only looks good one way. . . closer to the ground. Get rid of the unsightly wheel gap and radically improve handling without sacrificing your daily driving ride comfort with a set of Eibach Sportline progressive springs. They'll reduce squat upon acceleration, eliminate body-roll in the corners, and cure the dreaded nose dive that plagues the Fit platform. Sportlines are available for all first- and second-generation Fit chassis, and include Eibach's million-mile warranty. Contact Eibach today, and get rid of that embarrassing 4x4 stance. 800-507-2338

Htup_0912_04_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+eibach_sportline_lowering_springs Photo 5/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Hondata Does It Again!
'06+ S2000 owners have begged and pleaded for a way to crack their ECUs and lucky for them, Hondata has just officially released their FlashPro system for the newer-model S2K. The programmable ECU interface connects through the OBDII diagnostic port and only takes about 90 seconds to program. Control ignition and fuel tables, larger injectors, rev/launch/speed limiters, sensor disabling, individual cylinder knock datalogging, and much, much more. What are you waiting for, take control of your '06+ AP2's ECU and make some power! 310-782-8278

Htup_0912_05_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+hondata_flashpro Photo 6/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

So Four Bars Walk Into A Trunk....
Godspeed has created a cross bar that secures four critical chassis points in one tight polished packaged. The piece attaches the C-pillar bar to the shock tower mounts, maximizing overall rigidity and eliminating body flex under hard cornering. They offer applications for the '92-'00 Civic and '94-'01 Integra. 626-442-3988

Htup_0912_06_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+godspeed_c_pillar_hatch_bars Photo 7/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Let's Get Bisi!
Looking for the most powerful D series header in existence? Look no further than Bisimoto and their V2 header system for '88-'00 Civic/CRX/wagon chassis. Technologically advanced, this header has produced gains of over 16whp compared to other name-brand exhaust manifolds. The 4-1 design makes more midrange and top end power than traditional tri-Y systems. The same formula is used on Bisimoto's B, H, and F22A series headers, which by the way, are also available for purchase. 909-923-2193

Htup_0912_07_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+bisimoto_d_series_header Photo 8/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Barry Manifold
Skunk2 introduces its Pro Series intake manifold for the popular K series motor. Some of the features packed into the new offering include: thicker walls for custom porting, short oversized runners, a patent pending water neck design and throttle body flange, which is compatible with OEM throttle bodies as well as much larger aftermarket units. The angled runner design gives users plenty of clearance on '88-'00 Civics and '90-'01 Integras sporting K power. With over 10 years of Honda building experience, Skunk2 might have just released a K-swap essential. 951-808-9888

Htup_0912_08_o+password_jdm_intake_chamber_and_other_new_performance_products+skunk2_racing_intake_manifold Photo 9/12   |   Password:JDM and Other New Performance Products - Adult Toys

Too Cool For School
Mishimoto Automotive Performance announces their new all-aluminum dual-core performance radiator for the '01-'05Civic. Made with durable aircraft-quality aluminum, they provide up to 30% more cooling efficiency over standard radiators, and include a radiator cap, polished upper and lower end tanks, and a lifetime warranty. To further improve cooling, add a bottle of Mishimoto Liquid Chill additive. It's non-corrosive, compatible with all coolant and water mixtures, and 100% recyclable-these guys cover all the bases. 877-GO-MISHI



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